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Haelun'or (defined as 'Motherland' in Elven) is the nation of the High Elves. Established in early Asulon by Ellir'siol and Dio Astóre, it was built on the ruins of an ancient Elven nation that predated the arrival of the descendant races following the Fall of Aegis.

The current capital of Haelun'or in Atlas is Okarn'thilln.


Aegis and Asulon

In Aegis the High Elves lived among their other kin in the leafy cities of Malinor. Ancient Haelun'or existed for many centuries after Larihei had led the High Elves into a rift to Asulon where they inhabited the site that would later become Haelun'or on the Emerald Peninsular. It was there that they found the Golden Pools like those that existed under Malinor in times of antiquity. It was from this practice of bathing in the springs that this branch of elves achieved bolstered magical prowess and traits such as silver hair and purple eyes. Few records or artifacts from the arrival remain, the scant few that do are in the hands of prominent political figures, the only exception being the original ruins of the Eternal College. The whereabouts of the original inhabitants is a mystery that confounds scholars to this very day, though the city of Asulon would remain plagued by raids from the Mori'Quessir.


Following the destruction of Asulon, the High Elves lived inside Malinor briefly. Due to escalating racial tensions they soon after seceded. In Anthos, Lin'evaral became the new city of Haelun'or where they remained for many years until the city was destroyed by both the Black Scourge and earthquakes. This rended the city uninhabitable and for the remaining years the government and people moved to the Tomb. It was during this time that Haelun'or remained neutral in the squabbles of the Conclave of Malin, a fledgling nation formed by New Malinor's military following a coup.

The Fringe and Thales

Eventually the Conclave broke apart, and the High Elves settled the city of Tahn'siol in the Fringe. Guided by Kalenz Uradir, concordats were formed between the Dark Elves, Wood Elves, and Snow Elves. They occupied the surrounding districts known as Ker'lomi, Lin'ame, and Okarn'fenn. Following the arrival in Thales, the citadel of Celi'ante was constructed. However the other subraces grew very unhappy with their treatment in Tahn'siol and set out to build their own settlement, an ongoing period of hostilities transpired before the newly formed Council of Splinters once again was once again absorbed by the Silver State.


In the realm of Athera, Haelun'or lived in Annil'sul along with their multiracial counterparts. The Bronze and Obsidian Districts were established with the Silver District on the peaks being inhabited by High Elves. The Snow Elves, hunted and persecuted by every nation who signed the Treaty of Thales, were no longer found in Elven lands. The town of Norithel in the Fiandria Forest also came to be a colony under the protection of the Sohaer.

Following the release of Iblees from his ancient prison in the north of Athera, the reigning Sohaer Elervathar was entrapped inside crystalline energy through a magic-induced accident, leaving Haelun'or fractured and leaderless. In the confusion of the following days Phaedrus Lle'hileia, a Wood Elven cultural leader and general of the Elberu'cinhir (definition: 'The Ceasing Restrained'; a Wood Elven paramilitary group). Taking control of the lower districts, Phaedrus challenged the idea of High Elven racial authority and sparked conflict with both the isolationist and nationalist factions in government. A pivotal moment in Elven history, the separatists used claims of continued High Elven hate crimes such as the use of acid and murders of notably impure elves. Phaedrus formed a coaliation of disgrunted non-Aheral and wrested control of Annil'sul away from Haelun'or. It was not a cost-less victory however, the golden pools were corrupted and the city was heavily damaged. It became the capital of the state of Laureh'lin, an egalitarian militarist state made up of Wood Elves, Dark Elves, and dissident High Elves.

Forced from their home and under threat of genocide from many nations, the High Elves took refuge in hiding within the Kingdom of Oren. Years past, and slowly through the efforts of individuals such as Andria Ith'ael and Avern'dionne Adriane the numbers of the High Elves began to grow once again. Avern'dionne notably got two treaties signed - a peace treaty with the Dwarves of Urguan and an offensive treaty with the Orcs. The High Elves began planning a siege to reclaim their city and pressured the Elves of Laureh'lin into surrendering it, beginning a new age for the High Elves. However, due to continued racial persecution Laureh'lin retreated into the Fiandrian Forest, making it their new home as they slowly regained their racial identity.

Within the reclaimed city renamed Siimah'sul, the High Elves grew fast and very patriotic. After only eight years within their new city, Kalenz Uradir had returned as Sohaer, and the largest High Elven military came into being. Fueled by a burning desire for revenge on those who had removed them from Annil'sul, the High Elves soon began to war with Laureh'lin and their allies, the Grand Kingdom of Urguan. In turn, the allies of Haelun'or came to aid them, being the Reformed Kingdom of Oren, the newly recreated Bronze Elves, and the Kharajyr. The conflict culminated in the siege of Leyulin, resulting in a victory for the High Elves and their allies. Peace soon came as two treaties were signed, one with the State of Laureh'lin and the other with the separating Dark Elves. All seemed peaceful for the time being.

However, this peace would not last as long as anticipated. The High Elves of Haelun'or and the Dark Elves of Ker'nor soon created an entity known as the Emerald Dominion and then proceeded to beckon the Wood Elves of Laureh'lin to join, but on the condition that they remove all impure High Elves from their lands. The State of Laureh'lin refused, and thus the Emerald Dominion proceeded with threats of war. It was only an order to cease and desist from the King of Reformed Kingdom of Oren, Andrik Vydra, that saved them from their fate. In an attempt to prevent further conflict, troops were moved from Oren into Haelun'or, which resulted in the High Elves assassinating Andrik Vydra. War once again was in the High Elven lands against their former allies. Faced with the prospect of losing their city once again, Haelun'or then accepted terms of peace from the Reformed Kingdom of Oren, becoming a vassal under them. This led to the disappearance of Kalenz Uradir, Zeuz Ith'ael and Rael Ith'ael, until many years in the future.

Shortly after becoming a vassal under Oren, one of the closest elections in High Elven history was held, resulting in Orsino Acal'elor's rise to Sohaer. His reign is marked by one of peace and stagnation; no significant conflict with Oren or another nation occurred throughout his rule, yet Haelun'or rarely saw many within its walls. Dissatisfied by this, a group of High Elves comes together seeking to oust the Sohaer. An impure High Elf was tricked into attempting to assassinate Orsino. Though he was stopped, the treatment of the injury sustained by Orsino was used as a way to frame him for practicing Blood Magic. With this, Orsino was forced to resign, however, in doing so he fled to Oren delivering the situation as a coup. The two Medi'iran, Damasus Visaj and Avern'dionne Adriane were summoned to the capital of Oren, where Avern'dionne fled using illusion, and Damasus Visaj was executed. This created much turmoil within Haelun'or, many outraged over this injustice. This lead to Oren putting Haelun'or under Martial Law, setting up a provincial government to "find rebels and protect the rest of Haelun'or". However, the reality involved the harsh treatment of High Elves within the Silver City, including severe torture and deaths. During this time a now insane Rael Ith'ael reemerged, killing Oren's officials 'for the liberty of Haelun'or, leading to his death. Due to Martial Law, Avern'dionne led many refugees out of the city. Many were still being oppressed under the Martial Law, leading to Avern'dionne turning herself in for a trail by the King of Oren. She was pardoned of her crimes and the election of Sohaer Laethis Izalith followed, ending the period of Martial Law.


Along with the other races, the High Elves left Athera to the continent of Vailor. They settled upon an island and set to work immediately, quickly constructing a monotholic structure which came to be called The Citadel. Since they arrived in Vailor, several meetings occurred between the Sohaer and the leadership of the Wood and Dark Elves, suggesting improved relations between Haelun'or, Ker'nor and Laureh'lin. Things were not as simple as they seemed, however. It had come to the attention of the new Medi'ir Jupiter that Kalenz Uradir had resurfaced, creating a group known as the Crimson Hearts as a military force within Haelun'or to rebel against Oren. Dissatisfied with this situation, Jupiter sought out Kalenz, and it is believed that his right-hand Mordew 'The Silver Titan' assassinated Uradir. This event may have been the variable which sparked a rapid increase in radicalism within Haelun'or. With the disappearance and reported the death of Medi'ir Avern'dionne Surion, a triumvirate rose under Laethis Izalith with very little compassion towards citizens. Notable High Elves were exiled and murdered, appendages were cut off for small crimes, and other questionable acts took place. A group of High Elves fearing for the fate of the city took action. Laethis Izalith was assassinated by unknown assailants which were suspected to be a frost witch coven that hid within the Citadel. Kalameet Izalith rose to power, and dissolved the Triumvirate, ousting Jupiter from his position. He then established the now governing Silver Council and himself reigned as Sohaer. However, his tenure eventually ended with his disappearance, and Riondil Seni was quickly voted into leadership. Seni's era was known to be peaceful, at least compared to those in the past, though trouble was near on the horizon for Haelun'or.

With the Triumvirate dissolved and the Silver Council forged, Iatrilemar Elervathar, Maheral of Haelun'or, was placed into the seat of near-absolute authority in the land. Though technically a cultural figure whose main source of power was the mass following and support of the mali'aheral, and other holdings, it was he alone that could drive the mali'aheral in a constant path at the time. Though he allowed the Silver Council their freedoms in maintaining Haelun'or, many came to notice that his position as Maheral was Empirical in nature. Speeches of peace and avoiding shedding the blood of mali'aheral had become a staple in hopes that the damage done during the last several eras could be reversed. No direct political claims had been made from or to the Maheral however, the ever-watchful eyes of the Maheral collected information in silence in hopes that the players in the political game of chess would see his role go unnoticed.

Moreover, a second settlement was constructed on an island a fair distance from the Citadel by Taeleh Elibar’acal, a relatively new mali'aheral to Haelun'or. Named Fi’ceru in honour of the Asulonian era settlement by the name of Ceru, it attracted both pure High Elves and lessers alike due to its lax gate policies and the opportunity for those of all races to live there; its population grew quickly and began to rival the Citadel. This settlement became home to a group known as the Order of the Golden Owl, also led by Taeleh. While the stated intent of this militarized organization was to purge monsters and impurity from mali'aheral kind, it and Taeleh were not viewed positively by all mali'aheral. A surge of dread and speculation had arisen around the new group in Fi'ceru in regards to whether the group was of Holy origins or a means to coup the Silver Council of Haelun'or. With the resignation of Riondil Seni as Sohaer as well as the sudden and unexpected return of the thought-to-be-killed Laethis Izalith, few knew if there would be more plots, more assassinations.

Laethis swifty regained his former position as the leader of Haelun'or, much to the dismay of Taeleh Elibar'acal. Many speeches and controversies followed as Taeleh and Laethis dueled for power. Alas, in turn the nation began to split into two and became little more than a battleground for the Owls and the supporters of Laethis. The flaws of the new political system began to show, as elections were being held every Elven week or two. A betrayal then changed everything: an ally of Laethis by the name of Kelthran revealed that that Laethis’ wife was a Frost Witch. Taeleh, working in conjunction with Kelthran, then challenged Laethis for his position. Thus Laethis fled to other lands, along with many of his supporters, leaving Taeleh to become the new Tilruir’mali. A last ditch effort to save Laethis by his supporters was to remove Maheral Iatrilemar Elervathar - who had sided with Taeleh in the allegations of impurity - but it merely resulted in the resignation of those who opposed Taeleh in the council.

With a drastic turn of events, the mali'aheral faced waves of challenges, some to come to swift resolutions and others not currently resolved. The Citadel felt weak, cursed and stifled the growth of its inhabitants. The supporters of Laethis founded a city known as Sanctuary, while Taeleh had the capital of Haelun’or moved to Fi’ceru, leaving the Citadel abandoned. Whist Sanctuary thrived with impurity, Haelun’or remained steadfast, even if it’s population was greatly reduced. Sanctuary, the city deemed the rebel settlement of mali'aheral, began flourishing in their new home while Fi'ceru greatly diminished in its presence only a few years after the mali'aheral began to inhabit it. Taeleh’s term came to an end via the Scholar’s Society, led by Avern’dionne Adriane, who took his place as Tilruir’mali.

In perhaps the most controversial turn of events past the expulsion of Laethis and his companions the Maheral, Iatrilemar Elervathar, announced his resignation and that a new Maheral had been chosen by himself. Though Elervathar would find rest after his long-time holding of the direct title of Maheral he would also face criticism from his kin for his choice in a successor. The decision placed the recently founded leader of the Princedom in Sanctuary, Laethis Izalith, as the Maheral of the mali'aheral. Many at this point did not know if this was appropriate or if it was a commentary on the declining state of the nation. Yet Haelun’or simply rejected him as Maheral via vote, and Avern’dionne became Sohaer of Haelun’or with a council vote within an Elven day.

Under the leadership of Avern’dionne, a third city was constructed for mali'aheral kind on the island of Fimaehr by the name of Lin'sulan, and mayhaps the first city truly suitable for the Mali’aheral of Haelun’or in the land of Vailor. Another vote spelled the end for the Order of the Golden Owl, deeming all private armies in Haelun’or without the permission of the council illegal, as was proclaimed in the days of the coup of Durion Uradir. Thus the Mali’aheral began their path to restore themselves to what they were long ago. Events would eventually lead to the Celein-Haelun’or Conflict. [to be completed]


The High Elves landed in Axios under the Sohaership of Kelthran Iyathir and the Maheralship of Lelien Synalli. Meanwhile, it was assumed that Arche Raell, the former Tilruir’tir, was lost during the trip over from the Realm of Vailor; resulting in the controversial election of Finnadh. Despite the failures of the Axis, Haelun’or’s capital was swiftly launched and the High Elves of elcihi’thilln continued to exist somewhat peacefully alongside the advancing Orenian powers. Compensation for the war was owed and was regularly indemnified through the delivery of enchantments and taxes.

Over the first decade, the city grew stagnant and unmoving. The Vigil slowly dispersed and better opportunities were being founded in the Orenian capital of Johannesburg; resulting in many High Elves parting from their kin to occupy the human city. Nevertheless, Parion Tahn’thill, Lanavia Iyathir and Finnadh did not waver; remaining with the city and actively engaging with the few High Elves that remained. Soon, Parion actively sought out Orsino’s removal from Tilruir’lliran while Lanavia applied for both the positions of Tilruir’indor and Tilruir’nor. Due to their efforts, the pair were made additions to the council and progressed as Tilruiran.

After complaints arose concerning Kelthran Iyathir’s absence, the Sohaer determined it his time to resign. During the Snow’s Maiden of 1580 he declared his intent publically and ascended to Maheral. As an afterthought, he nominated his wife, Lanavia Iyathir, and the existing Tilruir’lliran, Parion Tahn’thill, for the abandoned position. The voting came to strongly favour Parion Tahn’thill’s leadership, positioning the High Elf as the second Sohaer for the High Elves in Axios.

During the coming year Parion Tahn’thill sought out to make immediate improvements to the existing nation, starting with a total remodeling of the city’s lower district. Content with his progress, he publicly announced his appointment a year later; on the 4th of the Snow’s Maiden, 1581. Succeeding his notice, Parion proceeded to make plans for a vast assortment of changes to the structure of the government – a process that required the removal of the council members he deemed slothful. One had been Finnadh, the Tilruir’tir implemented after Arche Raell’s disappearance. While proposing the appointment of Crumena Izalith, news of Finnadh’s ousting fed back to the city.

Finnadh was naturally disgraced by the arrangement and ensued with drawing attention to the reimbursements owed to Oren, from Haelun’or – all of which had been, allegedly, evaded under Kelthran Iyathir’s Sohaership. This resulted in the coup d’etat, arranged by Finnadh and supported by Imperial troops – both Ser Leopold’s Imperial Legion and High Prince Artimec’s Sirame. Purportedly, the entire effort had been supported for the sake of improving the quality of the nation’s relations with the existing Holy Orenian Empire and to remove further corruption from Haelun’or’s leadership. After storming the city, the residents and present members of elheial’thilln were treated with hostile force. Kelthran Iyathir, the former Sohaer and existing Maheral, was simply considered missing following the coups happening. Eventually, these foreign forces were driven out of the city by the unharmed mali’thill.

Despite Haelun’or’s countering strengths, Parion Tahn’thill was still captured and taken back to Johannesburg to be trialed. The verdict of the Orenian justice system was negative, deeming Parion guilty for a multitude of undisclosed crimes. The Sohaer’s tenure ended with a public beating and hanging in the Orenian capital.

To be written:

  • Orsino Sohaership
  • Erinali Sohaership and involvement in the rebellion
  • Ikur Sohaership
  • Enactment of the Ikur'onn Transfer of Power system
  • Ralnor Sohaership
  • Cenwall Sohaership
  • Founding of the Silver Sohaerate of Haelun'or


Under the Sohaership of Cenwall Maeyr'onn, the Mali'thill arrived unscathed to Atlas and the construction of a new home begun. In 1942, the building of Okarn'thilln was finished. The Sohaer and his heial'thilln swiftly got to work, creating a network of global relations and alliances, most notably with the Human Kingdom of Norland.

For more history (dear god), you can view the live thread that is sometimes updated by the high elves themselves! It begins in Anthos and is found here.


The system of government within Haelun'or revolves around the Heial'thill, otherwise known as the Silver Council. At its head is the Sohaer the leader of Haelun'nor. The Maheral serves as the cultural leader and a source of wisdom; they are selected by the previous Maheral instead of by vote. Other Okariran positions are also used, whose numbers vary depending on a number of positions required. The Okariran look after various aspects of Haelun'or, ranging from the military to citizenship. See: The Law and Government of Haelun'or

  • It should be noted that the title of Maheral is never voted on but rather simply is who it is. Those who have served as Maheral in the past usually decide among themselves or the past Maheral with the most seniority holds or chooses someone to hold the position. In the case of seniority standing Iatrilemar Elervathar technically has the highest seniority having served as Maheral the longest, but adheres to the fact that Lucion Sullas is above him whenever he is residing in the city. After Elervathar there becomes some confusion but the names of Delonna Aeléyèlsa and Lelien Lazul are other high standing Maheral. Each past Maheral may still be referred to as Maheral or more officially Malaurir and treated with a greater respect. Suffice to say these bloodlines are of a higher persuasion in mali'aheral society.

Notable Individuals

The Maniac


Kalenz Uradir

A former Sohaer of the Mali'aheral. Arguably the most racist high elf to ever exist. His vision of what purity and maehr’sae hiylun’ehya meant to him shaped the way others who followed him would think. For better or worse he shaped how the current high elves are perceived and was revered among the notorious White Rose. Some, however, find him untrustworthy. A trait commonly labelled onto known illusionists. During his second term as Sohaer he united all of the elves under Haelun'or, a feat not achieved for 100 years and not achieved since. He was banished by Maheral Delonna Aeleyelsa from Haelun'or for his war crimes in the Fringe war. His life was taken in 1485 by Kalameet Izalith, far after he had gone mad. During the Atheran High Elf population boom, it was revealed that Kalenz was in fact not dead and was posing as a sillumiran. He quickly reclaimed his position as Sohaer and led the High Elves in the ousting of the Wood elves.

The Logician


Lucion Sullas

The former Maheral and former Sohaer of the mali'aheral. He is undoubtedly the complete opposite of Kalenz Uradir in terms of how they go about a situation. While one picks violence Lucion picks science and while they might be working towards the same path you can bet Lucion will have already worked his way to checkmate his opponent. He is also the first known mage to use electromancy. Due to his eccentric nature not many seem to recognize him in modern times but the respect of a Maheral is unwavering and during his brief returns knowledge and wisdom can always be found in his words.

The Caretaker


Iatrilemar Elervathar

Commonly referred to as 'Iat'. He is known across many cultures as a kind soul, often being used to create diplomatic ties due to his relatively friendly nature. While Kalenz Uradir believed power is the key to progression and Lucion Sullas believed wisdom is, Iatrilemar believes beauty and courage are what will progress the mali'aheral. He is also known for his research on the golden pools of Anthos and even more so for his discovery of Arcane Shielding and rediscovery of Arcane Evocation. He is the strongest evocationist in Haelun'or and cannot be outmatched when it comes to either Arcane magics. Like Lucion Sullas he too has served as Maheral and for much longer than any previous or current Maheral to date.

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