House d’Anpalais

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Country: Oren, Renatus, Empire of Renatus
Parent House:
Empire of Man.png House of Alstion
Prince d'Beaufort
Margrave of Fort Loches
Count of Marsen
Founder: Thomas Jrent
Current Head: Robert I of Loches
Ethnicity: Heartlander

The House d'Anpalais was a cadet branch of the House of Alstion, originating from the spawn of Thomas Jrent, an imperial bastard, and his wife Novelie Marchand.

His eldest was pronounced Henry Frederick at birth, his surname derived from the Imperial Palace in Felsen he was born within -- Anpalais. Despite being the youngest of three brothers, the d'Anpalais was ushered into a life of prominence, eventually serving as the Imperial Treasurer of the Sixth Empire and facilitating the institution of Marna, a kingdom in the Imperium Sextus. Amidst his days of diligent service for the Empire, Henry set aside time to court Elisanna Ashford de Aryn, such prompting their union and birth of three children -- John, Theobald, and Maria.

John was issued a title belonging to an ancestral House, instituting himself as the first Prince d'Beaufort of House d'Anpalais. The Princeling followed in his father's footsteps, performing as the Minister of Foreign Affairs, under Augustus I, and the patriarch of his house; Nonetheless, after his unexpected passing, the titles went to Theobald.

Following the dissolution of House Horen as decreed by His Imperial Majesty, Godfrey II, this cadet branch of Horen was no longer seen as a cadet branch.