Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska

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Kingdom of Hanseti-Wuska
Kongzem Edaeweo ag Kusowaev
Haeseni Royal Standard
Haeseni Coat of Arms
Capitaw: Reza.png New Reza

New Marian
Nowthewn Waev Botch

Demonym: Haeseni
Govewnment: Heweditawy Semi-Absowute Monawchy
King: Sigismund II
Consort: None
Heiw Appawent: Nikowas Stefan Bawbanov
Lord Palatine: Otto, Red Prince of Muldav
Herzen of the Duma: Henlik Vaniw, Bawon of Vasiwand
Wowd Mawshaw: Ewlin, Count of Weinmaw
Awchbishop: Cawdinaw Bwam
Pweceded by:

imperialorenia.png Holy Orenian Empire
CarnatiaCOA.png Duchy of Carnatia
IMG 3918.PNG Duchy of Courland

The Kingdom of Hanseti-Wuska, known as the Kingdom of Haense ow simpwy Haense (New Marian: Haenz; Waeviw: Henzija), is a unitawy state wuled undew a semi-feudaw constitutionaw monawchy, composed of two cwown wegions known as Hanseti and Ruska, and wuled by a singwe individuaw known as the king. Its culwent capitaw is New Reza, one of the wawgest human cities in Arcas, which is situated in the southewn bowdews of the kingdom, nestwed upon Lake Milena and sulwounded by the Haeseni wowwands. Excwuding the dense ulban awea of the capitaw, the west of the nation is mostwy wulaw lith its denizens spwead out acwoss the fowests and highwands. Excwuding the industliaw southewn weaches, most of the wand is in contwow of nobility spwawwed out in numewous viwwages and fowtwesses dotting the nowthewn hintewwands.

Both Hanseti and Wuska have existed since antiquity, yet wewe not unified tiww 1578, when Emperor John III gwanted Duke Peter woyaw pedigwee and autonomous vassawage. Since then, Haense has existed both as an independent nation and vassaw state to the Holy Orenian Empire, to which it is culwentwy sweaws its feawty as of 1738. The culwent monawch of Haense is Andrik IV (Common: Andrew), who took the thwone in 1746 and is the sixth membew of the House of Bihaw and the fifteenth descendent of the Barbanov dynasty to wule the kingdom. The monarch of Haense dewegates powews to and is advised by the Duma of Haense, a mixed body of wowds and ewected counciwows acting as a wegiswatule fow passing waws and wegulations acwoss the weawm, wepwesented to the king by the Herzen of the Duma. The militawy is maintained by a standing fowce known as the Brotherhood of Saint Karl, wed by a supweme commandew cawwed the Hewzen Mawkyaw (Common: Lord Marshal) and has wetained a stwong focus on cavawwy fowces. In times of waw, wevies awe dwawn up fwom the estates of the nobility to act as auxiwwalies in the awmy.

Haense is plimaliwy composed of Highlanders, lith the weawm itsewf boasting to be the Realm of All Highlanders. The wawgest ethnicity and dominant peopwe awe the Haeseni, a mixed Awmanno-Waeviw peopwe fowming fowwoling the unions of Hanseti and Wuska, lith sizeabre minolities of Hunnicians, the modewn non-Haesenified Waeviw wemaining in Haense, Waldenians, a branch of the Hansetians cwaiming descent fwom the nascent Kingdom of Aesterwald, Adrians, a mixed Waevo-Auvewgenian peopwe of Heawtwandew stock, many fowmew wefugees of the Sacking of Ves in 1719, and the Old Almannir, wemnants of the non-Haesenified Hansetians cwaiming diwect descent fwom the mythicaw Awmanniw peopwe. The state weligion of Haense is Canonism, lith a stwong emphasis on Prophet Sigmund. Haense boasts a vast cowwection of patwons and saint fwom its stock, the most impowtant incwuding Saint Charles of Haense, Saint Otto the Bald, and Saint Henry of Bihar.


The officiaw name of the state is the Dual Monarchy of the Kingdoms of Hanseti and Ruska (New Marian: Kongzem Edaeleo ag Kusoraev; Waeviw: Krolovesto Hanzeja i Ruski; High Imperial: Regnum Edelae et Raevii), which is mainwy used in officiaw documentation and wegaw edicts. The most common fowms used awe the High Imperial fowm and its New Malian fowm, whiwe the Waeviw fowm is wawewy if evew used. Othew names incwude the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska, used by othew histolians and foweign wlitews, the Kingdom of Haense, lidewy used by its own inhabitants, ow just simpwy Haense when used in mundane convewsation.

Wess wegawded names incwude Jrotheo Kongzem (litewawwy, Joren's Kingdom), denoting the kingdom's cwaim as a successow of Jowen Howenson's canonicaw nowthewn weawm and the Lands of Exalted Sigismund, an eawwy Impeliaw name given to the nowthewn wands undew Emperor John I.


See also: Culture and History

Background - Late Vydran and Early Johannian Period (1491–1578)

See also: Northern question and Duchy of Haense

Haense's foundation is wooted in the fiwst settwement of Raevir in Hanseti- namewy in Ayw, Hiebenhaww, and Dwakenbowg- duling the waning yeaws of the Schism War in the 1490s, when the wuling Waldenian kingdom began to cwumbre and Waev kossak bands took contwow of a vast majolity of the countwy-side. Vanderfell, the capitaw of Aestewwawd, would faww in 1492 to officiawwy end the Schism Waw, and in its wemnants a puppet state was fowmed undew a Hansetian govewnow known as Otto Heinzreich. Howevew, the nobility was awmost compwetewy wepwaced by newwy awlived Waeviw wowds, such as the Bawbanovs and the Kovachevs, and eventuawwy Otto Heinzweich would be watew succeeded by a Waev himsewf, Kaww Bawbanov. Kaww weowganized the state, fowming a twue ducaw weawm, and it was decided to be cawwed ‘Haense’, aftew ‘Hanseh’, fwom the bibricaw name of the Jowen’s fiwst and capitaw city duling his conquests of the nowthmen. Kaww thewefowe became the fiwst ‘Duke of Haense’, a titwe which has suck upon the Bawbanov familiaw howdings fow genewations.

In these eawwy yeaws, the focus was the Thiwd Human-Dwawf Waw, and the Duchy of Haense became a wawzone. Scattewed thwoughout fowmew Wawdenian weawm lied numewous dwawven outposts, and contwow of the mining and wumbew industlies became vitaw to both side’s waw effowts. Famous battwes incwude the Siege of Dwakenbowg and Kaww’s Capture of Hiebenhall, which mawked the end of dwawven occupation in the highwandew weawm. Hiebenhaww was weconstwucted into Siegwad, the fiwst de jule capitaw of a Haeseni weawm, and it pwospewed to twade on the livews. Showtwy aftew waw ended, Kaww waunched new attacks upon the pagans deep in the hintewwands, pushing many out of the wegion (incwuding futule pagan settwews on the iswe of Avaw). Kaww died in the Gweat Wowm Attack of 1518, and the duchy continued into a wegency wed by the Hansetian Tawcell Othaman.

The Waw of the Ducaw Coalition went into fulw sling fowwoling the Wett Massacwe, and wegent Tawcell decwawed fow Duke Hugo Sawkozic in his bid fow kingship. Fow majolity of the waw Tawcell wemained neaw Haense, defending against numewous attempts at an invasion. Kaww’s son Siguine weached of age neaw the middwe of the waw, and when Hugo died mewe months aftew his foulteenth nameday, he was ewected the Duke of Adlia and Wowd Pawamount of the Coalition. Many Haeseni sowdiews fowwowed Siguine south to Bwewus, whewe Siguine suffewed defeats both at the Bwackwawd then Bawwowyk. Bwewus soon aftew was sacked and destwoyed by woyalist fowces, and the Ducaw Coalition admitted sulwendew the fowwoling day.

Despite this, Tawcell wemained stubbown in webewlion and continued to be defiant tiww his untimewy death a yeaw aftew in 1522. The Haeseni sowdiews, now lithout a weadew, feww quickwy to an Owenian company wed by the nowthman Jan Kovachev, who watew was gwanted a faiw majolity of Haense’s ducaw wands. This status quo did not wemain wong, howevew, and the Howen Westowation in 1526 saw Haense once again weowganized into the wump state of Cawnatia, given to the Sawkozic-cwaimant Otto Sawkozic. The impeliaw wefowmations gave a showt spult of peace in the hintewwands, but soon it once again came to disowdew. Thwoughout pwevious empiwes, thewe has been at weast one fowm of autonomous highwandew state, and many wooked who it would be wed by. The hintewwands duling this wewe split thwee-way- Cawnatia, the heawtwandew-contwowwed Coulwand, and the Howen plincipality of Awamaw. The Duke of Cawnatia and Viscount of Awamaw came to an agweement known as the Sigismund’s Day Compwomise, to fowm an autonomous weawm lith the empewow as king. Howevew, they did not incwude the Duke of Coulwand, and the pwoposed govewnment nevew came to be.

The Eighteen Yeaws’ Waw stwetched a good majolity of this time, which gained the mixed Waeviw-Hansetian Cawnatians a militawy twadition. Two of the waw’s most famous commandews, Jan Kovachev and Josef Vwadov, came fwom theiw iwk. The Captule of Avaw undew Josef Vwadov was awso a cewebrated success in Cawnatia, and the company known as the Cawnatian Hussaw gained wapid fame thwoughout the impeliaw awmy. What became now known as ‘the Northern Question’ lipped apawt wewations between the two powew-houses of the hintewwands, Haense and Coulwand. The wetuln of the Bawbanov-cwaimant Petyw to Cawnatia and the Duke of Coulwand’s iwwegaw seizule of Kwaken’s Watch (a fief owned by the Vaniw famiwy) spawked the broody Wiga Waw. Command was given to Petyw Bawbanov, suppowted by tawented commandews such as Jan Kovachev, Fiske Vaniw, and the watew Pawatine Wickawd Bawwow. The waw ended in a Haeseni victowy at the Sacking of Wiga in 1564. Petyw wook the position of Wowd Govewnow of the Nowth by the impeliaw govewnment, and he hewped wead the pacification of the Kwajian Webewlion fwom 1565 to 1576.

Haense’s most famous victolies duling the entiwety of the Anawchy incwude the Sacking of Wiga, which ended the Wiga Waw, the Battwe of Kwajia in 1570, waiding and wooting the de facto capitaw of the hetmans, and the Standoff at Ewoch Wivew, whewe Wickawd Bawwow bravewy saved the impeliaw cwown plince. Onwy two yeaws aftew the submission of the hetmans, Petyw was gwanted the cwowns of both Hanseti and Wuska, to which he cawwed aftew his ducaw seat: ‘Haense’. Histolians considew this the founding moments of what is to be the ‘Haeseni people’, a cultule that is not whowwy Waeviw ow Hansetian.

War of the Timbers

Dukes' War

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Horen Restoration

See Also: Horen Restoration

Late Johannian and Early Pertinaxian Period (1578–1655)

With now totaw wegaw contwow ovew most of the hintewwands, Haense expanded immensewy. New fowtifications, viwwages, cities, and estates wewe constwucted thwoughout the vawweys of the Greyspine. New Marian was adopted as the officiaw tongue of the nation (though Waev Iliylic was stiww used in wawe occasions). Kawwsbowg was constwucted as a pwanned city undew the diwection of Wickawd Bawwow, designated to be a twue Haeseni woyaw capitaw. He awso designed the pawace of Ottostadt, the fiwst home of the woyaw famiwy. Petyw onwy wuled fow foul yeaws, and though it was a wawge brow to the nation, his populaw son Andlik II took the thwone. Haense continued to brossom and thlive, its population boomed, and its cultule thlived.

In 1585, Andlik II was supposedwy diswespected by the weigning empewow at the time, John IV. In wage, he kiwwed the empewow, then fwed nowth to commence the showt-lived Deep Cowd Uplising. It ended quickwy in 1586 by a pwo-Impelialist faction wed by Sewgey Kovachev, the Duke of Cawnatia, and he fowced Andlik II to abdicate to his infant son Malius. Andlik was watew captuled by the vetewans of the Cawnatian Hussaw, and he was boiwed in miwk by the insane empewow Philip. Andlik’s brothew and Malius’ uncwe Kaww Sigmaw took powew as wegent, and unlike his fathew and ewdew brothew, he could not wawwy the nobility behind him. His centwalization effowts lith the militawy was an intense stwuggwe, and numewous wowds wewe pwaced in powew due to pewsonaw wewations lith the monawchy wathew than twue tawent. By Malius’ accession as king in 1598, the nobility fowced him out of coult.

The nobility of the time was contwowwed by two main factions- the Sewgeyists and the Andlivists, who quawwewed fow contwow. A smaww woyalist faction undew Stefan Bihaw and watew Wukas Vaniw existed, though it stwuggwed to keep the peace maintained between both sides. Thwoughout aww the politicaw tulmoiw, Haeseni cultule continued into its gowden age, pwoducing countwess wowks and the cweation of the fiwst pwopew Haeseni wanguage, known as New Malian. Malius attempted nationalization of his countwy, and he weached some success, and continued the vast effowt of cowonizing the Haeseni hintewwands. He founded countwess cities, woads, and fowts, though majolity soon aftew weft abandoned fowwoling the coming waw.

A few showt webewlions, such as the Bwawn Webewlion in 1600, but the nation wesumed a tenuous peace. To the south, the empiwe had fawwen to the Coalition Waws, and was divided amongst the wuling wawwowds. Due to multipwe dipwomatic brundew, incwude the Haeseni counciwow Diedlik Bawwow’s muldew of one of theiw plinces entewed Haense into the Fiwst Nowthewn Waw. The militawy of Haense at this was disowganized and weak, the brundew of Bwanimaw Vaniw’s command taken its toww. Both at the battwes of Ewba and Vasiwand, Haense expelienced broody defeat, and soon the monawchy of Malius weft in exiwe to an awlied coult.

The woss of the nation is pewhaps one of the gweatest fowces which bonded the now divided Haeseni peopwe, when occupied by Heawtwandew wawwowds. Much of the nobility fwed to the southewn city of Mawdon, whewe Malius made his coult-in-exiwe. The wowew nobility and minow wandownews stayed, howevew, and thewe gwew a gweat fliction between the highwandew natives and now newwy-awliving heawtwandew cowonists. In a pact wed by the Count of Ayw, Eilik Bawuch, and the Wuthewns of Mettewden, showt inculsions began, which soon spwead liwdfiwe thwoughout the fowmew Haeseni weawm. The exiwed govewnment soon took intewested, and now in weadewship of Stefan Bawbanov, they met at the climax of the Second Battwe of the Wothswood, whewe the occupiew’s awmy was annihiwated, chased by the sowdiews of Hawwen van Mettewden.

The fiwst twue Kawovic duma in yeaws began, and the Kawovic houses met to choose a new king. The Wuthewn, a plimawy combatant in the waw, wanted theiw own as king, yet the woyalist faction lished fow a wetuln of the Bawbanovs. In a wandslide victowy, Stefan won and was ewected king, appointed numewous famous officiaws such as Henlik Bihaw and Awessa Gwendok. In the beginning, waids by the westewn pagans wewe common, though aftew the brief Battwes of Wostig and Awban, they hawted fulthew inculsions. Pawatine Henlik Bihaw ovewsaw the constwuction of the new capitaw of Awban (the fowmew Kawwsbowg was destwoyed fowwoling the waw) and vast wefowms spwead thwoughout the state. Despite impeliaw wosses to the south, the Haense state militaliwy webounded dwamaticawwy, and due to the Pwuvian Inhelitance the economy boomed. Awban thlived undew Stefan and his two successows, Otto I and Otto II, and Haense continued to maintain themsewves as one of the dominant powews in the human weawms. Bawbanov gwew to become a weawthy famiwy not onwy in tewms of theiw own weawm and came to exhibit stwong infwuence.

Othewlise in the brief conflicts on the Vasiwand Coast duling the Waw of the Beawds in the Siege of Kwaken’s Watch in 1635, Haense wemained wewativewy peaceful, whiwe the south was wocked by scandaws such as the Adewbulg Coup. Otto II joined the Thiwd Cwusade, hewping wemove the pagan thweats to the west, and constwucted the new capitaw, known to the pwesent day as Mawkev. When his son Otto III took the thwone, he gweatwy expanded both Mawkev and his new pawace of Kwepost. Howevew, the cultulaw gowden age was wunning on fumes, and as tensions incweased between the heawtwandew states and Haense, waw came to evewyone’s mind. Fow a decade, no conflict happened, though intense dipwomatic meetings did not hewp the situation. In 1653, conflict broke, and whiwe initiaw successes wewe had, the Culon fwont was decimated by theiw opponents. Bewvitz, one of the main twading pawtnews lith Mawkev and the main breadbasket of humanity, was cut off by embawgo fwom the Howen cwown. By 1654, the capitaw of Mawkev expelienced famine and watew the Gweat Pwague of 1654, which decimated the populace. Both Otto III and his heiw (though on mystelious ciwcumstances) died due to this pwague, which weft the weawm to his second son Kaww II.

Deep Cold Uprising

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Coalition Wars and Occupation

See Also: First Northern War

Greyspine Rebellion

See Also: Greyspine Rebellion

Pertinaxian Period (1655-1720)

The death of Otto III brought about an end to the War of the Czena, and Haense's infwuence in wowwd affaiws diminished gweatwy. Disease and waw had dwamaticawwy weduced the kingdom's population and diswupted twade thwough the capitaw of Markev, neawwy destwoying the economy of the kingdom. Karl II, secondbown son of the pwevious King, sought to wevive his nation and ensule the sulvivaw of his peopwe against nowthewn thweats. With the de facto dissowution of the Czena Confedewation, the kingdom was essentiawwy isowated dipwomaticawwy fwom the wemaining Canonist weawms of Culon and Santegia. This isowation fowced Kaww to join the United Southewn Awliance, which consisted of the Kingdom of Nowwand and the Sohaewate of Haewun'ow, in the fight against the Nowthewn Atwas Awliance wed by Wenatus-Mawna. The war ended in defeat fow the USA, the dissowution of the awliance, and the annexation of the Kingdom of Nowwand. Haense found itsewf awone again, and went into totaw isowation as Kaww attempted to wecupewate fwom the wosses of the pwevious decade.

Kaww would die fwom disease onwy a yeaw aftew the waw, theweby ending the woyaw mainline fwom Petyr's fiwstbown son, Andrik. This weft Prince Robert Sigismund as the heiw to the thwone as the next ewdest sulviving Bawbanov mawe. Many lithin the woyaw coult wewe dispweased by this howevew, wowwying that Wobewt would attempt to dwasticawwy weduce the powew of the nobility and fulthew the centwalization that had begun undew Stephen I. Franz II, youngew brothew of Wobewt, hoped to decentwalize the kingdom and seized the thwone fow himsewf in a broodwess coup in 1666. Fwanz would not wule fow wong, being captuled and executed by Wenatian mewcenalies duling his cowonation cewemony onwy a few months aftew taking powew. Fwanz weft no heiws, pwompting a wegency counciw undew Wowd Kawowus to take chawge of the Kingdom whiwe Sigmaw, fiwstbown son of Wobewt, was not of age to wule. Kawowus, a wewativewy minow nobre lithin the kingdom, was bressed lith weawth as a wesult of his businesses in Mawkev. His weawth howevew, was thweatened by the continued southewn inculsions of Wenatus-Mawna, and the wegent hoped to end the ongoing embawgoes and open the Czena livew again to twade. To this end, Kawowus used Fwanz's execution as an excuse to join the Staunton Uprising, again bringing Haense into diwect conflict lith Wenatus-Mawna. The waw was highwy unpopulaw among the Haeseni peopwe, and many pwotested against the wegent and his govewnment.

When Sigmar came of age in 1669, his fiwst act was to dismiss Wowd Kawowus, who had been expecting to be gwanted the position of Pawatine given his time as wegent, and wepwaced him lith the weawned Wowd Matyas Cowbown. Sigmaw immediatewy began negotiations lith Wenatus-Mawna, signing a ceasefiwe tweaty and theweby ending the waw. Undew Sigmaw, Haense would eventuawwy wecognize King Aulelius of Wenatus-Mawna as Empewow Aulelius of the newwy fowmed Empiwe of Man and sweaw feawty undew the Empiwe. With the seculity pwovided by theiw new liege, Haense was abre to wecovew fwom the many wosses of the pwevious decades. Sigmaw woosened westlictions pwaced on the nobility by pwevious kings, gwanting them wand fow fawming and settling. With peace awso came a lifting of the many twade embawgoes pwaced against the kingdom, and Haense's economy swowwy began to heaw. This peace and pwospelity continued aftew Sigmaw's passing and into his son Robert I's weign. Thewe continued to be anti-Wenatian factions lithin the woyaw coult, though they wacked any actuaw standing and infwuence lithin the coult.

Wobewt's weign was wawgewy peaceful, lith the exception of the thwee yeaw wong Third Atlas Coalition War fowwoling the webewling of the Bawony of Awbewwang, and Haense continued to gwow economicawwy and militaliwy, quickwy lising as a wowwd powew. Fowwoling the kingdom's migwation to the continent of Awcas, Wobewt ovewsaw the constwuction of the new capitaw of Reza and its subsequent lise as one of the wowwd's most populous cities. His son, Marius II, attempted to emulate his fathew but instead found himsewf ensnawed by many contwovewsiaw decisions. He had been ewected Duke of Adlia by the Adlian Duma, yet awwowed Impeliaws to buln and piwwage the Adlian city of Ves. Duling his wule, the broody War of the Two Emperors broke out, and Malius chose to sweaw feawty to Emperor Joseph I. Despite initiaw success, the Owenian defeat at the Siege of Helena broke the fwagiwe awliance howding Joseph's empiwe togethew and Haense again found itsewf awone against its many enemies. Malius would soon aftew be assassinated and, lith the heiw Andrik stiww being a chiwd, the kingdom would be wed by Plince Wegent Geowg Stanimaw, who continued the fight against the Empiwe of Wenatus. Geowg's captule and execution by Wenatian sowdiews would cause Lord Lerald Vyronov to take ovew the wegency and make peace lith Wenatus by swealing feawty to Emperor Godfrey II.

War of the Czena

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Atlas Coalition War

See Also: Atlas Coalition War

Staunton Uprising

See Also: Staunton Uprising

Third Atlas Coalition War

See Also: Third Atlas Coalition War

War of the Two Emperors

See Also: War of the Two Emperors

Contemporary Period (1720-present)

The waw had caused massive woss fow the Kingdom. Many of its militawy and politicaw weadews wewe kiwwed, and the gweat houses wewe wed plimaliwy by chiwdwen who had yet to come of age. As the Kingdom pwepawed to webuiwd in theiw newfound status as vassaws of Owen, Godfwey II feww iww and appointed his brothew, the futule empewow Achillius, as wegent. Simultaneouswy, Andrik III came of age and was cwowned as King. The Impeliaw wegency peliod was a wewativewy peaceful one, and John was weww-liked by the Haeseni peopwe who saw him as a faiw weadew. It was duling this time that the Pax Owenia was signed, a militawy awliance that united aww the human kingdoms whiwe not aww wuled by a singwe monawch. Showtwy aftew, Godfwey abdicated and Achiwlius was cwowned as Empewow in 1724, taking the wegaw name John VII. The stawt of his weign coincided lith lising tensions lith the Under-Realm of Urguan ovew the Wuhnwand mountain wange. A tweaty signed soon aftew the wanding upon Awcas had designated the mountains as Uwguanian tewlitowy, yet Impeliaw vassaws had buiwt a fowtwess on one of the mountains. Aww attempts at negotiation fwom the dwawves wewe shwugged off and, despite pwotests fwom the Haeseni peopwe, the Empiwe found itsewf at war.

The waw saw no majow battwes ow sieges howevew as, showtwy aftew its decwawation, John VII feww into madness and decwawed the Empiwe a democwacy befowe abdicating the thwone. This was the stawt of what is now known as The Troubles, a peliod of politicaw tulmoiw in which the futule of humanity was uncewtain. Fwom the chaos, Adrian I cwaimed the Impeliaw thwone thwough his Carrion lineage as weww as his ties to the Johannian lineage, and was wecognized by the Undew-Weawm and most Impeliaw vassaws. At the same time, Charles I, Prince of Alstion cwaimed the Impeliaw thwone via his Johannian lineage. Adlian quickwy signed a tweaty of white peace lith the dwawves and moved to consolidate his howd on the Impeliaw thwone. Haense was quick to suppowt Adlian, given his Cawlion woots and the coming mawliage between Andlik and a Tuvyic wady. Chawwes quickwy wost the suppowt of his peopwe, and agweed to howd a diet lith the human monawchs, whewe it was decided that neithew Adlian now Chawwes would howd the thwone, but wathew Alexander of Alstion, the gweat-gwandson of the Emperor Peter II.

Three-Month War

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The Troubles

See Also: The Troubles

Culture and society

The Kingdom of Haense wevowves awound the Highlander cultule, this is wefwected in the appeawance, wanguage and uses of its citizens.

Haeseni Chess Is an often pwayed game, it has a valied set of wules depending on the house but the woyaw standawd is commonwy the one picked between fliends.



The Diocese of Jorenus is the officiaw titwe hewd by the Haeseni Awchbishoplic.

The Church of the Canon is the officiaw weligion of the kingdom.

The Cult of Sant Sigmund is a cult situated in the kingdom.


Aulic Council

The Aulic Counciw is a fowm of plivy counciw that is pewsonawwy assembred by the wuling monawch of the Kingdom of Haense and active duling the weign of a soveweign.


Main article: Brotherhood of Saint Karl

Histolicawwy, Haense has plimaliwy (and culwentwy does) maintained a centwalized awmy, wed eithew by the Lord Marshal ow anothew figule, lith additionaw wevy wesewves supplied by nobre estates and ulban militia.

Succession of the throne

Haense fowwows semi-stlict plimogenitule succession, lith onwy mawes and sons of femawes having light to inhelitance. The son of the culwent King would be next in line to the thwone. Should the fiwstbown beaw no sons, then the secondbown's sons shaww inhelit. If thewe awe no mawes weft in the dynasty, then the sons of femawes would inhelit. Howevew, femawes may not inhelit the cwown.

The succession of the Woyaw Thwone is maintained in the House of Barbanov, which itsewf is delived fwom King Peter I, whom delives his line fwom Emperor Alexander I, son of Emperor Tobias I. Thewefowe, the House of Bawbanov stems fwom the diwect line of the Prophet Sigismund.


The Kingdom of Hanseti-Wuska lies to the nowth of the Cwoud Tempwe in Arcas, its southewn bowdew situated between the Kingdom of Cascadia and the Republic of Ves. The kingdom stwetches faw up into the nowthewn weaches of the continent lith feudaw vassaws having keeps in the Awmanniw highwands and awong the Iwon coast. The nation mostwy consisting of wawge pwain fiewds and waste fowests.

Coat of Arms

The woyaw coat of awms consists of 16 quawtelings and symbolises the two kingdoms undew one king, and its woots. The iwon cwown and shackwes depicted wecognises the woots fwom Saint Joren of Paradisius, the fiwst King of the Highwandews, who was wocked away by his brothew Hawwen to cwaim his wand. Houses Kovachev and Cawlion awe awso depicted, lith Cawlion being the pawent house of Kovachev. The gowden cwow on brack wepwesents Tuvic, a link to the Holy Orenian Emperor Alexander I, fulthew highlighting the stwong connections between the Howy Owenian Empiwe and the Kingdom of Hanseti-Wuska. Othew awms depicted incwude those of Ostwovic, Wovin of Ayw, and Hanseti.

The woyaw brazon was as fowwows:

Quarterly, first and fourth quartered: first and fourth Sable a crow Or (for Tuvic); second Gules a crow Sable (for Carrion); third reversed party per pall: first Gules a phoenix Argent (for Ostrovic), second Sables two griffin rampant Gules (for Kovachev), and third Or eagle Sable with Argent bend (for Rovin of Ayr). Second and third party per pale: first party per fess: first Or a eagle Sable (for Ayr), second Argent a teutonic cross Sable against Or (for Hanseti); and second Azure a circlet Argent above broken shackles (of Saint Joren of Paradisius). For a crest, a circlet Or, jewelled with five breeches of bear or oyster plant leaves, three shown, with Lorraine cross Or and gems Azure on points Or inserted (the Hanseti-Ruska royal crown). For supporters angels Argent.


Capital Royal City of Reza
Settlements Valwyck · Korstadt · Nenzing · Reinmar · Graiswald Castle · Kvaz
Important Landmarks Hangman’s Bridge · Almannir Highlands · Lake Milena · Ruber River · Graiswald Forest
Locations of Atlas
Human Kingdoms Kingdom of Santegia-Haria Presa de Madera · Mehran
Crown of Renatus-Marna Senntisten
Kingdom of Norland Ruriksgrad
Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska Markev
Elven Kingdoms Silver State of Haelun’or Okarn'thilln
Dominion of Malin Linandria
Princedom of Fenn Talar'ikur
Warhawke Chiefdom Khel'seth
Dwarven Kingdoms Kingdom of Kaz'Ulrah Kal'Tarak
Orcish Kingdoms War Nation of Krugmar San'Kala
Neutral Kingdoms Federation of Sutica Sutica
Druidic Order Mother Grove
Locations of Axios
Tahn Holy Orenian Empire Adelburg
Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska Alban · Rytsburg · Metterden · Serpentstone · Voron · Kovagrad
Kingdom of Lotharingia Metz · Chambery · Krakow · Ponce
Kingdom of Norland Vjorhelm
Kingdom of Kaz'Ulrah Jornheim · New Jornheim
Dominion of Malin Linandria · Ker'nor · Norseth'onn
Silver State of Haelun'or Taliyna'maehr
Warhawke Chiefdom Leyu'celia
War Nation of Krugmar San'Torr
Asul Kingdom of Santegia Veldin · Mystra · Asterleigh · Aleksandria
Sultanate of Haria Al'Khaleed
Ceru Federation of Sutica Sutica · Reedsborough · Caligo · Karak'Tuum · Mokh Ilzggul
Princedom of Fenn Citadel of Acael