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Art by: Murdervish
Race Tree: Human
Weight: 100 - 290 lbs
Height: 5'2"- 6'1" ft
Eye Color: Blue, Hazel, Amber, Brown, or Green
Hair Color: Black, Brown, Auburn, Blonde, or White
Government: Varies

Heartlanders reside mostly in urban locations, like big cities and towns. They tend to be more sophisticated than other human sub-races, especially in the upper echelons of the Heartlander society. Most men would be trained in combat, whilst women often find themselves in domestic roles. Nobility is considered an important part of Heartlander culture, due to this, there is often an established hierarchy. Cultures such as those of former Salvus, Renatus, Auvergne, Savoy, Courland, and Seventis can all be considered Heartlander cultures.

Physical Attributes

The physical construction of Heartlanders is very diverse, but they tend to be built lighter than Highlanders. Their hair color is usually a shade of black, brown, auburn, blonde or white and their eyes are most commonly blue, hazel, amber, brown or green.

Other Attributes

Heartlanders tend to be very ambitious, pursuing whatever they seek with a unified passion, but they are often reckless in that regard.


Like all humans, Heartlanders can live up to a maximum of 150 years. However, The typical lifespan of a Heartlander is that of 60 to 80 years of age. Heartlanders are best described as living large and dying young. Heartlanders indulge in the finer attributes of society and tend to seek out what is most desirable at the time. The pursuit of happiness through both social and physical satisfaction leaves room for little else.


Like the rest of Humanity, Heartlanders are cursed with decreased lifespan. They make up for this by working hard and creating many progeny.


The Heartlanders are led by those considered of nobility. These nobles often hold land granted to them by a nation leader using the feudal system. In return for the protection and recognition of the nation leader, they vow to fight for him at his command. These lords are almost always men, as women are not seen fit to lead in Heartlander culture.


Over the years heartlanders have come to master many kinds of art varying from painting to sculpting to architecture. Often times you'd find yourself coming across a portrait or landscape painting in a random Heartlander tavern or house, showing their love for art.


Because of their curse, Heartlanders developed a more advanced literature than the other races in order to pass their history into the newest generations. Most libraries can be found in the Heartland capitals as most writers are of the human race.


Seeing how the Heartlanders are such fast learners in pretty much any skill they take on, they've become skilled musicians over the ages. Heartlanders are great fans of music and many play musical instruments. This has resulted in numerous songs being created as well as new instruments and many heartlander bards scattered across the lands, singing their songs and telling their tales.


Heartlanders were once largely unified in their following of the Church of the Canon, the state religion of the Holy Orenian Empire. For a time, not following this religion would be considered taboo for individuals by their fellow Hearlanders.

However, this is no longer the case. The Church of the Canon only remains the state religion in Lorraine-Savoy and Haense, the latter of which is predominantly Highlander. In Courland, Heartlanders have adopted The True Faith, an attempt at restoring the religion of humanity that directly preceded the Church of the Canon. The Westerlands is an ethnically mixed human nation predominantly comprised of Heartlanders and Highlanders who follow Rhosewenii Owynism, a more militant sect of the True Faith that follows the teachings of the Prophet Owyn.


Heartlanders tend to live in large cities.



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