House of Baruch

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House of Baruch
Country: BackgroundHaenseCoatBiggerCrown.png Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska
Count of Ayr
Baron of Gant
Baron of Laval
Baron of Riveryn
Baron of Voron
Lord of Saints Rest
Lord of Jorenstadt
Guardian of the Coast
Marius Baruch
Head of the House:
Sigmar, Count of Ayr
Ethnicity: Highlander
Cadet-Branches: House of Gant

The House of Baruch (Common: Baruch; High Imperial: Barucid) is the current ruling family of the County of Ayr and vassal of the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska. Being a relatively young House in terms of the other nobles of the world, their descent from St Otto of Vanderfell placed them in alignment with many of the Highlander families, making it easy for them to create a home in the Kingdom of Ruska. Their highlander roots also placed the House of Baruch in perfect position to propose marriages; current marriages include unions to the Houses of Ruthern, Vanir, Kortrevich, Vyronov, Stafford, Stafyr, and Lethes.



The house's founder, Marius Baruch, was a staunch supporter of House Horen, assisting in the assassination of Guy, King of Oren to allow for the Horen Restoration. With a Horen on the Imperial throne, Marius went to Luciensport to assist in its formation. After dedicating his life to creating and maintaining Luciensport, Marius died and left his two sons, Bernard Baruch and Joren Baruch, orphaned at a young age. The eldest of Marius' children, Bernard made the most of life in Luciensport; choosing to enter the clergy, he was a real servant of God and eventually succeeded to the Pontifical throne as Everard III. Not wanting the same life of his brother, Joren went to fight in the retinue of John of Carnatia. During his service in Lord John's service, he grew close to Adelajda Roswell, the daughter of Lord John's close friend Duke Arthur of Istria. Eventually marrying Adelajda, the pair continued the Baruch line. After Joren's knighthood following the Eighteen Years' War and with the birth of their three children, Eirik, Harold, and Isabel, the family settled in Ser Joren's knightly fief on the coast of Carnatia. With access to the coast, Ser Joren took up whale hunting and created the tradition of whale hunting within the Baruch family, as well as instilling a proud naval presence.


Upon the descendants moved to the Isles of Axios, Lord Eirik was granted the Barony of Voron under Haense. With the help of House Pasquier, Eiriks followers eventually grew in size exponentially. He hosted many events, such as whaling and hunting, which attracted the newly crowned king of Hanseti-Ruska, Andrew, to him; who became fond of the Baruch tradition and therefore granted him the County of Ayr, a title previously held by the Baruch's Rovin ancestors. The titles of House Pasquier were inherited by Lord Otto when the house died out shortly after the reformation of Haense. Count Aldrik rose to power in 1640, after the death of his father Otto via dementia.


Ser Aldrik led his followers aboard the Baruch fleet to the continent of Atlas, alongside the rest of the descendants. The Baruchs spent their first few years helping out around Markev, before Aldrik built Greyguard Hold north of the city, across the Czena. This new keep also served as the namesake for Baruch's new truce and alliance with House Ruthern after the signing of the Greyguard Pact. At this point, the Baruchs were notable for their adamant resistance to mandatory army service and the abolition of vassal levies, which they held anyways. After the reign of Otto III, Aldrik held Greyguard as an independent county briefly, before the ascension of Karl II. Eventually, Aldrik died of cancer, leading to the rise of his son, Petyr Baruch, who had been abroad for years. His failure to show up to the dais led to him being presumed dead, so instead, Aldrik's second-born, Eirik Otto Baruch took the mantle. Unfortunately, he was not too keen on ruling, and abdicated to his younger brother, Marius Karl Baruch. Marius reigned as Count peacefully until the descendants' departure to Arcas.



Notable Members