Commonwealth of Kaedrin

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Kingdom of Kaedrin
kaedrin flag.jpg
Flag of the Commonwealth of Kaedrin
Capital: red ves.png Red City of Ves
Government: Elective Constitutional Monarchy
King: Adrian I of Kaedrin
Governor-General: Richard de Reden
Preceded by:

S7mR2UZ.png Order of the White Rose (1414)
PrinceofVesCOA.png Republic of Ves (1726)

The Commonwealth of Kaedrin is a part of the Holy Orenian Empire and is located North of The Cloud Temple, encompassing the territories of Mount St. Catherine, the County of Guise and the Hedgerow Fields.


See also: History of Kaedrin

The modern-day Commonwealth of Kaedrin is the historical successor to a number of previous entities, the governmental systems of all having been drawn upon and refined in order to provide the content for this document. The first Kingdom of Kaedrin, proclaimed at Ard Kerrack in 1414, serves as the genesis point of centuries of Kaedreni culture. Widely understood as ‘not a state with an army, but an army with a state’, the first kingdom was inextricably linked to the Order of the White Rose, from which the sovereign and Grand Master was elected in a pseudo-democratic system among the order’s membership.

The first kingdom was dissolved with the Exodus of 1420, along with the knightly chapter. The Chivays later refocused their efforts towards Imperial ambitions, with the crown of Kaedrin becoming a subsidiary title to successive Orenian monarchs. In the early 16th century under the rule of King Olivier, the Commonwealth of Kaedrin was established on the frontier of the realm. Drawing on the democratic prototype (Though with no military order to speak of), the first Commonwealth was chiefed by a vassal magnate, elected in a ‘free election’ by members of the Kaedreni gentry. This entity persisted until the death of the last magnate, Cantonus Chivay, in 1543 and the absorption of Kaedreni land into the Duchy of Lorraine with the Act of Merger issued by Emperor John I.

The current Commonwealth of Kaedrin has risen from the ashes of the old Republic of Ves, promoted by the House of Helvets who emigrated to the free city, bringing Kaedreni culture and philosophy with them all the while. Technically, the realm is in a state of legal personal union between Kaedrin and Ves, and while the latter does take a secondary role to the former on paper, a great many democratic processes are drawn from both systems in order to form the government of the new Commonwealth - an elective monarchy and quasi-military state unique in its role within the Holy Orenian Empire.

Realm of the White Rose

The Third Empire

The Old Commonwealth

The New Commonwealth

Culture and Society


Many cultures and ethnicities left their mark on the Red City throughout its numerous leadership changes, from Illatian Patrician families to Qalasheen immigrants, however the majority of its current population is Kaedreni.


The Church of the Canon is the official religion of the Commonwealth, and Prophet Owyn is its patron Prophet. A modern testimony to Kaedreni religious life is the Monastery of Saint Robert, which hosts numerous community services tied to daily life in the Commonwealth, such as the Jolly Boar Inn, the Library of Ves and the Almshouse.