High Pontiff Lucien IV

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Giovanni di Luca
High Pontiff
Reign: 1577-1578
Enthronement: 10th of the Amber Cold, 1577
Predecessor: Sixtus IV
Successor: Everard III
Born: 12th of the Amber Cold, 1514
Felsen, Oren
Died: 1st of Snow's Maiden, 1578

Lucien IV (Common: Lucien IV), born as Giovanni di Luca, was a Highlander and a Canonist Priest who was elevated to the Cardinalate in the latter years of the pontificate of Sixtus IV. Lucien IV is known specifically for being the second shortest reigning Pontiff in history. During his year long reign he was noted as being knowledgeable of the clerical workings, yet sought radical change from some of their most basic principles, and for his brutal Flamenist ideals, committing many to the flame for false beliefs and heresy. He was then slain within the Johannesburg cathedral by a lone Dwarven assassin.

He was ordained during his late 50s, during the reign of Sixtus IV as a deacon under the Bishop of Johannesburg, he was groomed by Pontiff Sixtus IV as a successor. Giovanni rose to the position of Cardinal quickly all upon the request of his patron, and soon after to the High Pontificate. During his reign the church made a return to the stagnation it had known in the past. His reign would give way to that of his Vice Chancellor, who took up the name of Everard III.