House of Vallberg

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House of Vallberg
Coat of arms of House Vallberg
Country: imperialorenia.png Oren
Lord Marshal of Lorraine
County of Meric
Baron of Morr
Baron of Vrakai
Lord of Bjornfort
Uthred Vallberg
Current Head: Ewan Darius Vallberg
Ethnicity: Heartlander
Cadet Branches: N/A

The House of Vallberg (Common: Vallberg; High Imperial: Vallberg) is the former ruling family of the Barony of Morr. They are fierce fighters and expert cavalrymen claiming Vrakian [Nordic] descent. Those bearing the name Vallberg are said to be gifted in leadership and fighting ability. Their sons even being said to learn to saddle a horse before they even learn to walk, thus earning them the reputation of feared cavalrymen. In the past, they were vassals of House d'Amaury, holding the title of Lord Marshal and organizing the Honorguard. However, with the disappearance of the main d'Amaury line and Lorraine as an entity, the surviving Vallbergs no longer lay claim to their ancestral titles. In time, a Cato Vallberg was enfeoffed with the Barony of Vrakai, their claim persisting even through the exodus of Atlas.