House of Marna

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House of Marna
Country: imperialorenia.png Oren, MarnaFlag.png Marna, renatus.png Renatus-Marna
Parent House: House of Alstion
Holy Orenian Emperor
King of Marna
King of the Westerlands
King of Waldenia
King of Vandoria
Duke of Marna
Duke of Senntisten
Baron of Senntisten
Baron of Ravensburg
Richard Horen (Duke of Marna, Asulon)
Alexander Horen of Marna (Vailor)
Current Head: Margarita, Princess of Bastion
Ethnicity: Heartlander

The House of Marna (Common: Marna; High Imperial: Marnam) is a cadet branch of the House of Alstion, descending from Alexander Horen of Marna, second son of Emperor John I. However, the line has since merged with the mainline of Horens following the joining of the Crowns of the Kingdoms of Renatus and Marna. Most notably, members of the line of Marna have in the past held royal titles such as King of the Westerlands, and most recently King of Marna.

After years had passed since the family gave up their titles to Aurelius I, Emperor of Man in 1651. The family's whereabouts would be unknown though it was presumed they were hidden in Aeldin until the year of 1714, to which the family reappeared from the shadows plotting for their restoration along with pressing claim for the Holy Orenian Empire. The grandson of Frederick I of Marna, Joseph I, would be supported by many to which he'd then be coronated in Reza though would result in the War of the Two Emperors.