John IV, Holy Orenian Emperor

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John the Young
Holy Orenian Emperor
Reign: 1585-1585
Coronation: Not coronated
Predecessor: John III
Successor: Robert II
Prince Leopold, Baron of Senntisten
Born: 14 Deep Cold 1568
Johannesburg, Oren
Died: 16 Deep Cold 1585 (aged 17)
Johannesburg, Oren
House: Horen
Father: John III
Mother: Julia of Furnestock

John Augustus, known as John IV (High Imperial: Johannes Augustus; Savoyard: Johann Augusto; Hansetian: Jan August) (14th of the Deep Cold, 1568 – 16th of the Deep Cold, 1585), of the House of Horen, briefly reigned as Holy Orenian Emperor during the Year of Four Emperors which saw him reigning for a short two months before his assassination by his own feudal vassal, King Andrew II of Hanseti-Ruska. For his short time holding the throne, he is known as the Young.

He was given his second name in honor of Augustus of Lorraine, the uncle of his grandfather John II.


Early Life

John Augustus was born in Anpalais to John Owyn, Prince of Alstion and his wife Princess Julia Adelheid of Furnestock, his father's first cousin as the daughter of Daniel III. At the time of his birth, the reign of his grandfather, John II, was in its twilight years - four days subsequent to his christening, the emperor abdicated, with his eldest son the Prince of Alstion taking the throne as John III. Accordingly, John Augustus became automatically entitled to the styling of Prince of Alstion as heir apparent to the crown of the Holy Orenian Empire from the age of a few days old.