Iosif of Roiye

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Metropolitan Iosif of Roiye (1458 – 4th of the Amber Cold, 1528), known in Couentran as Iosif tau Roiye, was an Aeldinic priest, writer, and most famously the tutor of John I, Holy Orenian Emperor. Serving in his younger years as a soldier in the fledging Nauzica Bridge, led by the Old Pretender Charles Henry Horen, he was a staunch supporter of Horen's return to the Imperial Throne of Aeldin, and later, as Emperors of the Holy Orenian Empire.

Iosif joined John Frederick on his first voyage to Oren in 1521, and later serving as the chief mediator between the Pentarch Edmond de Montfort and Charles Henry Horen in their plot to overthrow the Ashford Monarchy after the disastrous Dukes' War which depleted Oren of valuable farmland, levies, and income. Iosif also maintained a close relationship with the Savoyard knight Baldwin de Bar, with whom he coordinated the final plan to draw out King Guy of Oren and have him killed by the assassin's blade. When Emperor John retook the throne of Oren, Iosif was raised as the Metropolitan of Felsen and served on his privy council. Iosif met his end along with Baldwin in Brelus, where Baldwin's fellow kinsmen Adrian, Count of Peremont and his son Adelric de Bar challenged them duel to the death.