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Art by: Murdervish
High Elf
Race Tree: Elf
Weight: 120 - 140 lbs
Height: 5'8" - 6'6" ft
Eye Color: Green, Blue, Purple, or Grey
Hair Color: White, Silver, Blonde, or Gold
Government: Republic

The High Elves are the tall, fair-skinned children of Malin. The majority of them call themselves the mali'aheral, or blessed elf in ancient elven, who believe their heritage makes them the 'highest' of the races. This name later evolved into 'High Elves' in common speech. Many believe the 'High' stands for their proud and obnoxious treatment of all others. The culture of the High Elves is based upon racial purity above all else as they despise interbreeding with other subraces. 'Pure' mali'aheral, or those who are 100% of high elven blood, are referred to as Mali'thill to further distinguish between high elves who are pure and those who are not. Most mali'aheral live within the nation and lands of Haelun'or. Other high elves who are either not regarded as pure or do not belong to Haelun'or are also found throughout the lands of Vailor.

High Elves are especially famed for their pride, their ambitious practice of the sciences and arts, and their acquired skills in magic. It is often assumed that High Elves consider all races beneath them. This is only partially true, as most High Elves are likely to hold impure High Elves in low regard and generally ignore other races.

Physical Attributes

The High Elves are the tallest and longest lived of the Elven subraces; with recorded purebred heights ranging between 5’8” and 6’6”, but generally averaging between two to four inches of six feet in height; with women being slightly shorter on average than men. They are widely known and identified among the various Elven clans by their fairness of skin, the color of which ranges from pale white to a light tan - but often manifesting somewhere in between. Their bright skin is often complimented by soft straight or wavy hair ranging from bright metallic platinums and silvers to golden or flaxen blondes and occasionally light browns. While blue, aqua, and violet eyes are exclusive to the subrace; instances of colors ranging from deep purples to vibrant greens have all been recorded; the one constant being that the eyes seem to shine when exposed to the light due to naturally occurring reflective deposits in the irises stemming from their magical heritage.

Ariana Elervathar

High Elven facial features are generally angular and refined - with distinct brows, high cheekbones, and pointed ears ranging from three to five inches in length. Their skin is supple and smooth by nature, soft like silk to the touch and seemingly impervious to the weathering of age. So much so that the age of an adult High Elf cannot be appropriately guessed save by the deposits in their eyes, which becomes noticeable in the sun and moon at fifty and continue to grow at in vibrance at a progressively slower rate until five hundred. They are blessed with heightened immune systems and metabolisms; resulting in both an innate resistance to most diseases, and particularly lightweight bodies - with streamlined and dexterous physiques ranging from ectomorphic to mesomorphic in nature. That is, of course, not to say that there are no heavy or muscular High Elves; or that they are viewed with revulsion - simply that they are not the norm.

Other Attributes

Due to the emphasis on logical thought, it is not impossible that some High Elves will be portrayed as cold, emotionally devoid and insensitive. To understand the demeanor of them one cannot approach the undertaking with any trace of a negative disposition for their own part, as this will immediately lead what would otherwise be a neutral happening to the realm of darker emotions and result in an unfavorable judgment; from lack of self-control, to poor interpretation and reasoning. To avoid deriving insult from the words of a High Elf one should consider them in a broader context - in both time and meaning. The other descendant races will have difficulty comprehending some of the actions that are performed due to the different mental time-frame their mortality imposes upon them. It is important to not only account for what a High Elf does, but also the deeper aspect of how that affects the many days that are to come.


The High Elves enjoy the same benefits of a long lifespan as most of the Elves do. The signs of old age set in slower and less distinct than they do in other races. Slight difficulty can be expected when estimating the age of a High Elf. Primarily in the eyes can you see the wisdom, and therefore the age, of the one that stands before you.


See: Curse of the Elves.


The lifestyle of the mali’aheral is summarized in the common phrase “maehr’sae hiylun’ehya”, a creed commonly spoken as a blessing between two interacting High Elves. The closest translation is “progress and health” Progress (maehr’sae) refers to the overall development of wisdom the mali’aheral uphold as their ideal. A fulfilled life should be one filled with knowledge, arts and science. Health (hiylun) is about retaining the purity and continued existence of the High Elven breed while ensuring every mali’aheral can live with dignity (have a proper house, proper clothing, proper education, etc.). It’s highest priority is protecting their own while outlawing any sort of cross breeding within their kin. These concepts become the root of mali’aheral life and law. Mali'aheral are often skilled in finer craftsmanship (like jewelry), strategy, smithing, the sciences, writing and poetry, fine arts and magic. Most High Elves are encouraged to adopt such professions, should they wish to be treated warmly and appreciated by their brethren.


The scientists, artists and scholars are considered to be the most prestigious within a High Elven community. Their publications and submissions within the Arts are their primary way to secure a political office. The High Elves like to run their own schools in order to ensure the spreading of wisdom. One such establishment is the Haelun'or College. Here education is given on various subjects, like literature, arts, sciences, language and even magic. Most educated High Elves spend their time here working on various publications and passing their knowledge upon the budding students that visit the college. These centers of learning are widely famed for the abundant knowledge they possess, but only rarely is an outsider allowed to freely indulge in the entirety of its contents.


The mali'aheral consider it their duty to look after and even police others of their kind. The laws of the Elves dictate that any High Elf of pure blood should be accommodated with a house and job. Homeless or unemployed High Elves are unheard of and reflect badly upon the community as a whole. How each High Elven community takes care of their lower kinsmen differs. The mali'aheral also outlaw the inbreeding of their kin with any of the other races. They look down on non-mali'aheral, with a tendency to be friendlier to other Mali, being the most critical towards the Dwarves and Orcs. A High Elf that produces offspring with anyone but another pure High Elf is considered 'impure' and is exiled from the city. The same fate may befall pure High Elves deemed to have too strong associations with the other races. High Elves in this predicament receive none of the care or assistance from their Council the pure High Elves do.

Mali’aheral are not to be mistaken for obstinate pacifists in any regard, they apply themselves to the study of combat with equal measure to other aspects of learning. Whilst not advocates of battle, they recognize the important place it holds in the reality of the world, along with accepting the fact that establishing something worth fighting for is only a fragment of the grand task; knowing how to defend it, another. The military is integrated into the education system and does not distinguish between soldiers and students; all aspects of study take place within the College, including the arts of war.


The Eternal Library of Haelun’or is known as a center of knowledge across the land. Created in Asulon, this institution has tomes dating back hundreds of years. One can find information on nearly anything within this library, although access is only granted to pure mali’aheral and restricted for all others.


High Elves practice no religion, due to their belief that placing faith in an invisible deity (and as such one that cannot have its motives or intentions explained rationally) would be an illogical thing to do. Believing dogma to be of no use to them or even detrimental to progress and innovation, the word 'religion' itself has a stigma attached to it. However, the extreme adherence High Elves have to their attaining of knowledge and wisdom is of no less intensity than the zeal of those that excessively practice religion.


See: Haelun'or




In chronological order...

The first city of the High Elves was The Silver City, as seen in Asulon.


  • The Silver City (Elcihi'thilln)
  • Ceru


The Fringe

  • Tahn’siol


  • Celi’ante


  • Anni’sul
  • The Refuge
  • Siimah'sul



Random Tidbits

  • The High Elves are also called the mali'aheral, which is their name in ancient elven.
  • What few know is that the golden pools were rediscovered in Anthos albeit they were much less potent than before and offered no change to the body when bathed in them. What is known even to almost none is that the reason for the second appearance of these golden pools is because the spot in which they were found was atop a forgotten temple to the goddess Aeriel so the waters weren't golden but in fact blessed.
  • The failed city Fi'Ceru was named after a past city in Asulon, Ceru, which was pivotal in the Haelun'or Schism.
  • On a different note, did you know: Lin’evaral was destroyed by earthquakes in Anthos? Find out more here: Lin'evaral

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