House of Cascadia

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House of Cascadia
Country: Oren
Holy Orenian Emperor
King of Cascadia
King of Marna
King of Mardon
King of Salvus
King of Seventis
King of Savoy
King of Courland
King of Santegia
King of Kaz’Ulrah
Duke of the Crownlands
Duke of Aenus
Duke of Cascadia
Duke of Avar
Duke of Frederica
Count of Helena
Count of Alamar
Count of Frederica
Count of Thelen
Count of Lorath
Count of Cantal
Baron of Darkwood
Baron of Gravelhold
Baron of Senniston
Baron of Pesha
Baron of Eastcliffe
Lord of Jrent
Lord of Vandalore
Romulus Cascadia
Current Head: Laurentina Cascadia
Ethnicity: Heartlander

The House of Cascadia was a ruling family of the Holy Orenian Empire.