Karenina of Alban

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Karenina of Alban
Barbanov Empress.jpeg
Empress-Consort of Man
Reign: 5th of Owyn’s Flame, 1706 - 1715
Predecessor: Helen Horen
Successor: Adeline of Alstion (As Empress-Consort of Renatus)
Born: 1692, Markev, Haense
Died: 1741, Duchy of Alba, Aeldin
Spouse: Antonius I, Emperor of Man
House: Barbanov
Father: Andrew-Stephen, Duke of Alban
Mother: Mariya Sarkozic

Princess Karenina of Alban (1692 - present day) was the last Empress-Consort of the Empire of Man, as lawful wife to Antonius I. Her reign was cut short after her husband was usurped by his nephew, Remus Godfrey Horen.


Name Birth Death Marriage
Kathryn, Duchess-consort of Westmarch 1703 Alive Mosley Staunton
Stannis, Duke of Westmarch
Eldest child. Imperial Princess.
Peter III, Holy Orenian Emperor 1704 Alive Duchess Lorena of Augustin Born Antonius. Firstborn son to Karenina. Crown Prince of the Empire of Man, before it's fall. Later became Holy Orenian Emperor.
Magdalena of Man, Princess consort of Alstion 1704 Alive Prince Charles of Alstion Triplet to Antonius & Persus; . Imperial Princess. Princess of Alstion
Persus Horen 1704 Alive Unwed Triplet to Antonius & Magdalena; Second born daughter. Imperial Prince.
Vespira of Man, Baroness consort of Selm 1710 Alive John de Balaine Third born daughter to Karenina and Antonius I Horen. Imperial Princess.
Octavian Horen 1711 Alive Unwed Second born son to Karenina and Antonius I Horen. Imperial Prince.

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