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The settlement of Ker'nor houses The Enclave of Ker'nor, the Dark Elven state of the Dominion of Malin, and is located on the south-east of the isle of Tahn in the continent of Axios. Its neighboring state Laureh'lin lies to the north.


When the elves acquired land in Axios, and awarded their nation the name Dominion of Malin, part of the land was awarded to the dark elves, under the leadership of Dak'ir Des'nox. The land given was a hollow mountain with an opening on top, presumed to be an old inactive volcano by some. While under the Dominion of Malin, the town was able to house a multitude of dark elves, with the exception of the Warhawkes, which in Vailor had turned to become the enemies of the enclave by what some call an assassination attempt on Dak'ir. Bad relations continued between the two groups for many years, escalating to an attempted murder of Dak'ir's pregnant wife, which brought great momentary anger of the elves towards the Warhawke group, as children are precious to the elves. Peace was achieved later after the leadership passed from Dak'ir to his son, Jayce Des'nox, which then married with a Warhawke member. This prompted the group to join the enclave, with only a few members still barred from entrance.

The enclave helped the Dominion with their multiple wars, though with few numbers. After the imminent defeat of Oren was in sight, the Dominion of Malin ended their allience with Oren and became neutral, which included the enclave. The Warhawkes took this opportunity to get new land outside of the enclave, and did so, though now there are better terms between the two groups. Throughout the years, the town has been attacked by undead beings, yet this isn't an occurrence only in Ker'nor, more so on all the Dominion of Malin.


Homes were built inside the hollow mountain, into the stone itself. To get to them, wooden platforms were made from the small lake in the bottom, to the opening on top. A center lift was also implemented, to allow fast travelling around the various levels. A cave entrance into the hollow interior was used to make the gates into town, and another for the exit behind the town, where a small dock and farms were raised. Later on, festivity grounds were built just outside the main entrance.

Location events

The Dark elves have a culture which provides a lot of opportunity for festivities. Worshiping of ancestors is a general doing of the dark elves of Ker'nor, and many festivities about them have been done. There are also more peculiar minor events which happen more frequently, including weddings, and story nights.

Notable Figures (if applicable)

  • Dak'ir Des'nox
  • Jayce Des'nox
  • Neci Vincrute
  • Faeryel
  • Sakura "Cookie" Cookelaria
  • Arabella Rosalie Delevoye


Ker'nor has a Prince at the main spot of power in the town, which is occupied by Jayce Des'nox. Under him there is a council which aid the prince with the management of the town. The primarch is the spiritual leader of the town, the position currently held by Dak'ir Des'nox. Magos is the court mage, with the position currently filled by Faeryel. The position of steward is also given out, to give housing to new members in town. Those which do not have a dark elven ancestry are given less power in the city, normally kept away from positions of power, with exceptions on the most trustworthy ones.


There isn't a specific type of nobility in Ker'nor, just major families which rise and fall. In Axios, the major families are the Des'nox, the Vincrute, the Delevoye, the Cookelaria and the Uthlini. The members of the families normally live in the same house, with a few exceptions.


brief description of how the society in the location operates


There is hardly an economy in Ker'nor. A few shops and a tavern are set up, almost unused, and the materials needed for the town are normally gifted by the residents when needed. The houses are given freely to new residents.


The laws concentrate on safe being in town, including the normal laws about stealing and killing. Elven culture also interferes with the laws, giving the harming of a child or of a pregnant elf extremely hard punishments. Interbreeding between elves and other races is also forbidden in the town. For last, the insult, defamation, or destroying of altars of ancestors is considered a grave offence and also punished by the law of the town.



The town is filled with altars to several ancestors. They are decorated dearly and kept well cleaned, and gifts are placed next to them. The people tend to use bright clothing and make multiple works of metallurgy and stone masonry. Story telling is also an art to many members of the town.


There is currently no books on the library of Ker'nor... for shame.


The main religion in Ker'nor is the worship of ancestors. The ancestors are dead people which had achieved greatness in life. More can be read about this on the Dark Elves page.

Random Tidbits

  • Story Night is done every elven Wednesday, where a group of dark elves and visitors join in the tavern to tell stories to each other.
  • There have been rumors of a blessing existing in Ker'nor caves, as the number of elven pregnancies there has been higher than usual.
  • One of the dark elves that live there has a very strong obsession with cookies. She gives them out almost daily and is said to hide stashes of them all around town.