House of Keint

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House Keint
Country: Blackden
Baron of Keintania (1618-1639)
Lord of Blackden (1650-1650)
Grandmaster of the Knights of Keintania
Founder: William Keint
Current Head: Erec Keint
Ethnicity: Heartlander
House Motto: "Our Pride is Strong"

The House of Keint was founded long ago, they lived in Johannesburg, the old capital of the Empire of Oren. The House of Keint was the ruling family of the Barony of Keintania and former vassal of the Kingdom of Santegia. House Keint was best known for its support for the Kingdom of Santegia until the year 1638 where they declared the Barony of Keintania as independant from the Kingdom of Santegia [1]. After losing the Keintanian Rebellion, House Keint was disbanded by its Patriach, Thomas Tarsington-Keint, whilst he went into self exilement not being seen again for several years.

The Return

Several years after House Keint lost their rebellion, they arrived in Atlas on the south-eastern shores of the Island, led by Thomas Tarsington-Keint, preparing themselves for the storms to come.[2] Lord Lope Keint established a small town in the area known as the The East Peak, restoring the House that was disbanded after his brother's defeat. In total, it gathered a six hundred residents with the majority of which being farmers and sailors. A few years after its creation the town came into conflict with nearby Dwarven settlements that looked to extend their territory. This eventually lead up to the Battle of Blackden occurring, which lead to the execution of Lope Keint by the Silvervein clan, and the fall of Blackden.

Years after his death Lope´s sons; León Keint and Allanon Keint reformed the House. House Keint lost all their wealth after the battle of Battle of Blackden for the exception of Neothron; Lope’s magical sword. Lionsbane the family sword was lost, some claim that traitors that ran from battle stole the sword. The family was shattered with only a few survivors, some known survivors were; Lona Keint,León Keint, and León’s younger brother Allanon Keint. They wandered around for months until they found land that they could use for farming. From that pot of land the House rose once again, and their pride remained untouched.

In more recent years the mantle of Lord of House Keint have fallen onto the adopted son of León Keint, Erec Keint, he had over the last decade reconstructed a pirate's nest into a place worthy of calling home, after being granted Blackden by his previous Lord, Thomas de Hartcold. After his departure from Rivia, the threat to his family became too great. The Castellan petitioned the Duke of Curon for aid from the Barony of Blackreach's constant threats. And so the Blackden Settlement peace was signed by both Duke Wilhelm Karl Devereux and Erec Keint. And from there on out he kept the title of Castellan. A few years had passed, and Erec attended court with his stepfather, where he collapsed in the middle of the Curonic court, much to the shock of those in the court.

To honour his stepfather, Erec Keint brought back his stepfather León Keint to Blackden, to be buried in the ancestral seat of House Keint. Erec Keint had a statue of León Keint sitting on the back of a lion, whilst holding a sword aloft erected to honour his stepfather. And since the Keints of Blackden have served their Duke faithfully, House Keint have taken part in several military campaigns for Curon, and the Empire during the instability in the Empire, and the Norlandic people once again rising, backed by the Dwarves of Kaz'Ulrah and the Orcs of Krugmar, and the people of Arberrang, accused of demonic summoning rituals. Of those three sieges he fought at the last Rebellion Stronghold of Kaz'Ulrah. Hundreds of men were slaughtered before the Empire could gain a foothold with in the treacherous mountain. After the rebels had been defeated, Erec Keint returned home to take of his family life, hoping not to have to raise his sword for years to come.

Original Keint Coat of Arms and Motto
Coat Of Armas House Keint.png