Irrinor Settlement Guide

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The homeland of the Wood Elven people on the continent of Arcas. It is the centre of the elnarnsae’ame- the wilderness faith that forms the core of wood elven culture.

The town was more grown than it was built, and visitors will be able to marvel at the massive trees that shade the naturalistic forest paths, and the austere shrines to the Mani spirits that the locals worship. Homes are built into the trees themselves as if woven seamlessly into nature. X 1657, Z -665 The Nation is quite close to the Princedom of Fenn, to get there from Cloud Temple, follow the signs leading to Fenn, before you arrive, there will be a detour path from the main road labelled “Irrinor”, follow that to the city.• Current Leader: Lyemar Aureon •

Notable Information & Places * Clinic ~ The clinic within Irrinor is home to many skilled healers. The Mali that runs this clinic uses their extensive knowledge of the natural remedies that they believe their gods have blessed them with to cure illness and treat physical harm. These methods are especially effective when an attuned drui' enhances the physical properties of the herbs used through the gift of their magic. More than just healing is offered at the clinic within Irrinor. Any Mali seeking to learn the healing arts may also petition the lower council member assigned to run the clinic for lessons in the arts.

  • Housing ~ The wood elves of Irrinor prefer to make their homes high off of the forest floor. One with nature, they build their homes around the trunks of great trees that stretch into the sky, creating platforms that reach around the trunk of the tree that link with one another with a series of walkways. This, however, does not mean that they limit themselves to the trees as many seeds will make their clan halls on the forest floor. It is, however, the ideology of the wood elves to live with nature, rather than exploit and develop the lands to suit their needs.

  • Omentahu ~ The Seed is the principal unit by which the core of Mali’ame society runs, and this must be reflected in Irrinor, the principal home of all Mali’ame. Located within the centre of Irrinor, this giant tree serves as many things, but as you reach the top, you can spot the council chambers where events such as the Omentahu are held. The system of Diarchy that ruled us during the inception of our young country did not correctly represent the tribal bodies that make up the heart of our society. Therefore, to ensure stability in our homeland, the power of government must be put in the hands of a council of Seed Chieftains, headed by an elected High Chieftain. The Omentahu is formed of two parts- the High Chieftain of Irrinor, and the Council of Roots.
  • Okarn’ame ~ el'Okarn'ame, or the Forest Guard of Irrinor, is the primary military force of the Forest Realm. While their main focus is the defence of Irrinor's people, they also march out to eradicate unnatural threats to the world and assist Irrinor's friends and allies. It is headed by an Annilir, the commander in common terms, who leads el'Okarn'ame with a left and right hand known as Medirir. To find them, one must only visit Irrinor itself to see the elven guards going about their day-to-day.
Peak Times  Late afternoon EST (6-10PM), however we have a sizable GMT and AEST community for all you Aussies and Europeans out there.
Religon Aspectism:a wood elven belief. Aspectism is the ritual worship of the two gods of the wild, Cernunnos and Cerridwen. It is the main religion of the Wood-elves. It is the central pillar to the Wood Elves culture, tradition and identity.
  • Faith of the Alders and Ame
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