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Kairn Igus Ithelanen
King of the Elves
Reign: 1661 - 1698
Coronation: 14th of the Grand Harvest, 1668.
Predecessor: Title Created
Heir: Kaz Ithelanen
Born: 1rst of the Snow Maiden, 1425.
Seed: Clan of Ithelanen
Father: Aenor Calithil
Mother: Asteria Dellis

King Kairn Ithelanen was a prominent Elven statesman who served as Annilir, Prince-Regent, High Prince and King of the Elves. In Axios, he played the role as a Drillmaster and General of the Dominion of Malin, before later rebelling in the Bronze Revolution when he was unlawfully banished from their lands amidst growing discontent and eventual civil war. On Atlas, he succeeded High Prince Loriens Silma as the Ruler of Unified Elvendom, and proclaimed himself King of the Elves with the unanimous support of his council. Years passed and after his resignation in the waning days of the Old Dominion, he had three successors: Elvenking Abelas and the Queens Renn and Awaiti Aureon.

Viewed as a hierarchal figure for many years, he is rumored to have perished, though some speculate he simply turned his back on the Elven People and sailed across the sea. A controversial figure in history, he is remembered a strong and humorless man with a heart of gold, though many would liken him more to a warlord than to a king of high standing. With the turn of the century, many now view his deeds as barbarous, scandalous and estranged from rigorous Elven doctrine -- and others view him as an outstanding general, cunning adversary or ally, and a heroic man on the field of battle.


Childhood, Teen Years, Youth

Kairn Ithelanen, né Calithil, was born in Varendoz, Aeldin in 1425, and following the death of his mother when he was 17 in 1442, he crossed the seas to Athera as a stowaway seeking new beginnings. Discovered by John Anders, an aging merchant with a self-professed "heart of gold", he was given two options: to serve as an indentured servant or to be cast off into the sea. So he paid off his debt to Mr. Anders through years of loyal service and managed to by leaving avoid another pogrom that continued the deaths and displacement of the majority of Elven peoples in Aeldin. He tended to his master's records, being trained to read and write, and he tended to their farms alongside their other servants.

When he was eventually freed amidst the chaos of the Schism War, he began to wander and took odd jobs, sometimes even as a mercenary or thief. Eventually, he came across Leyulin, and his life was changed forever. He watched as a defenseless Elven guard was beaten down and thrown into the dirt during a raid by the Order of Saint Amyas. Drawing his sword, he stepped forward and challenged their leader Olivier de Savoie to a duel, saying that if he won he expected them to leave.

The men looked expectantly to their leader for permission to slay the elf with crossbows and quarrels but were halted with the simple motion of a gauntleted hand. Emboldened, the wandering Elf and Lord exchanged blows in fast succession and their quarrel came to an end, and it was narrow but Kairn stood triumphant over the young Lord of Savoy. Although Olivier clearly had much more expertise due to his formal training, the Elf's good fortunes and pluck had prevailed in the duel. Lying in the dirt soon afterward from his wounds, Olivier feeling a rare and uncharacteristic moment of pity simply called his personal medic to tend to him when seeing that the Elves, still frightened -- clutched the female Elven guard named Allynial instead, opting to check her bruises instead of Kairn's internal bleeding.

This event left Kairn with a lasting sense of apathy and he felt outcasted by his own people. Olivier's assistance left him grateful for his life, especially when he honored his side of the bargain and ended the raid and left just as they had agreed. When Andrik Vydra dropped in a vat of acid and the three Elven states of Laureh'lin, Ebonglade, and Haelun'or were subjugated as vassals to the Kingdom of Oren, Kairn had a lasting sense of patriotism -- and a fondness for Savoy, easily proven by the sword he carried for years that was fashioned by a Savoyard smith.

Order of Sirame

Inducted into the Order of Sirame under Annilir Bravepaw and Orlanden, Kairn was one of the first Elves to enlist in the order. He found himself the subject of jokes, slings and arrows, and perceived verbal abuse that caused him to lose his sense of humor. As a number of military leaders took control and appointed new officers, he continued to be responsible for acts of disobedience. Once, he whipped his commanding officer, another time he whipped a citizen who talked back to the guards. Despite his problematic behavior, the Imperial Governor Tristin Tresery tolerated him and it could be said that the two had shared a strong bond of friendship for a time. Though Kairn was often whipped and punished by his commanding officers for his nonconforming behavior, he eventually was appointed Annilir after backhanding Artimec Caerme'onn.

For some years he helped lead the battles alongside Tristin as eventually, the Protectorate of Laureh'lin was freed and transitioned into its own free and independent state; annexing Ebonglade soon afterward and then Haelun'or, forming the fledgling nation of the Dominion of Malin. He retired to raise his children with his wife Arianna Calithil and laid in wait in his house outside the city tending to his vineyards as his political rivals the Aureons began to take more positions of power in the city.

Fermenting Doubts

A longstanding figure of some repute in the Dominion of Malin, Tristin Tresery eventually abdicated his position as High Prince as the nation prospered. Having fought in conflicts like the Dukes' War, Third Rurikid Uprising, the Krajian Rebellion, and the War of Orcish Submission he had watched his Elven brothers and sisters perish in the field by the dozens. As time progressed, he developed a heart condition, impairing his ability to fight. Eventually, there were a number of disagreements between Kairn and the Aureons, namely bickering between them and his wife Arianna Calithil. There were no lasting resolutions to these conflicts which often culminated in law-breaking activities from both sides.

  • An Aureon had broken into the couple's house and stolen Arianna's diary. They refused to turn it back over and when confronted fled.
  • Another younger Aureon disrespected and swore out Arianna and in Kairn's perception acted disrespectfully while hinting violence towards her.
  • Longstanding feuds between Kairn and the couple Leo and Lavinia Aureon, namely instigated by Kairn attempting to kill a half-breed who was apart of their clan for supposedly murdering Lyndrael Torena.
  • There was petty squabbling and consistent slander towards both Kairn and Arianna throughout their time in the city.

Eventually, the two Elves gave up their property in the city and stayed in the country full-time to raise their children Hecate and Elenion Calithil, before his wife perished under mysterious circumstances and he disappeared after being whipped outside his farmstead by Artimec Caerme'onn for seemingly instigating the Aureons.

The Axios Elven Schism; Bronze Rebellion Era


The death of Kairn Ithelanen is widely acknowledged by his clan members, who took upon themselves new markings to represent his departure from the world, but it is hard to get a clear answer on his ultimate fate. It is said by some that he perished by taking his own life, while others claim either that he suffered a stroke or simply abandoned the realm to take to the sea.


Name Notes Status
Carellith Ithelanen The firstborn daughter of Kairn by a woman named Flora, and a Druid. She took her life with her own hands. Dead
Hecate Ithelanen The second born daughter of Kairn by Arianna Calithil, she is a Druid of the Mother Circle who had an estranged relationship from her father. Alive
Elenion "Eli" Ithelanen The firstborn son of Kairn by Arianna Calithil, and a tailor of some renown who also served as a Royal Scribe and Virarim Guardsman in the Dominion of Malin. Alive
Galar "Gaz" Ithelanen The son of Kairn by Celia Lun, and missing from the crib one night-- either taken by his mother, or his father were he to be alive. Alive
Cassius "Kaz" Ithelanen The adopted son liberated by Kairn from slavery in the Iron Uzg, and his eventual successor to the Monarchy due to his affinity for politics, strategy and battle. Alive, missing.


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Notable Feats

  • Rebellious Bronze Lord of the Old Dominion

Prince Kairn of New Leyulin successfully rebelled alongside his two compatriots Prince Belestram and Prince Khaine, which brought the Dominion of Malin at the time ruled by High Princess Awaiti to the table and after three failed meetings, led to attempted reforms in government and the gradual replacement of the old bureaucrats and leaders with figures such as Lady Steward Kalina Lander, Lord Treasurer Azoth Hawksong, and the three Princes themselves being installed as prominent members of government and her new council.

Random Tidbits