Hamlin Frostbeard

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Hamlin Frostbeard
Hamlin Frostbeard.png
"Yes I am a Kinslayer, you want to be next?"
Born: Unknown
Father: Hamnil Frostbeard
Mother: Unknown

Hamlin Frostbeard was a widely known Frostbeard during the time of the Kingdom of Kaz'Ulrah where he was mostly known as being a son of Hamnil Frostbeard



Hamlin Frostbeard was a talented child, he gained his vast amount of knowledge through his self studying. He learnt and taught himself through reading and writing through his whole childhood. Nothing of important came to Hamlin at these times expect he was self taught and made into a man by his father, Hamnil Frostbeard


As Hamlins knowledge grows so did his age with each passing year, he gains more information of what was considered the Frostbeards religious figure, the Wyrvun with his interests only growing on the subject which allowed him to learn a large amount of information on many dwarven topics. To further his knowledge on the Wyrvun he left the clan behind to pursue his ambitions in life which made him chose to find a large isolated mountain where he worked for many years alone in his solitude thinking, reading and writing of his thoughts alone up there.

During this isolated phase Hamlin wrote a book known as The Wyrvun which he then later handed over to the Grand Library of Dragur which the book found its home until a couple of years passed and Hamlin regained the original copy of the book only for it to be lost during the year of 1692.

The Return

Once Hamlin felt he had achieved his goals of gaining knowledge he then returned to his clan within the Kingdom of Kaz'Ulrah under the Queen Koralon Onyxheart in the year of 1680 during the end of the queens reign, during his time in the Kingdom of Kaz'Ulrah he found out that many of his fellow dwarven brothers lost ties with the Wyrvun which upset him very dearly.

The Kinslaying

As the reign ended of the Queen a new elected official was to be placed into power, elected and chosen by all the clan fathers of the Kingdom it would seem that the dwarf who was elected to be the new king was Edel Silvervein. During the reign of Edel Silvervein, Hamlin was chosen to be an officer of the Kingdoms military which Hamlin gladly accepted, once given a seat of power Hamlin quickly got to work with the Military, new uniforms, new orders, new training schedules Hamlin had it planned out he would attempt to conscript the dwarven nation into the military having at least 25% of the dwarves be selectivity chosen from each clan which made the Kingdom to be enlisted, however this was over ruled by the Marshal Dwarger Silvervein, this disappointed Hamlin but he followed orders.

As the Military began to grow there was a meeting between the High King Edel Silvervein and ambassadress from The Empire of Man to speak upon the returning of land, the rude King shrugged them off allowing his guards which were ill equipped and not yet combat ready to deal with them. Unfortunately the Royal Guards lost there fight and the King was taken away only to be returned with his beard shaved and dwarven land taken away, this angered Hamlin which lead to Hamlin leaving the Military because of the actions of the King.

Edel Silvervein insulted the Kingdom and the dwarven people that day which lead to all the clan fathers abdicating him from the throne but it wouldn't of happened if it wasn't for Hamlin, all the clans expect for three voted against the abdication the main clan being the Goldhands this lead to Hamlin killing the Clan Father of the Goldhands in cold blood kinslaying him, this lead to the voters switching in fear of being the next target. After the kinslaying Hamlin Frostbeard left Kaz'Ulrah and set off on an adventure to avoid the shame he brought upon his clan and his father.


Hamlin Frostbeard returned to the dwarves in the newly reformed Kingdom of Agnarum showing off a new found talent in combat being known as a foe to not take lightly. Hamlin remains within the Kingdom of Agnarum not regretting for the kinslaying he once done, he now uses it as a weapon to scare some dwarves away hopefully for them to leave him to his studies and combat training.



Hamlin was a rather cold character who would easily speak his mind when certain affairs peeked his interest making him rather honest to everything he did. Hamlin was the typical cold hearted Frostbeard during the days of the War of the Beards which he used to have a sold hate for many clans and many different dwarves and there ideas which differ from his own which lead Hamlin down the path of Kinslaying those who disagree with his thoughts or there ideas differ from his own he would quite simply kill them off.


Hamlin Frostbeard was highly religious during his younger years following The Brathmordakin and the teachings of Wyrvun the ally of the The Brathmordakin. Hamlin was widely known for creating small shrines on his travels mosty to Wyrvun but he would also create them to Dungrimm as well.