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The Library

The Grand Library of Dragur is a massive structure currently located on the isle of Tahn, largest of the trio that make up Axios. The Library welcomes folk from all walks of life, be them Magical Elves, Farfolk from the Sultanate, or walking corpses of the Abyss, so long as these individuals respect the rules of the library, and come for knowledge, not to cause trouble. Rulership over the library itself has changes hands numerous times since it's initial founding, currently, the Head Librarian is Nemir Ward. Those who visit are encouraged to share knowledge they have learned so that the Library's own collection can be ever growing, visitors may request copies of the books held by the library, and may apply for a position as a Scholar when the library is willing to accept new applicants. To reach the The Grand Library of Dragur, take a cart at the hub of Tahn located near the primary docks of the Isle.


The Grand Library of Dragur maintains a collection of many books from many different realms and cultures. With over seven hundred books in the collection, the library focuses on spreading knowledge throughout the realm, and allows everyone to come and read about whatever they find. The Library is also host to a bevy of magical artifacts, which can be observed in the back.


The Library is home to a large grouping of Scholars whose position includes working as an assistant to visitors, collector of knowledge for the library, and maintaining the quality of the building so that it remains clean and danger-free. There is currently a large number of scholars, as this position is not technically the lowest rung within the minor hierarchy of the Library, it is still however the first jumping point if one desires to eventually become an assistant Librarian, and then in turn, the Head Librarian. The current Scholars of Dragur as of 1679 are:

  1. Head Librarian: Derrick Bell

[To Be Worked On]

The Current Assistant Librarian(s) as of 1679 is(are):

  1. Null


The Library of Dragur was founded on the continent of Vailor by a Harbinger named Orithur. Since then, its collection of books and magical artifacts have grown tenfold. However, the Library was beset by many robberies and break-ins, leading to much of its interior becoming Scholars-only. It was once subject to the Second Inquisition by the Canonist Church, which led to the closing of the Library for several days and the original owner, Orithur, leaving the Library.