House of Ruric

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House of Ruric
Blood and Honor
Country: Norland
King of Norland
Prince of Vilachia
Duke of Norland
Duke of Polaris
Duke of Northemarch
Duke of Avar
Duke of Redmark
Duke of Morsgrad
Duke of The Riverlands
Earl of Morsgrad
Earl of Ruriksgrad
Earl of Vjorhelm
Earl of Smol'Krag
Earl of Jornburg
Earl of Polaris
Earl of Foldgrad
Earl of The Krag
Earl of Svenheld
Earl of Ostavar
Earl of Ashfeld
Earl of Dragonwood
Earl of Drakenburgh
Earl of Nyrhold
Earl of Ashwood
Earl of Frostholm
Earl of Silverholt
Earl of Valkryia
Earl of Seru
Earl of Evermoore
Earl of Nordengrad
Earl of Hearthton
Earl of Seahelm
Baron of Dunharrow
Baron of Thorhelm
Lord of Ashfjord
Lord of Bonefort
Lord of Pinemarch
Lord of The Rock
Founder: Thoromir Ruric
Current Head: Godric I, Duke of Morsgrad
Ethnicity: Highlanders
House Motto: "Blood and Honor"
Cadet Branches:
House of Ashton (extinct)
House of Caunter
House of Rosik
House of Rorik

The House of Ruric (Common: Ruric;) is the current ruling family of the Kingdom of Norland, producing all of Norland's monarchs and crowned heads. The Ruric's first came known to the world during the Third Rurikid Uprising, having fully risen up against the Holy Orenian Empire.

After having been defeated and nigh wiped out by Oren during the Third Rurikid Uprising, the family retreated to a nation of bandits and thugs known as the Dreadlands, where they would grow in both strength and numbers. After the dissolution of the Dreadlands, the Rurics went missing for a number of years, until Arytom Ruric stepped up and declared his support for Tobias Staunton during the Eagle Rebellion. The House was then reborn after years of Arytom's reign, and having fought off the dwarves and Everux during the Santegian Rebellion. One of the greatest monarchs within Ruric history stepped up and took on the role of King, Javier Ruric, son of the beloved Hakon Ruric. Javier fought off the Romstuns and assisted Kaz'Ulrah in their war against Oren and Urguan. Directly after Javiers Reign, Norland was thrown into chaos by his eldst son Jevan Ruric, the realm was ruined and was in despereate need of mending, Jory Ruric believed that Norland must incorporate itself into the Canonist nation of Renatus; during this time Jory made his best attempts to rebuild Norland, having construct a beautiful city, and reimplement the Ashguard as the direct military order of Norland. His son Godden Ruric, the last king of Norland after the end of the Atlas Coalition War, leaving the Ruric house scattered into the wind until Thoromir II Ruric took up the mantle as head of the house, and began construction of a new norlandic city, naming it Nordengrad. Many old norlandic citizens and soldiers flocked to the city aswell as new, Nordengrad would prosper for years before eventually going over the Empire, the reign of Thoromir now going into question lead to many arguements between the Norlandic peoples, tensions got so high a few Ruric's most notably Torsten and Jorvik split off and made their own cadet branches of Ruric, Thoromir would eventually fall during a duel and Jorvik Rorik would be elected as Earl. The remainder of the Rurikid would go into hiding during the Third Atlas Coalition War, until its eventual rebirth in early Arcas.

Doran Ruric de Frey would go onto garner the Norlandic people, establishing a Principality called Vilachia, a save haven for all those seeking homage away from the Empire of Man, this was short lived having thrown the Norlandic people into a war with the Renatians after proclaiming their support for Adria and their rebellion, this would lead to his younger brother Alvar Ruric essentially coup'ing Doran for High Chieftian, Alvar would then take as much support as he could get from Vilachia and vassalized to the Empire, being granted the title Earl of Nordengrad, where he would construct the city of Dunharrow and eventually be crowned King of Norland in the year 1715.