Frederick, Prince of Pruvia

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Frederick Augustus Horen-Preussens
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Prince of Pruvia
Tenure: 1607 - 1632
Predecessor: Anna Sophia
Successor: Robert Frederick
Born: 11 Sun's Smile 1594
Spouse: Elisa Roswell
House: Horen-Preussens
Father: Ser Owyn Jrent
Mother: Lady Seraphina Jrent
Frederick Augustus Horen-Preussens (11 Sun's Smile 1594 - 20 Sigismund's End 1632) the 2nd Prince of Pruvia was remembered as one of the wealthiest and most influencial princes of the time. Prince Frederick held influence over the King, Stephen I, King of Hanseti-Ruska, as well as naming him heir to the large sum known as the Pruvian Inheritance. This, and his willingness to grant trading privileges to the Haeseni trading clans of Amador and Alwyn, Haense experienced an economic boom following its restoration.


Name Birth Death Marriage Notes
Robert Frederick, Prince of Pruvia 1614 1698 Caterina Maria, Viscountess of Anhalt Firstborn child of Prince Frederick, and Elisa. Successor of Prince Frederick
Thomas Henry, Duke of Dorahy 1617 1635 Unwed Second-born son of Prince Frederick, and Elisa
Johanna Maria Horen-Preussens 1625 1698 Unwed Firstborn daughter of Prince Frederick, and Elisa