Heial the Enderpearl

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~ The History ~

Once upon a time in a land far far away, there lived a bookish Mali'aheral named Delaselva Vientos. Late one night, when he was very young, the farmstead of his family was attacked and burned to the ground during an Undead raid. Delaselva's father ran off to confront the menace, but was never seen again, though he did allow Del and his mother to escape. Del's mother died of pneumonia several years later, and he was left alone in the world. Rather than begin drinking blood, stabbing people in the face, and demanding the minas of passersby like other orphans under the same circumstances (It was Aegis, shut up) Delaselva found himself travelling the continent and spending the first century of his life living and breathing books.

~ Early Beginnings ~

Delaselva joined the original founders of Kramoroe, essentially the shambling mess of a trade town which was the predecessor to Alras, and built himself an enormous tower that became one of the most succesful orginal libraries in the world. It was at this time that Endermen began appearing all across the world, which Del found particularly fascinating, and gathered up entire chests of their curious Ender Pearls. Del and company maintained the town and library religiously until the Undead Queen Cassandra decided to siege the city with her minions and fireballs, laying waste to the defenders and the city, which then crumbled into the desert over the next few weeks.


~ The Nawari ~ Sitting by the campfire of the newly founded Nawari gypsies staring into the flames, Delaselva reached into his satchel and retrieved his most prized possession, a single ender pearl of a unique and large size. Curiosly, as he peered into its depths, the pearl caught fire in his hand and revealed to him a fragmented piece of the future. He dubbed his art 'Endersight', and used it to help the Nawari become one of the richest groups in the world alongside the trading of sheep and giving of fortunes.


~ The Key Incident ~

Sitting in camp one day, Oasis Druid John ran up to Del and told him of a magical portal he had discovered in the woods. Upon unearthing the very much active, and very much real portal, the two and a group of strangers dived inside and immediately found themselves in the realm of the endermen. A great black dragon attacked the group, and they attempted to defend themselves to no avail. While the rest of the party retreated back through the portal, Del had been knocked unconcious by the great beast and fallen into a ravine where he remained for nearly a day before regaining conciousness and escaping. He found his robes had been stained purple from the event, so he dusted off all the purple dust into a concoction and drank it like an idiot. The taste was described as, "Kinda grapey."


~ The Other Key Incident ~ Long story short Salamandra turned a fellow camp member into a zombie so Del set up the world's most poorly thought-out ambush, took an axe to the back of the head, and dissapeared. His entire body had vanished and his empty robes fell upon a single item within, Del's favorite ender pearl, which he was now inside of.


~ Delvers ~

Heial and his new body became separated from the Nawari, and was carried to Anthos from Asulon via a migrating swallow. Here Nienna Calm found him in the snow outside Kal'urguan, named him, and brought him back to the Arcane Delvers where he stayed for several years. Growing tired of being unable to do literally anything himself, Heial took pointers from many of the other mages there and eventually grasped the art of domestic magic, using his new powers to perfect his art as a chef. There were no survivors.

After the Delvers fell apart he began aimlessly floating across the countryside, staying as a chef in Abresi briefly, before joining the Wizard's Guild briefly, and finally being corrupted by the Harbinger Shae'tan after a brief stint as a spy.


~ Corruption ~

Heial covered Shae'tan's throne in baked goods, built the Scourge a kitchen, failed miserably at trying to kill a single person with a poisoned muffin, and played an extremely small part in the whole ordeal. The new name he took up during this time was 'Mimir', and tucked himself in a ragged robe to hide his unique appearance. At least one Harbinger is quoted saying, "Why. Why did you do this."


~ Uncorruption? Incorruption? How the hell do yo- Oh, right, story. ~

While out on a bright sunny day trying to get children to sign a blood pact with the great demon thing from hell, a bunch of Sariants beat the crap out of him, and some shamans buried him. Blundermore then approached, had him recovered, and cleansed the little pearl of his taint. Since then, nothing really interesting has happened save for [REDACTED].


~ Heial The Seer ~

The death of Nienna Calm at the hands of a common murderer weighed heavily on Heial. Again, he felt the sting of his own immortality as he watched his new family fall apart with her death. But, as fate would have it, Nienna had taken it upon herself to devise schematics and form a plan with which to give Heial a chance at normalcy. Included in her will were the instructions to seek out a Sherria Carver, who could form the physical body, and the master wizard Ambros, who would be capable of providing the enchantments. Here it was that Heial became acquainted with the Wizard's Guild and struck a bargain with the old mage. Heial became an apprentice of the Guild, and used his time within its halls to perfect his mastery of Telekinesis, an art he used so often that he personally described it as akin to breathing. During this time he also began to dabble in the arts of Enchanting by himself, hoping to forgo the need of a third party completely. Finally, after two years, Sherria and Heial came together and finally completed the project, referred to by Heial as the 'Pseudogolem'. In return, Heial offered a gift in the form of a small silver ring, embedded with an ender pearl. Forged nearly two centuries ago by the Dwarven gypsy smith, Durin, Heial had kept the ring hidden and protected until a time when he found right to relinquish it. Stepping out into the moonlight, the enchanted gems that were now his eyes reflected unto the darkness, glowing from underneath his hood. Heial The Pearl was now, once again, Heial The Seer.


~ Kaphro ~

Heial returned to his old wandering ways, spending lots of time in Alras simply waiting around for something to happen. By chance, a little human boy approached Heial and asked to escort him home. Arriving in the potato capital of the world, Kaphro, Heial found many new friends and allies including Brutur 'The Legend' Bellows and Viktor Tozniev, the mayor, who sealed a potato merchandising deal with our pearly protagonist. Time passed as Heial became the official Court Wizard of the Basileus town and grew rich on coin from his flourishing business of selling rotten potatoes to Dwarven anarchists. As he focused his efforts on the complete eradication of the murderous necromancer problem within the Dead Lands outside of town, he also began to tinker with the schematics of his body to create several other prototypes, each with their own unique strengths and weaknesses. After the failed assault of the Necropolis by Kaphro forces lead by Heial he began to receed from public life, and ultimately elected to leave the city. Only months later would he learn of the termination of the Basileus name, and the execution of Kaphro's leader.