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From fraternal lodges and mercenary organizations to thieves guilds and disruptive cabals, numerous organizations have existed across time, and few have managed to survive through the ages, most falling prey to economic turmoil, internal fracturing, and war. Those that have survived often carry with them stories of destructive battles and the tell-tale signs of a traitor. They may speak at length of their experiences in ages long gone, or may have devolved to silence and secrecy in an effort to continue their hard fought survival. Regardless of one's story, or the nature of their existence, the realms of the world have been home to countless guilds and organizations, and this page seeks to inform and provide depth to those of the world. If you find any inaccuracies, whether in summary or content, please contact a member of the Wiki Sect of Story Staff to have these corrected.

Social Groups

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Martial Organizations

-A monster hunting order founded in the name of beating back all manner of beasts, dark creatures, and other otherworldly entities that would seek to harm the land and its inhabitants. Though primarily formed of Elven members, the order is welcoming to any who would be their allies in the war they seek to wage.

Political Cabals

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Religious Orders

-A largely secretive religious order, the Brotherhood of the Hallowed Flame holds staunchly militaristic religious beliefs concerned with the protection of Man. They see themselves as the wielders of Holy Light that they seek to use to purge darkness and corruption from the world, turning all of the enemies of Man to ash.
-A longstanding order dedicated to the perpetuation of a oneness with nature and the use of ancient Druidic Magics. Initiates to this order undergo numerous years of intense teaching, study, and meditation to prepare them to undergo a ritual to establish a direct link with nature itself. This order is the group that encompasses The Talus Grove.

Economic Syndicates

-Founded in the realm of Axios by a Savoyardic family whose origins hail from the lands of olf Lorraine-Savory, this company exists as a financial entity based out of the Freecity of Ves. Their social beliefs are centered around supporting the faith and assisting the poor.

Magic Institutions

-An order of Magi young and old who seek to further their understanding of magic through research and personal advancement. They act as a haven for aspiring mages, and offer a number of classes that cover a large range of Arcane and Deific magics, as well as general magic-related topics (history, invention, and et cetera).
  • The Celestial Order
-A tight-knit organization of Arcane mages of a scholarly nature. Their members desire to bring about prosperity for all regardless of affiliation and belief. The majority of their time is therefore dedicated to seeking out and surveying locations of interest to the people of the world, aiming to understand those that seek to do harm so that the various protectors of the realm might be better prepared.

Miscellaneous Guilds

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