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Human Nations & Charters

Oren Settlement Guide

The Holy Orenian Empire, colloquially known as Oren, or the Empire, is an absolute autocratic monarchy composed of the several vassal states and territories of humanity. The official state religion is the Holy Canonist Church. Governed by an Emperor and the collective limited sovereignty of its vassals, the Holy Orenian Empire encompasses one of the most powerful, expansive, and diverse realms. It is situated along the center of the continent composed of the Imperial heartlands, with the capital city of Helena as the seat of the Empire, and its many vassal states across the continent.

Curon Settlement Guide

The Kingdom of Curonia, commonly known as the Kingdom of Curon, is an absolute monarchy ruled by the royal Devereux family. The nation's capital is the city of Avalain with vassals underneath such as the County of Astorga, run by the noble House of de Alba. Currently the capital of Avalain rests by Bear Mountain, looming over an icey cold ocean. The climate for Curon is bitterly glacial and is often quite snowy. The city itself is exceedingly urban though has some rural country areas around the main walls of Avalain.

Haense Settlement Guide

The Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska, known as the Kingdom of Haense or simply Haense (New Marian: Haenz; Raevir: Henzij), is a centralized, united monarchy composed of two crowns, Hanseti and Ruska, and ruled by a single individual known as the king. Highlanders make up the majority of the population of Haense (especially Haeseni, but also Batavians, Raevir, and Norlanders) and the state claims to be the "Realm of All Highlanders". Its current capital is New Reza, one of the largest human cities in Arcas, which is situated in the south of the kingdom and surrounded by the Haeseni lowlands.

Kaedrin Settlement Guide

Ves is a republic governed by the Serene Assembly, a legislative body which is composed by lottery and by family right every four years. The assembly elects from among the patrician families of Ves a prince that might lead her as head of state, who rules for life. While holding the title prince, this title is by no means inheritable: for the city is free and immune from serfdom, and along with it the archaic feudal practices of yore. The populace of Ves, along with their prince, are legally referred to as burghers, but within this category are subdivided the patricians, clergy, and freemen.

Ayr Settlement Guide

The far off County of Ayr is a beautiful place with plenty of greenery and mountains surrounding it. Just on the coast of an ice covered ocean is the large Marianberg keep which towers over the Baruch Vineyard and livestock that wrap around it. Run by the Count Sigmar Baruch, there is no doubt if you are looking for a country side town to reside in that this is the place for you. Just down the road from its mother Kingdom of Haense, the trip is a long one but is truly worth the trod. Luscious crops and forestry can be found in County of Ayr as well as the well-known Baruch family.

Rubern Settlement Guide

If you are looking for a colorful and quaint province, then Rubern might just be the place you are going to want to settle in! With a beautiful castle towards the back of the city as well as nicely built country cottages you are bound to be amazed at the sights. This city is surrounded by fields and floral arrays of every kind. Stop by for a Carrion Black drink or perhaps to inquire about a tournament, either way you will enjoy the trip to this bright town.

Suffonia Settlement Guide

The tall walls of the Arch-duchy of Suffonia may be off putting at first but do not let that deter you from visiting this city! There are plenty of interesting sights to delve into when you visit. This indoor and outdoor city is filed with an array of reds and interesting twists and turns through the city limits. Not only that but it is situated with a spectacular view of the lake it rests by.

Seyam Settlement Guide

More commonly referred to as 'Seyam', this independent Southeron settlement is located in the hot desert region of the Korvassa on the continent of Arcas. Its capital, the Rajdom of Thyra, has been referred to previously as the ‘Jewel of the Desert’ and is currently the largest and undoubtedly most illustrious city within the Korvassan desert.
Pestilles Settlement Guide

As you enter into these lands, you are quickly aware of the devout religious impact of this place. Along with the devout religious worship you are able to notice the large amount of weaponry stacked along the building walls and markets. The stone path under your feet quickly leads you to a reputable place in the County of Pestilles, the mill. Standing above the rest of the city this is a significant symbol for these people.