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Horen (Common: Horen; High Imperial: Orenius) is the first King of the Humans and one of the four brothers born of the First-Wed. Worshiped as one of the Exalted and First Prophet to the human-dominated Canonist faith, Horen is widely considered the founding father of the modern human state, as well as having his blood continue to rule the domain of mankind for countless years.

When Aegis was first settled and explored by the Descendents, the people of Horen's tribe moved into the plains and meadows. Here, he led his people to built their first settlements and begin their lives. When Iblees gave false promises to the four brothers, Horen was tempted immortality to see his city completed and lands increased. During the long battle against the fallen Daemon, Horen fought with a strong heart and love for his Creator, but his meek leadership caused many of his people to die due to apathy. After the defeat of Iblees he cursed the four brothers and their descendents, and his promised immortality was stolen and replaced with short lives and rapid aging. However, in turn, Horen was granted the blessing in that he and his offspring would be able to 'wander the seven skies.' In human faith, this is interpreted to be that he and his offspring were chosen by god to deliver holy revelations and prophesize.

Horen wed Julia and bore three sons; Harren, the father of the Adunian and Farfolk peoples, Godwin, the father of the Heartlander peoples, and Joren, the father of the Highlander peoples. He is regarded to have been slain by Krug alongside his wife by their bedside long after the war against Iblees.