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Kal'Dwain was a mining colony of Kal'Karik and the hold of the Irongut Clan in Asulon. Great mountains stretched around Kal'Dwain, serving as a natural wall against threats. It was founded by Darius Irongut, the first Head Miner of Kal'Urguan and Kal'Karik. Within the first year in Asulon, Darius convinced Grand King Thorik Braveaxe, current King of that time, to grant them a charter to the mountains for a settlement. Darius Irongut gathered a group of Dwarves including Skippy Irongut, Grabthar Irongut, Arbrek Starbreaker, Grungron Irongut, Spriggar Ireheart and other Dwarves.

The city was eventually destroyed by Drakes and left in ruins.