House de Castro

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House de Castro
de Castro coat of arms
Country: AbdesI Arms.png Kingdom of Santegia
Count of Asterleigh
Count of Trier
Baron of Castrov
Religion: Canonism
Founder: Viktoriano de Castro
Patriarch: Vitaly de Castro

The House of de Castro (Common: Castro) is a human family of Heartlander origins. It was founded by Viktoriano de Castro during the Axios Coalition War to support the war effort of House Staunton. As the war concluded in their favor, the House was granted a barony for the valour demonstrated in the battlefield and as such attained a status in the Courlandic nobility. Shortly after Viktoriano deceased by natural means and the torch of the patriarchy was passed to his son, Elias.

The family is currently a vassal of the Kingdom of Santegia, and is led by Vitaly de Castro.



House de Castro was formed by Viktoriano de Castro and his son Elias de Castro during the Coalition War, in which they swore allegiance to House Staunton. In the reformed Kingdom of Courland Elias de Castro was appointed to a rank of Grand Knight and granted with a Barony of Castrov.

Courland dissolved into Principality of Evreux in the aftermath of reformation of the Holy Orenian Empire in 1615. House de Castro refused to vassalize under their authority and thus entered a rebellion alongside House de Savin. At the time of war Castrov was abandoned and a fortitude of Asterleigh built to replace it.

Notable Figures

  • Elias de Castro, long-ruling head of the family, who served the Kingdom of Courland as a Grand Knight under King Tobias I. He is known for being a pillar of the Castro family and although his leadership within the family wasn’t that of authority, he was well respected and thus possible internal conflicts were kept at bay. His expertise in battlefield tactics is also worth mentioning.
  • Susanne de Castro, past wife of Elias and former Queen of Santegia.
  • Emanuel de Castro, son of Elias and heir to de Castro patriarchy. His psyche took a turn when the family arrived in Atlas, ultimately causing his disappearance in 1646. Since that date he has been missing, and currently assumed dead. The de Castro manor built of his designs, located in Presa de Madera, is what remains of his memory.
  • Gonzalo de Castro, former Count of Trier and High Steward of Santegia. Many struggles of the family are rooted to Gonzalo, especially his affairs with women.
  • Delmira de Castro, former Arch Chancellor of Santegia. Kidnapped and assumed dead until proven otherwise.

Family Tree

Castro Family Tree

Emilia de Castro
Viktoriano de Castro
Ceona de Castro
Frida de Castro
Pearl de Savin
Gonzalo de Castro
Elias de Castro
Susanne de Castro
Chena de Castro
Elijah I de Castro
Alexandre de Castro
Avory de Castro
Isabella de Castro
Louis de Castro
Octavia de Castro
Arianne de Castro
Hektor de Castro
Emanuel de Castro
Delmira de Castro
Ruben de Castro
Andrea de Castro
Vitaly de Castro
Elijah II de Castro