Guile de Sola

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Duke of Istria
Reign: 1530-1532
Predecessor: Titus de Sola
Successor: Philip de Sola
Born: 31st of the First Seed, 1491
Kaer Angren, Oren
Died: 9th of the Sun's Smile, 1532 (aged 41)
Dour Watch, Istria, Oren
Spouse: Unwed
House: de Sola
Father: Marcellus de Sola
Mother: Philippa Lorens

Guile de Sola (31st of the First Seed, 1491 – 9th of the Sun's Smile, 1532) was Duke of Istria from 1530 to 1532, after the abdication of his uncle Titus de Sola. During the Dukes' War, Guile originally served as his uncle's standard-bearer, and later knight, from where he gained middle renowned for his actions on the field. Also for his participation in numerous tourneys and his combat skill, he was named 'Champion of Oren', a title disputed by few.

Guile served a brief reign as Duke of Istria, attempting to maintain peace between two quarreling vassal lords, the Lord Roswell and Lord Falkenrath respectively, while also combating gout which had tormented him through the later half of his life. He later succumbed to the illness, and with no issue of his own, led to the First Diet of Metz which saw his cousin and Titus' grandson, Philip de Sola, to the ducal coronet.