House of Horen-Preussen

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House of Preussens
Country: Oren
King of Vandoria
Queen of Lotharingia
Prince of Pruvia
Duke of Ostland
Duke of Sudenland
Duke of Prussia
Margrave of Anhalt
Count of Eastwatch
Count of Hochspitze
Baroness of Ostwick
John Jrent (King of Vandoria, Vailor)
Anna Horen-Preussens (Queen of Lotharingia, Axios)
Current Head: Eleanor Preussens
Ethnicity: Heartlander

The House of Preussens, or simply House Preussens, was a branch of the House of Horen, and the former ruling house of both the Kingdom of Vandoria and the Kingdom of Lotharingia. They previously held the fortress of Caer Ostwick, and the title 'Prince of Pruvia'. The House was succeeded, through the restoration, as Pruvia.

Following their appointment of nobility in the Kingdom of Haense, an agreement was made in 1704, simplifying the house's name to simply Preussens, in order to represent their solidarity as a cadet house. In 1721, the House Preussens were granted permission by King Andrew III of Haense to return to the Imperial Crownlands, as vassals to their cousins of the House of Cascadia.