Francis II of Haense

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Francis II
King of Hanseti-Ruska
Reign: 1666
Coronation: 25 Grand Harvest 1666
Krepost Palace, Markev, Haense
Predecessor: Charles II
Successor: Siguine I
Palatine of the Realm: N/A
Born: 21 Snow's Maiden 1633
Krepost Palace, Markev, Haense
Died: 25 Grand Harvest 1666
Senntisten, Renatus, Marna
Spouse: Tatiana of Metterden
(b. 1666)
House: Barbanov
Father: Prince Henry-Otto of Bihar
Mother: Camille of Grauspin

Franz Jakob, regally known as Francis II of Haense and also known as the Unfortunate, was the tenth king of Haense from the House of Barbanov.


Shortly after the death of King Charles II, Franz had seized control of the government proclaiming himself regent. Only a month, he had fully taken over the state proclaiming himself King before the duma was called. Franz take over was successful due to his work a Lord Palatine under his cousins rule and the loyalty of the military stationed there which made it easier for him to sway over the lords. During his coronation, however, the palace would be surprisingly attacked resulting in many of his most loyal subjects death and his own capture. He would be brought up before King Aurelius I of Renatus-Marna to be forced to bend the knee to which would result to his refusal and execution. Upon his execution, the throne would pass down to his nephew, Prince Sigiuine of Bihar.