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|<span style="font-size:small;"> '''Government''': || <span style="font-size:small;"> Horde
|<span style="font-size:small;"> '''Government''': || <span style="font-size:small;"> Horde
|<span style="font-size:small;"> '''Rex''' || <span style="font-size:small;"> None
|<span style="font-size:small;"> '''Ruler''' || <span style="font-size:small;"> None

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Horde of Thagurz'Grish
Standard of Thagurz'Grish
Capital: ---
Languages: Blah
Old Blah
Religion: Krug Worship
Government: Horde
Ruler None

The Horde of Thagurz'Grish is a nation that is composed mostly of Orcs from the far eastern islands of Atlas. They hail from four of the children of Krug; Azgal the Titan,Dlimbok the Wise, and Saranak the Silent, and Balzug the Brave.


brief description of how long the nation has been around


brief description of the nation's average and current geography

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  • Land 2
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The Horde does not have a central ruler. Rather, its citizens regard each other as equal in terms of political power.






The Orcs of the Horde live in Krug's shadow, striving to be as similar to him as they can. They shun the Spirits and instead work to bring themselves closer to him through their practice known as khatûn.


The Horde worships Krug and only Krug.


Despite their large focus on worship of Krug, there are still Shamans in the the Horde. Unlike in the War Nation of Krugmar, however, Shamans are not a central part of the culture and they are not regarded as highly.

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