John Alexander, Prince of Alstion

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John Alexander
John Alexander.png
Prince of Alstion
Predecessor: Amelia Philippa, Princess of Alstion
Successor: Charles Edward, Prince of Alstion
Born: 13th of Horen's Calling, 1688
Carolustadt, Man
Spouse: Vivienne d'Amaury
(m. 1705-1725)
House: Alstion
Father: Alexander, Duke of Furnestock
Mother: Analiese Barbanov

John Alexander (High Imperial: Johannes Alexander), nicknamed the Cunning, of the House of Alstion. John was the only son of Alexander Frederick and the murdered Analiese Barbanov. He inherited the hereditary Johannian title of the Prince of Alstion as heir to the line, along with the Duchies of Alba and Furnestock. Spending his formative years in the care of a monastery, he returned to prominence only at the very end of Emperor Antonius's reign when his return coincided with the Emperor's removal from power and the start of the War of the Two Emperors.


Early Life

Born amidst the violence of his mother's murder, John Alexander spent his early infant life under the care of a troubled father and his aunt, Amelia Philippa. He was initially raised within the keep adjacent to Carolustadt as an infant boy, Amelia Philippa being the primary caretaker of the youth due to the grief that overtook his father for a short period of time.

Nonetheless, his father would soon illegitimately re-marry a woman named Ailsa Gromach. John Alexander was promptly moved to the small settlement of Nordengrad, following his father's abdication as Privy Seal and joining of the Clergy. The family settled in Nordengrad for the rest of Alexander Frederick's tenure as a priest, with Ailsa Gromach birthing one half-sister to John Alexander. Their lives in Nordengrad was depicted as uneventful and quiet, nothing of prominence occurring within it. In time, his father, Alexander Frederick, eventually made one last move for his family, the destination to be the land of Pronce, Aeldin.

Return to Arcas

John Alexander returned to the Empire of Man in its final years, as the War of the Two Emperors began swiftly afterwards of his arrival. Pledging his allegiance to Godfrey III, the Johannian dynast wasted no time in settling within the heavy politics of the war. John Alexander strove to make bold claims against Joseph I, due to his own claimant towards the Holy Orenian Empire as the descendant of Peter II. Furthermore, he would lay claim upon the crown of the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska, due to his descent from Princess Analiese of Haense.

His endeavours would be largely supported by the crown of the Empire of Renatus. As well as swearing his allegiance to Godfrey III, he soon offered his daughter's hand in marriage to the young Emperor. Thus, The house of Pertinax and John joined together in matrimony under his supervision, as Adeline of Alstion and Godfrey III would wed in the palace of the Rubrummagnus, Helena.

War of the Two Emperors

The onset of war saw John's influence at court grow, aided immeasurably by his influence over the young Empress Adeline, and his promotion of Johannian relatives such as William Jrent, the Lord Justiciar, to important Imperial roles. Although not an especially famed commander his logistical leadership was responsible for the organisation of the campaign against Haense - a title which he coveted - and the movement of supplies which underpinned victories like the Battle of the Silversea.

Dissolution of Horen

Following the dissolution of House Horen as decreed by His Imperial Majesty, Godfrey II, in 1721 John was no longer regarded as a Horen, taking on the family name of Alstion in its place.

Titles, Styles, and Honors

Titles and Styles

  • 1688-1700: His Imperial Highness, the Duke of Furnestock and Alba
  • 1700-Present: His Imperial Highness, the Prince of Alstion

Full title as Prince of Alstion

His Imperial Highness, John of the House of Alstion, Prince of Alstion, Duke of Balemena and Alba.


John Alstion married Vivenne d'Amaury, with whom he had issue.

Name Birth Death Marriage Notes
Charles Edward, Prince of Alstion 13th of Horen's Calling, 1705 Alive Magdalena Helane N/A
Henry Stephen, Duke of Furnestock 13th of Horen's Calling, 1705 Alive Margaret of Renatus N/A
Empress-Consort Adeline Alstion 4th of Owyn's Flame, 1709 Alive Wed Consort to Godfrey III, Emperor of Renatus
Julia Adelaide, Duchess of Alba 5th of Sigismund's End, 1718 Alive Unwed N/A

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