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The Principality of Fenn is the home of the Snow Elves, though it is open to all races. It is militaristic by design with a strong focus on religion, as well as highly defensible and pretty peaceful. Fenn can be found in the north-eastern realms of Arcas 1272 / 32 / -966 and is but a stone-throw away from Cloud Temple. • Current Leader: Aldred Tundrak
Notable Information & Places *Bilok’thuln~ ~ The Bilok’thuln is the backbone of the Princedom of Fenn. It is the group responsible for providing Fenn with the resources necessary to keep functioning. They have built every city, citadel, and palace that have housed Mali’fenn since almost the beginning. Structures such as Citadel of Acael, The Tundrak Palace, and The City of Tahu’lareh are some, to name a few. The Bilok’thuln mine resources, smiths, armour, weapons, cook food, tends to farmlands animals, hunt, and fish.
  • Clinic ~ The Tahu'lareh Clinic of Fenn is a safe, comfortable building where the sick or wounded can go to receive treatments through practical and medicinal means. The clinic is located on the bottom floor of the building with the massive's cross atop it, the floors above that reserved for the Tathvir bloodline manor.
  • Housing District ~ The housing district is full of not only three-floor homes for single occupants but also large homes for families. All housing is free, and not a single occupant has to pay taxes. The stewards of Fenn are more than happy to assist in any way possible regarding housing, and we’re continually updating the housing district. To ensure that we only house active citizens, weekly activity checks are conducted by the Grand Steward.

  • Ivae’fenn ~ Currently, the largest standing Elven military on Arcas, the Ivae'fenn stand watch over Tahu'lareh and all Fennic lands. They are tasked with defending the city and its inhabitants to the death if need be. Easily identifiable by their uniform, which bears the colour of their rank accordingly. All crime should be reported to the nearest Ivae'fenn soldier. If you wish to enlist and protect Fenn, find the nearest Ivae'fenn official, and they will guide you through the enlistment process.
  • Library ~ Over a hundred books in counting. For centuries Fenn has been at a loss of Mali’fenn writings and general knowledge about the world, but with the move to Arcas, their library has begun its constant search for books and knowledge on their own heritage.
  • The Free Market of Fenn~The Free Trade Zone at the foot of Fenn’s capital city of Tahu’lareh is a testament to the nation's freedom and independence from the outside world.TheMali’fenn of Tahu’lareh is not unwelcoming to outsiders and tradespeople of life, as they view the division of race and class to be unimportant and redundant. Getting your own stall is as simple!
  • Tavern ~ The Silver Snowflake is frequently bustling with the clangour of bottles accompanied by a steady roar of voices. The bar acts as the very lifeblood of the tavern, supplying a steady stream of unique beverages imported from all across Arcas. Every week, new drinks are swapped out for the old ones, each of which is sold at a fair and honest market price. Located no more than twenty feet from the last seat of the bar is the primary source of drinking entertainment for the patrons of the Silver Snowflake: the local fight pit. Here, the ordinary laws of the Princedom are cast aside, following a unique set of rules. Disagreements and disputes are commonly settled within the borders of the fight pit, as are fun challenges and tournaments. While most outsiders will view the fight pit as a barbaric source of entertainment hidden within the confines of a well-masked tavern, the citizens of Fenn see it as a way to let off steam and keep their skills sharp for what the future may hold.
  • Temple of Wyrvun ~ The Temple of Wyrvun is a place of worship, and forum. It is made up of a long hall with a giant statue of Wyrvun at the back end of it with glass-stained windows to the side and two towers on either side of the building. The two on the front are much larger than the two in the centre. In the centre of the building, is a podium for different speakers and priests to place their things as they commence different rituals or explain different ideas and topics. Just in front of the podium is a sacrificial table where different animals are taken and given as a sacrifice to the six aengul and aelor of Wryvun.
Peak Times  From a wide range of players from, US, Canada, and Greece there is always someone on! But for the most part 7 Est, 6 cst, 5mst, 4Pst is the greatest burst of people within the city!
Religon The fate of the people of Mali'fenn is bound to Wyrvun, who is worshiped as the god who saved and created their people. Alongside Wyrvun are six individuals referred to as "his Six", highly respected aenguls. The priesthood is separated into seven sects, six of which are dedicated to one of Wyrvun's six, while the seventh is dedicated to the faith itself. In addition to these deities, the term Fen'ikur refers to those Mali'fenn who have achieved a state of reverence, considered paragons or saints.|