House Vientos

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House of Vientos
A pearl of ender, supported by a silver crescent on a black field, crossed by a grey band.

Prince of Ostwick
Count of Lyonesse
Master Sage of the Ascended Order
Founder: Delaselva Vientos Detiempo
Victoria Vientos
Current Head: Tristan, Prince of Ostwick
Ethnicity: Heartlander

House Vientos is an ancient line with a long and prestigious history. A collection of leaders, warriors, and mages with a natural urge to aid the world, those born or adopted into this clan are destined for greatness. Founded by Delaselva ‘Heial’ Vientos in the time of Aegis, this family has maintained its integrity and passion for aiding the world for centuries.

Early History

Born to lowly farmers outside the Aegisian city of Laurelin, Delaselva Vientos enjoyed a relatively peaceful childhood amongst the tall trees and lush greenery of the great Elven countryside. However, this peaceful life was shattered with the invasion of the Undead hordes of Iblees, ravaging the land and increasing their numbers ten-fold. The first tragedy of young Delaselva’s life came during this time, when his own father and infant brother, Iralago, were murdered by the forces of evil. It was only thanks to Delaselva’s mother that the remaining pair of Vientos’ survived the carnage, fleeing to the safety of the capital city to wait out the invasion.

Delaselva flourished during his time within the city, developing a strong grasp on mathematics, politics, and the arts. He also became quite adept at book-keeping. With this acquired knowledge, the youthful scholar was able to secure himself a spot upon the council of Kramoroe, a desert trade city that preceded the creation of Alras. However, this temporary comfort was again taken when the Undead Prophet Cassandra laid siege to the city, Delaselva deciding to maintain the life of a nomad with a group known as the Nawari Gypsies.

Gypsies and Enderpearls

Traveling with the gypsy refugees of Kramoroe, Delaselva gradually built up a fascination on the creatures known as ‘Endermen’ and the trinkets that they sometimes left in their wake: The Ender Pearl. Delaselva would sometimes obtain visions from these pearls, earning the nickname ‘The Seer’ and becoming the unofficial fortune teller for the traveling group.

After a betrayal within their circle, Delaselva and two other gypsies hatched a plan to catch the traitor and bring him in for justice. However, they themselves were trapped and Delaselva sustained a life-ending injury. However, unknown still to this day, the soul of the elf projected itself out of his own body and into the nearby pearl that he had protected so diligently. This pearl became his new form.

Not long after Delaselva took on his newest form, the Descendants fled to the continent of Asulon. Now estranged from his former group of gypsies, he found himself carried and abandoned by several different individuals, seen as merely a valuable object of interest. This cycle was ended when he was discovered by the guild known as the ‘Arcane Delvers’, their leader known as Nienna Calm teaching him the voidal art of Telekinesis so that he might be able to finally move around on his own.

Life as The Ender Pearl

Around the same time that Delaselva was discovered by the Arcane Delvers, a being known as Drakaar Setherien constructed a great fortress of ice in the northern wastelands of Asulon. Delaselva desired to discover and succeeded in finding a lapse in the defenses of the fortress, where he spent many weeks documenting what he saw from his hiding spot. He was witness to such things as flying towers and corrupted drakes, all the while taking note of the great evil that was rising from within the massive keep.

With this information being relayed to both Artimec Camoryn and the Arcan Delvers respectively, Delsaelva posed as a prospective recruit in order to infiltrate the enemy lines. Welcomed with open arms, Delaselva learned the true names of those within Drakaar’s army and reported them back to the Arcane Delvers. Despite the darker forces being extremely weakened by his spying, Delaselva was soon captured for his betrayal and brought before the harbinger known as Shae’tan. Corrupted and subjugated by the cultists, Delaselva dubbed himself ‘Mimir’ and began openly recruiting for Setherien’s cult. He was unsuccessful in recruiting any individual for the organization, it is noted. His only noted achievement during his time of corruption was the construction of a kitchen within the fortress of the Frozen Scourge.

The Ascension of Delaselva

During an unsuccessful recruitment mission, Delaselva was incapacitated by Hansetian forces and subsequently buried by Orcish shamans. However, by mere chance and luck, the Ascended wizard known as Blundermore happened upon the buried pearl, rescuing him and cleansing the corruption that had been placed upon him. Working now to fight against his former captors, Delaselva moved into the manor of Selina Demones alongside Blundermore, the pair being leading members of the ancient order of the Archaengul Aeriel, known as the Ascended. The order, newly-restored after many years of obscurity, deemed Delaselva worthy of deific connection, the first Ascended to be connected to the Archaengul since the order’s restoration.

The Master Sage

After the Order fell into disarray some years later, Delaselva Vientos took it upon himself to assume the mantle of ‘Master Sage’, a title only given to an Ascended who seeks to better the order and have it proceed onward with Aeriel’s wishes in mind. Under his leadership, the Order of the Mongoose became a force within the world once more, aiding in the protection of the Descendants from those who sought to harm them with corruption and darkness. This was the most active time in the Order’s recent history, with the Ascended standing as the most active holy order under Delaselva’s tenure as Master Sage.

Sometime during the Order’s stay within the keep of Tal’Ardoth, the Vientos sage was found to have taken in a young orphaned girl, named Victoria. An exiled princess whose family had been murdered, Victoria Preussens was a bright child with vibrant red hair and the silvery eyes of the Horen line. Arriving with her elder sister as refugess, the Master Sage took the pair in and sought to induct them as eventual Ascended members. He would form a special bond with the young Victoria, making the long-awaited decision to adopt the girl and keep her as his own child to raise.

After this time, Delaselva continued on as Master Sage and as a loving father until a few months before the exodus from Atlas, where Delaselva departed the realm. He hasn’t been heard from since.

The Princess of Ostwick

With the departure of her father, the now-grown Victoria Vientos was left to assume her father’s role as head of the family. Her youth had been one of great feats and great tragedies, including the loss of her first husband, Artyom Ruric, and the great Gazardiael Crisis. These two events were followed by the betrayal of her then-adoptive brother, Belestram Sylvaeri, who sought to use the Ascended for his own gain and had their father executed in the process. Following the crisis, Victoria remained much more in seclusion, only keeping in contact with those among the Order.

Victoria would remarry, this time to one Rickard Kovachev, with him assuming her name in order to leave old wounds behind. She enjoyed his company, along with intellectual arguments they often got into, but most of all valuing his desire to always make her feel grounded and safe. Upon the Order’s revival on the land of Arcas, the pair would agree upon taking up residence within the Trade City of Sutica alongside their new Master Sage and longtime friend, Elvira Naromis.