John I of Lotharingia

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John I
King of Lotharingia
Reign: 1585-1597
Coronation: 1593
Predecessor: James (As Archduke of Lorraine-Kaedrin)
Successor: Lothar I
Born: 24th of the Grand Harvest, 1547
Died: 1597
Spouse: Princess Charlotte Sophia of Alstion
House: d'Amaury
Father: Augustus, Archduke of Lorraine
Mother: Milena de Savoie

John Louis, regally as John I (Common: John Louis; High Imperial: Johannes Aloyius; Savoyard: Johann Alvise), was the first King of Lotharingia of the House of d'Amaury. He is known for joining the rebellion late, but proving to tip the point decidedly on the rebellion's favor, ultimately leading to the formation of the Kingdom he passed down to Lothar I.


Name Birth Death Marriage Notes
Milena de Metz 1569 1586 Unwed Bastard Daughter of John I
Lothar I of Lotharingia 7th of Sun's Smile, 1590 13th of Deep Cold, 1606 Unwed Successor of John I.
Marie-Thérèse of Lotharingia 7th of Sun's Smile, 1590 1650 Joseph of Courland Twin to Lothar, Eldest daughter of John I and Charlotte
Philip I of Lotharingia 1591 1606 Unwed Successor of Lothar, former King and second son of John I and Charlotte
Hughes I of Lotharingia 1593 14th of the Deep Cold, 1614 Mary of Leone Third son of John I and Charlotte, successor of Philip I.
Eleanor of Lotharingia 1594 1669 Otto II of Haense Second daughter of John I and Charlotte.
Claude of Lotharingia 19th of Sun's Smile, 1596 1631 John V, Holy Orenian Emperor Third daughter of John I and Charlotte, Empress-Consort of Oren.