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Khabbi was an independent city-state in southwestern Asulon. It's people were know as the Sabbet, or "ta Sabbet." It held members of all races, although humans and elves were the most prominent.


Khabbi was founded by a man named Moredcai Fury, centered around a deep rift in the earth which would become the settlement's forge. Though the city had people of many professions, the city's mines were frequently used by its citizens.Despite its distance from many of the other settlements within Asulon, it was easily accessible from the Cloud Temple Docks. This allowed for the city-state to eventually thrive as a minor trading hub, with several successful enterprises like Stormborn General Goods and Bennett Co.

Khabbi's end began with the departure of one of the city's three lords, Doone Rylin. Given his complicated relationships with both members of the city and others outside its walls, as well as frustration regarding their lack of progress in planning to combat Oren, Doone abruptly left his position, returning infrequently to the city to taunt the remaining Lords. This left only Jess Stormborn and Tiburon Leary as the remaining two Lords of Khabbi. This was the first period ever in which Khabbi had not had all three Lord positions filled, leaving the two remaining leaders to struggle with the extra burden.

Nonetheless, Tiburon and Jess worked tirelessly to try and forge secret alliances to assist them in fighting Oren while also maintaining the city. At first, these efforts seemed fruitful, garnering alliances with Somerset, Silva Insula and the Arcane Delvers, as well as gathering the support of several Salvian peasants and members of the minor nobility. However, distractions eventually came forth to keep them from working towards their goal, the most notable being the bandit group known as the Syndicate. These remnants of House Flay attacked the city repeatedly, resulting in much death and pillaging. Given this frustration as well as other personal problems, Jess Stormborn eventually fled the city as well, leaving Tiburon as the sole Lord of Khabbi.

Though Tiburon's efforts were valiant and largely successful in repelling the Syndicate from its attacks, he slowly lost faith in his ability to lead the city alone. He perceived that his actions had led to the failure of Khabbi, and eventually led him to hang himself, marking the true end of Khabbi.

Notable Figures:

Mordecai Fury - Founder and former Lord of Khabbi

Doone Rylin - Former Lord of Khabbi

Tiburon Leary - Last Lord of Khabbi

Jess Stormborn - Former Lord of Khabbi

Wrex Lusty - Last Leader of the Warband