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LoreS1.png Character: This page contains information about a character that has been or is still played by a member of the LotC community. Please keep this in mind as you proceed reading.
Prince Feänor Sylvaeri
Prince of Aegrothond
Reign: 1708 - Present
Coronation: 1st of Malin's Welcome, 1708
Predecessor: Belestram Sylvaeri
Heir: Daylor Finwe Sylvaeri
High Prince of Elvenesse
Reign: 1712 - Present
Coronation: 19th of The Deep Cold, 1712
Predecessor: Title Created
Heir: Daylor Finwe Sylvaeri
Born: 8th of Malin's Welcome, 1625, Kal'Omith
Spouse: Delmira Aureon Sylvaeri
House: House of Sylvaen
Father: Belestram Sylvaeri
Mother: Eris Storne

Feänor Sylvaeri of the House of Sylvaen, known sometimes by his nickname the Flameborne, is the current Prince of Aegrothond. After inheriting the title through the peaceful abdication of his father, Feänor committed to the betterment of his nation with zeal- cementing the legitimacy of the Almenodrin claim to the throne of Elvenesse and bringing the former enemies of his lands to the negotiating table. He is credited with the triumphant signing of a formal peace between Sylvaeri and Ithelanen at the Compact of Lathadlen in 1712, as well as the general normalization of Aegrothond as a nation of Elves following the previous century's many uncertainties.

He is a member by patrilineal descent of the Almenodrin House of Sylvaen, being the sixth full-blooded Elf of the line of Aegnor. He is the great-grandson of the High Prince Eleron Sylvaeri of Malinor, and bears the heirlooms of that fallen Princedom as well as those of the venerable House.


Early Life


Dominion Years


Atlasian Conflict and Rise of Aegrothond


Reign as Prince