House of Sarkozic

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House of Sarkozic
Country: imperialorenia.png Oren, renatus.png Renatus-Marna,
Haense Arms.png Haense
Lord Protector of Oren
Prince of Ulgaard
Duke of the Crownlands
Duke of Lorraine
Duke of Roden
Duke of Adria
Duke of Carnatia
Margrave of Torevar
Count of Helena
Count of Bihar
Count of Brelus
Count of Owynswood
Baron of Dormont
Baron of Renzfeld
Baron of Pesha
Baron of Eastcliffe
Founder: Victor var Otto Sarkozic
Current Head: None
Ethnicity: Highlander
Cadet Branches: N/A

The House of Sarkozic (Common: Sarkozy; High Imperial: Saroces; Raevir: Sarkozic) is a human noble family descended from the House of Carrion, founded by Victor Sarkozic, son of the late King Otto I of Renatus-Salvus.