Ferdinand de Bar

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Ferdinand de Bar (16th of the Amber Cold, 1525 – 13th of the Grand Harvest, 1526) was the son of Guy de Bar to his second wife, Emelie de Sola. With the death of Edmond de Bar, Guy's firstborn, in the Dukes' War in 1517, as well as the controversy surrounding his middle son Sergius de Bar and his part in the burning of the Brelus Cathedral, Ferdinand was widely considered to be heir to King Guy.

However, when his father was assassinated in 1526, the infant was to be transported on boat to Ulmsbottom (Ashford-loyal outpost within Aeldin), his protection charged with Johannes de Wett, Baron of Wett. However on the third day at sea, the Baron de Wett had the babe drowned, believed on orders of Charles Henry Horen.