Kingdom of Curonia

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Kingdom of Curonia
Curonian coat of arms
Capital: Avalain
Languages: Common
Religion: Canonism
King of Curonia: Pierce I of Curonia
Queen: n/a
Heir: Pierce Devereux
Alcalde: Vitharr Ulfurtonn
Preceded by:

Duchy of Curon.png Duchy of Curon

The Kingdom of Curonia is an independent kingdom located slightly North of central Arcas, currently ruled by the young King Pierce I of Curonia.


Declaration of a Kingdom

Upon a successful tenure of ducal status under Wilhelm I, with rising population and economy, Emperor Augustus I saw fit to declare the duchy into that of a Kingdom. Preparations were hastily put together for a coronation following the Imperial Ball of 1703. The ceremony was performed within the Blessed Cathedral of Saint Johannes in Cyrilsburg, onlooked by a large crowd of both Imperial, Curonian, Haenseti and Adrian nobility and citizens.

War of the Two Emperors



The Church of the Canon is the official religion of the Kingdom.


The vast majority of the Kingdom's nobility come from Heartlander descent, including its own ruling family House of Devereux. Other prominent families include House of Falkenrath, House of Suffolk, House of Landes and House Silversteed


Cyrillian Council

The Cyrillian council comprises of the leading individuals in all aspects of leadership, namely the Military, Navy, Mayoral office, Stewardry and Ambassadorship relations. The council is directed and overseen by the current ruling monarch.


The Military of the Kingdom is formally known as the Order of the Ursus, holding a reputation as a strong and formidable legion of ground-based infantry. The Ursus are responsible for defending the Kingdom and her allies, as well as providing alms to the citizens. Together with the navy this provides Curonia with a strong foundation of both land and naval protection. The Military is currently under the direction of the Commander Reynauld Silversteed.


The Navy of Curonia serves to protect the peoples of the Kingdom from naval assault and aquatic threat. While their primary or face focus may be their militaristic efforts, they also work to advance in all things academic; researching to progress in aquatic life knowledge, medicinal practices, and general sciences. The Navy was previously under the direction of Fleet Admiral Ser Benjamin Fernández, however has been dissolved due to his presumed death.


The Kingdom of Curonia follows a strict primogeniture succession, being that only males and sons of females may inherit. The son of the current King would be next in line to the throne, and should the firstborn bear no sons, then the secondborn's sons will inherit. On the occasion that there are no males left in the dynasty, then the sons of females would inherit.


Kingdom of Curonia
Geography Settlements Avalain · Warwick* ·
Politics Royalty House of Devereux
Nobility House of Suffolk
House of Ragnarsson
House of Landes
House of Falkenrath
House of Silversteed
Clan Skarpefanger
House of Harkness
Gentry House of Draskovits
House Keint of Blackden
House of Milner
House of Halcourt