House of Rubens

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House Rubens
Country: Renatus
Baron of Leeuwenhof
Nicolas Rubens
Current Head:
Peter II Rubens
Elisa Rubens
Ethnicity: Heartlanders

The House of Rubens is the current ruling family of the Barony of Leeuwenhof set in the far southern woodlands of Atlas. For decades the Rubens line has served as vassal lords of the Kingdom of Renatus, with other influence and dominion spreading south to the lands of Curon and White Peak. The Rubens name was familiarly spread by the acts and progressions of the siblings, William and Leila Rubens. With William's marriage to Emelie Frederika Devereux, a royal of Curon, and Leila's notorious ascension as mayor of Cyrilsburg, the House of Rubens collected immediate glory, power and controversy. Beneath the reign of Linette I, there were several attempts on the life of the madam mayor and she felt shunned by the municipal government of Curon. Her marriage with her deputy, Véres Draskovits, was also severely failing due to the stresses to uphold stability in the city. Ultimately, due to the resentment between Curon and Rubens, the factions split and William and Leila permanently returned to Renatus with their supporters.

After their departure, the House of Rubens built their keep and raised the Barony of Leeuwenhof, a mountainous castle that loomed over the crags and wooded hills of southern Atlas.


On the continent of Axios, the House of Rubens served as a key noble-house situated under the Kingdom of Lotharingia, being prominent for the families abilities to funnel vast amounts of funds to the Crown, the Rubens wealth accounting for a large portion of the Kingdoms treasury. The families story in relation to the Kingdom persisted until the unfortunate loss of their land due to the House of Romstun as the Kingdom of Lotharingia lost half the western-side of the Kingdom to the fierce House of Romstun in which the House of Rubens stagnated in to irrelevancy.

A revival took hold of the House after the eccentric rise of the House of Gromach, who managed to reclaim the former Lotharignian lands and restored the Barony of Leeuwenhof to it's rightful owners. The House of Rubens stayed as a vassal for a prolonged period led by Nicolas Rubens, until the departure from Axios.

On the continent of Atlas the House of Rubens was a minor, unlanded noble house, their only titles being the titular Barony Leeuwenhof.

In 1654 two of the Rubens siblings announced their candidacy in the Cyrilsburg mayoral election. The siblings were successful in their candidacy, emerging as the victors. However, due to a bout of sudden illness William Rubens was forced to resign from deputy mayor in favour of Véres Draskovits, a previously rival candidate. Shortly after Leila Rubens and Véres Draskovits combined their mayoral parties the two fell in love and quickly married, which lead to Leila's pregnancy.

Sadly due to complications surrounding the pregnancy the infant was never born, and died in its mother’s womb. Following this the marriage between Leila and Véres grew to become turbulent, with Veres stepping down from his position of deputy mayor and the two unofficially separated. Following the pairs separation a multitude of attempts were made on the life of Leila and while there is no strong evidence pointing to who contracted such attempts, it is a popular belief that they were ordered by the administration of Curon.

After William was free from his illness he dedicated his time and effort in securing his family's nobility, appealing to notable figures of Renatus-Marna to achieve such. It was with the aid of Count Eimar var Burgundar of Götha that William was able to petition for ennoblement, which he was successful in acquiring. The titular title of Leeuwenhof was now recognised as a landed title, being gifted a tract of land north from White Peak by the Count, Eimar var Burgundar. During this time William had also been courting a Princess of Curon in secrecy, his love Emelie Frederika Devereux. The two married with no regard to the opinions of others, the pair believing that their mutual love was justifiable enough.

After the marriage the sour news of attempts on his sisters life were brought to William, which would mark beginning of a feud between House Rubens and the Principality of Curon. William actively worked to defame the administration of Curon, attempting to bring to light the attempts on his sisters life and the neglect she faced in marriage.

Notable Figures

Nicolas Rubens - Nicolas is the founding member of House Rubens and the original Baron of Leeuwenhof. Upon departing the realm he forfeited all titles to his son, William.

William Rubens - First born child of Nicolas and Mary Rubens, and is the current Baron of Leeuwenhof.

Emelie Frederika Rubens - The second daughter of Karl I of Curon. By her marriage to William she took the Rubens name and the title of Baroness of Leeuwenhof.

Leila Rubens - The only daughter to Nicolas Rubens. She is majorly responsible for the restoration of the Rubens family, aiding her eldest brother William in reacquiring Leeuwenhof.