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Imperial City of Helena
Capital city
The sun shining over the Imperial City of Helena, 1705
Nicknames: N/A
Country: Oren
Founded: WIP, 1705 by Augustus I
Emperor: Alexander II, Holy Orenian Emperor
Governing body: Imperial Administration, Office of the Arch-Seneschalty
Lord Mayor: N/A
Population: 47,000
Previous Capital: Carolustadt
Language(s): Common, Botch Raevir, Hansetian, High Imperial

The capital of the Empire of Man, Helena provides the housing of all Imperial affairs, bureaucrats and citizens. Named after Helen Horen, who oversaw the construction of the city, it houses men and women from all reaches of the empire, from Heartlanders to Kardasi. The city operates as the seat of the House of Horen, who rule from the palace of Rubrummagnus at the peak of the grand city.



An atypical approach was taken by the Emperor at the time, Augustus I, who decided not to employ a vast array of Imperial architects that have constructed plentiful cities before - but instead, bequeathed all jurisdiction of the project to his wife, Helen Horen, who spent countless hours working on the construction of a grand city, one quote from an Imperial advisor at the time said.

  • "Helen has shown the upmost dedication to the project, rising at four at night daily and starving herself of slumber to complete the city."

The city was completed in time for when the migration of the Empire came upon Arcas.


Notable Figures of Helena



Notable Buildings

  • Rubrummagnus, the imperial palace of the capital, where all economic and diplomatic affairs are held, also home of the Emperor.