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"Kal'Tarak, Capital of the Kingdom of Kaz'Ulrah in Atlas, circa 1644"
Empire of Man.png
Race: Dwarves
Affiliation: The Empire of Man
Location: Atlas
Founded: 1642
High King: Aurelius I, Emperor of Man
High King Consort: N/A
  • King's Hand: N/A
  • Lord Commander: N/A
  • High Prelate: N/A
  • High Remembrancer: N/A
  • High Chancellor: N/A
  • Master of Coin: N/A
  • High Warden: N/A
  • Sheriff of Kaz'Ulrah: N/A
  • High Artisan: N/A
  • High Proprietor: N/A

Kal'Tarak is the capital of the main Dwarven nation, Kaz'Ulrah. It is situated at the end of Garrond's Vale and was designed by Morug and Hamnil Frostbeard. It features a shimmering river and waterfall with a mushroom forest that grows on the bottom of the cave. The upper portion is where the majority of the populace resides. Kal'Tarak means City of Unity and is symbolic of the new unity found among the Dwarven people following the creation of the Kingdom of Kaz'Ulrah.



Upon landing on the continent of Atlas in 1642, the Dwarves set out to construct a city worthy of the name Kaz'Ulrah. They located a valley and named it Garrond's Vale, after the Clan Lord of the Frostbeard Clan and founder of the Kingdom of Kaz'Ulrah; Garrond Frostbeard. After exploring Garrond's Vale, they found a cave in the very back of the valley. The cave was vast and had an upper portion and a larger lower portion which was split by a shimmering river who's source lied deep within the mountain. On either side of the river was a vast mushroom forest which provided natural protection for the various animals that lived down there. After some investigation it was decided by Morug and Hamnil that the upper portion was most suitable for a city and construction began immediately. With the entire Dwarven nation at work, the city was completed in two short years, officially opening it's gates in 1642. It featured an array of defenses at the gate to deter raiders, and a main street which ran all the way through to the King's palace. The first part of the city is full of shops and a tavern, while the rest of it is dedicated to mainly homes.

Golden Era

Immediately after the construction of the city, it's population swelled with Dwarves and other races alike. Being one of the first capitals to complete construction, Kal'Tarak was at a distinct advantage citizen wise. It's apartment sector filled up within the week, and the small tax of ten iron ingots made the housing affordable. At the same time, the large quantity of citizens helped quickly fill the coffers of Kaz'Ulrah as the ten iron ingots added up. Settlements from across Atlas visited Kal'Tarak and requested to recieve protection from the army of Kaz'Ulrah who was strongest in Kal'Tarak. It was not uncommon to find Folkmen patrolling the streets and coming and going on various missions across the growing nation of Kaz'Ulrah. Notable settlements and Kingdoms that came to Kal'Tarak to ask for Kaz'Ulrah's protection include; Veris, Arbor, Azeron and Southwood among many others. A work force was established and went to work quickly excavating the mines and farming the field. Workers would often be seen lining up at Psycho Strongbrow's desk with their quotas, ready to be paid for their hard work.

Death of Verthaik II Frostbeard

Following the murder of High King Verthaik II Frostbeard by a Renatus agent, the Kingdom was temporarily in disarray as there was not a heir to succeed Verthaik. However, upon the discovery of his body at the foot of the stairs in his palace chambers, a final will was found. In his will Verthaik requested that democracy be instated in Kaz'Ulrah as he believed that the only way foreward for Dwarves was through democracy as it had been done in the past. As a result, a vote was held by Verthaik II's close adviser and family friend - Morug oz Brathmordakin. After a week of voting, Bogdun Goldhand, another one of Verthaik's close friends and advisers was elected to be the second High King of Kaz'Ulrah.


Kal'Tarak is the capital of the Kingdom of Kaz'Ulrah, the primary Dwarven nation. It is ruled by the High King, but the majority of the management work is done by the King's Council as the city is the capital. Most of the work around the city is handled by the King's Hand and the High Warden who ensure that the city is running smoothly. Religion and all issues surrounding it are handled by the High Prelate. Defending the city and raising the army in times of war is handled by the Grand Marshal. While negotiating peace and relations with other nations and settlements is the task of the High Ambassador. The High Remembrancer is tasked with overseeing the various scholar projects and is in charge of the library making sure that knowledge is given to all. While master of coin keeps an up to date track of the income in the kingdom, the sheriff is tasked with maintaining order.

High Kings

  • High King Verthaik II Frostbeard - Commissioned the construction of Kal'Tarak, and is the current ruler of it.
  • High King Bogdun Goldhand - Second High King of Kaz'Ulrah, took over after Verthaik II Frostbeard was murdered in cold blood by a Renatian assassin. Shortly after his coronation he abdicated the throne.
  • High King Hamnil Frostbeard - Third King of Kaz'Ulrah, took over as King when Bogdun abdicated the throne, following his predecessor Hamnil would abdicate the throne a year after his coronation
  • High King Torvin Blackaxe - Fourth King of Kaz'Ulrah, took over as King when Hamnil abdicated the throne.
  • High King Garrond Frostbeard - Elected to his position after the sudden departure & abdication of Torvin Blackaxe.
  • High King Dreek II. Ireheart - Elected after the resignation of Garrond Frostbeard following a mandate of prosperous rule. Assassinated during his coronation.
  • High Queen Koralon Onyxheart - Elected after a year of dual regency, continuing most policies and decisions made by Garrond Frostbeard.
  • High King Edel Silvervein - The first Silvervein king in clan history, Edel's reign was short lived as his poor political decisions lead to his dethronement a mere year or two in his reign.
  • High King Thoak Goldhand - After Edel stepped down as High King, a city vote decided that Thoak Goldhand would become king. He continued the political relations of his predecessor's while also creating a new government system known as the Deep Court.


Garrond's Vale and the path leading to Kal'Tarak. circa 1644.

The valley in front of Kal'Tarak is known as Garrond's Vale, named after the famed founder of Kaz'Ulrah; Garrond Frostbeard. It is full of towering evergreen trees, appearing to rival the height of the mountains when one walks down the road. Around halfway through the valley, one can see the golden fields of wheat which are used to feed the ever growing Kaz'Ulrah population. A river who's source is located in the mountainside streams down, and then forks off by the fallen tree crossing. Kal'Tarak is located in a natural cave at the end of Garrond's Vale. It features a cliff and then a steep fall down into a lush mushroom forest which is split in half by a glimmering river, with it's source deep within the mountains. Beyond the river is a vast opening into the ocean that surrounds the continent of Atlas. Naturally forming stalactites dot the ceiling of the cave and the cave walls are composed of diorite and smooth stone.

Notable Figures

  • Verthaik II Frostbeard - Founder of Kal'Tarak and it's first ruler.
  • Garrond Frostbeard - Founder of Kaz'Ulrah, former High Ambassador, King's Hand and current King.
  • Morug - Designer of Kal'Tarak and it's first Grand Marshal who is well known for his managing abilities and strength in combat.
  • Hamnil Frostbeard - Designer and builder of Kal'Tarak, is most notable for his ability to bring huge waves of people into the city.
  • Gorum Frostbeard - High Ambassador of Kaz'Ulrah and one of the main proponents of Kaz'Ulrah expansionism.
  • Psycho Strongbrow - Grandson of the legendary Omithiel Strongbrow, Pyscho was known for giving out jobs to the citizens of Kal'Tarak and being very generous in his payment.

Notable Locations

The entrance to the Mamba Casino.

King's Palace

The King's Palace is located in the very back of the city. It is a three story building that houses the High King and Queen, alongside the High Ambassador. The first story is the location of the feast hall and the Frozen Hall, alongside the Embassy Suites and the High Ambassador's office. The second story is where the King's Council gathers and where the majority of diplomacy is finalized. The third story is the High King and Queen's quarters where they live and spend their private time.

The Mamba Casino

The Mamba Casino is located in the commercial district of the city and is ran by Tito el Bambino and his gang of dwarves. People from across Atlas travel far and wide to come to the Mamba Casino and try to make it big. Few succeed, but those who do are usually set for the rest of their lives.