Inactive Guilds

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LoreS1.png Forgotten in time: The contents of the page have not been updated, and may be extremely unreliable.

These organizations have since been disbanded, destroyed, or otherwise forgotten.

Military Organizations

The White Rose

The Flaming Rose

The Proud Banner of Arcmouth

Imperial Ranger Regiment

The Order of Saint Amyas

Polar Watch

The Monks and Paladins of Aegis


Company 2-11

The Lucky Band

The Winter Wolves

The Crimson Falcon

Magic Groups

Raine Academy

Cult of Veist

The Wizards' Guild

The Arcane Vigil

Commercial Groups

Scorched Hammer Smithing Co.

The Flipped Coin & Merchant Transportation Guild

The Athera Herald

Novelty Groups

Nawari Gypsies

The Freakshow


Pirates of The Abyssian Sea

Special Assemblies

The Transcended In Blood (Blood Knights)

The Court of Souls


The Nemor Creed

The Te'vel Farm and Inn