House of Vanir

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House of Vanir
"The Sea Bows To None"
Country: Oren, Akovia
Duke of Akovia
Marquis of Vasiland
Baron of Vasiland
Baron of Kraken's Watch
Baron of Lorentz
Fiske Vanir I
Current Head:
Iver I, Baron of Vasiland (Lord Iver Vanir)
Ethnicity: Highlander

The House of Vanir (Raevir: Vanir; High Imperial: Basileii) is the current ruling family of the March of Vasiland and vassal of the Kingdom of Haense.



Originating from Fjordem, Aeldin, the Vanirs were nothing more than common folk and pirates, farmers who tilled the land and lived off the sweat of their brows and raiders who looted minor plunder from the Autumn Sea. Seeking more from life, the family took up all they owned and sailed off, their destination unknown. Led by Vasili Vanir, the small group of Vanirs and their raiding men came upon a fertile valley on Athera, eventually forming a settlement. The group stayed mostly to themselves, only leaving the valley to hunt or forage for supplies during the cold winters. All would change one day when the Prince Alexander of Ruska (later the Emperor Alexander I) led the Imperial incursion into the lands, demanding the clan's fealty. Seeking to avoid conflict so soon after their landing, Vasili would bend the knee to Prince Alexander. As vassals of the Empire, the Vanirs were given the town of Karovia to steward. When the Empire fractured from the Renatus Rebellion, Karovia became the capital of the newly formed Kingdom of Akovia, and the Vanirs found themselves ensnared in Orenian politics. As the Schism War started up, the Vanirs were ennobled by Andrik Vydra, newly raised as King Andrew of Akovia, and made Dukes of Akovia and the heads of the 2nd Akovian Regiment, Akovia's main military force. Following Akovia's victory in the Schism War, the Vanirs would play a major role in the final peace negotiations, helping King Andrew reform the Kingdom of Oren.


Following the rest of the Reformed Kingdom to Vailor, the Vanirs would settle along the coast of the northern continent. Although initially struggling to fully establish a settlement and a military, the Vanirs would help as best as possible, answering the Kingdom's call to arms during times of war. As time passed, tensions grew between the Duchy of Adria and the King, Olivier de Savoie, resulting in the Dukes' War. Although the small duchy attempted to remain neutral, it soon pledged itself to Duke Hugh of Sarkozic's cause after a young Britannus Vanir was captured and beaten by Savoyard soldiers. Following Adria's defeat at the Siege of Barrowyk, the rebellion was abandoned, and the Vanirs fled into exile to avoid capture and execution.

Many years passed, and after the formation of the Holy Orenian Empire by John I, Britannus Vanir returned to once again serve Oren. He served as a bannerman under Stefan Sarkozic, Duke of Carnatia. Duke Stefan's untimely death resulted in a total migration of Carnatian houses to the Province of Erochland. Britannus would follow them, earning the Barony of Lorentz for his service. It was at this time that Duke Anden Staunton of Courland was facing an internal rebellion against his brother, Alexander. Anden sought Britannus' help in return for the Vanirs' ancestral home of Kraken's Watch. Britannus agreed, and the rebellion was put to rest. However, in a sudden twist of fate, Richard Staunton, Anden and Alexander's father, supported Alexander's claim to the duchy. Ashamed, Anden Staunton took his own life, giving the duchy to Alexander. In an act of aggression, Alexander's first move as duke was to attack an aged Vasili Vanir; an attack which was prevented by the men of the Gold Corps of Carnatia. This attack would result in Imperial intervention, with Emperor John II calling for peace. Negotiations occurred at the Diet of Saltstone, and Baron Britannus Vanir accepted Duke Alexander's offer for peace and cooperation between the two houses. For his interest in preserving peace, Britannus would come to be known as the conciliator.

Unfortunately, Alexander would again attack Kraken's Watch, slaying the garrison whilst the Vanirs slept. The family was able to escape, and took refuge in the keep of Gryphon's Hold, in Carnatia. Together with their allies in Carnatia and Krajia, the Vanirs would reclaim their home through the Riga War, effectively ending all Staunton influence in the Empire, and solidifying their hold on Kraken's Watch.


For their loyalty, they were awarded the title of Marquis. The Vanirs currently held the March of Vasiland in the Kingdom of Haense and were loyal vassals to House Barbanov.

During the Year of Four Emperors, Marquise Brandon played an integral role, to his council's dismay, in assisting King Andrew II with his assassination of John IV, Holy Orenian Emperor and the rebellion that immediately followed. After immense pressure from family members and his council, the Marquis would ultimately pull his support for the independence movement, leaving the king without his support from his larger vassals.

Due to the immense mercy of Emperor Philip I (or to some, the intervention of the then Arch-Chancellor, Prince Leopold Francis), the Marquis would only be punished slightly, with Brandon only losing a hand for the role he played in the short rebellion.

Later on, however, the old enemy of the Vanirs in the Stauntons would return during the midst of the Coalition War, effectively giving it its namesake and bringing about the downfall of Oren. The Vanirs were especially unhappy with this, seeing as they had thought the Stauntons defeated in the Riga War. Shortly after this, the Vanirs would find themselves at war with the Stauntons yet again in the Great Northern War. However, this time the Stauntons emerged as the victors, sending the Vanirs, along with the rest of Haense into exile in Mardon.

While the Vanirs would later emerge from exile in the Greyspine Rebellion, they faced several challenges. For one, they had to take back their keep from the a family which, while originally being Courlandic, had turned during the rebellion. Following this, they established themselves once more as one of the principle noble houses of Haense. Yet, their power, along with much of Haense, was noticeably lacking from what it had been before the rebellion, with many of their soldiers and knights having since died, or ascended to nobility, in the case of the Tosalis.


Upon their arrival in Atlas, the Vanirs once more ended up in Haense, where they retained their noble status. Though upon their arrival they'd be given land to which they'd begin to build their fort in the lands of Haense. After the construction of their new home, the family would isolate themselves for the majority of their time within the Atlas.


After their arrival in Arcas, the new head by the name of Iver Vanir began to work with making the family less isolated than it had for years. He'd begin to do this by establishing themselves north of the city of Reza to which he'd build Karken's Castle. The construction took months to build to which during the time Iver was able to make an arranged marriage between Klaudia Vanir and the newly crowned King Marius II being the first Vanir to be Queen of Haense.


Notable Figures

Vasili Vanir - Founder of the Orenian House of Vanir. He led the 2nd Akovian Regiment along with King Andrew I, and was Lord Regent in King Vydra's absence. He was also the Duke of the Duchy of Vanaheim, and one of the leaders of the Dukes' War.

Britannus Vanir - Reviver of the House under the reign of John I, he attempted to peacefully regain his home of Kraken's Watch, and was successful for a short period of time. Unforeseen aggression by the Duchy of Courland would ultimately result in a breach of the peace, causing the Riga War.