High Pontiff Lucien IV

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High Pontiff
Lucien IV
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Reign: 1577-1578
Enthronement: 10th of the Amber Cold, 1577
Predecessor: Sixtus IV
Successor: Everard III
Born: 12th of the Amber Cold, 1514
Felsen, Oren
Died: 1st of Snow's Maiden, 1578
Johannesburg, Oren

Lucien IV (Common: Lucien IV; High Imperial: Lucius IV), born as Giovanni di Luca, was a Highlander clergyman who served as High Pontiff in the short span between 1577 and 1578. He is known as the second-shortest reigning Pontiff to date, having been killed within his own church. For this, he is known by the moniker the Short-Lived.