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The Kingdom of Kaedrin, known by its common name 'Kaedrin' (Kay:Dren), was a Kingdom in the Westerlands of Anthos under the Holy Oren Empire. The Kingdom of Kaedrin spanned across the original borders of the Westerland into Salvus and the Princedom of Malinor, resulting in it being one of the biggest Kingdom's in the Holy Oren Empire's existence. Between fifty and one hundred thousand people lived in the Kingdom's mainland, many of whom are members of the Order of the White Rose, the only military force for reserve in Kaedrin. The Kingdom was used as a front line defense against foreign invaders of the Empire, and was serviced in many battles such as the Dreadfort siege and the Dwarven wars.


The Kingdom was the product of the Order of the White Rose, a Military order which protected the sanctity of the Church. The Kaedrin was also a strong Imperial Monarchy which ruled over several villages and the City-State of Malinor, in which in conquered not long before its establishment, and is called the 'Guardians of the Western invaders', as the West is the most favored route to the Empire's lands. In the early days of the Kingdom, it struggled due to the constant threat of war by other nations.It was in no way a Kingdom dedicated to helping the people, and was more of a brutal and martial force with a wide culture spanning decades and across continents such as Aeldin and Asulon. The Kingdom was a perfect example of how the Empire of Oren was so successful due to its military power and force from only one source, the White Rose, meaning the Kingdom had no banner man nor levies to help defend the lands in which they held, and did it interdependently most of the time.

The main fief of Kaedrin and esteemed capital was Ard Kerrack, a fortress compassing Mt. Owyn and surrounding hills. The foundations of a mighty fortress, the prospective capital of Kaedrin and with all certainty an eventual human military capital, were laid over and constructed over the process of several years. With walls, moats, a defensive structure, and a rather notorious checkpoint system known for its discrimination of foreigners making a siege of the place impossible. Not once was Ard Kerrack taken by an enemy force while the Order of the White Rose still occupied it. It was designed by both Architects Chet Silsbury and Arkus Frierrer whom used captured Elven, Kha and even sometimes crossbreed humans to carve a Fortress into the mountain. Inside the Mountain was series of tunnels to accommodate both Kingdom officials and Order men, spanning nearly an estimated 10km of tunnels.Surrounding villages were established, such as Lenniel to fuel the economy and industry of the Kingdom, some of which cleared entire forests, or made wheat fields the size of cities. Kaedrin in its peak was defiantly a prosperous title to hold, and even more of a military might to command. Many of Oren's houses watched in awe as Kaedrin grew, to Salvus to Malinor, it vastly expanded for years to come.

The King Peter Chivay ruled over Kaedrin as the first and last Chivay dynasty King (Not to be mistaken with the Imperium title), who was named a tyrant by other nations due to his oppressive rule over the subjects that entered his land. The King of Kaedrin and his Kingdom were sworn vassals of His Imperial Majesty the Holy Emperor Horen V of House Horen and his male successors. The King of Kaedrin owed unquestioning allegiance to the Holy Emperor Horen V, and recognized his title and authority stems from the Creator as the sole and divinely appointed leader of all The Holy Empire.

The White Rose already had a reputation for racism, which carried onto Kaedrin. The Checkpoints which kept out threats worked in a strict way, not letting a specific culture or even a race in, and would be determined entry by the very way their posture is. Some even tried to scale the mighty walls of Ard Kerrack, but none live to tell the tale of what horrors lied over the wall. Showing proud Imperialism the Kingdom's men with the help of allies crushed the very foes of the Empire, such as the ruthless and traitorous Teutonic Order whom declared a Civil War, or the Dwarves in the crossroad battle, who led the charge was none other than King Peter Chivay himself. With a might and thirst for dominance Kaedrin proved to be the most successful kingdom ever to be in the Empire, and the biggest even. Before the Exodus, the Lord Chancellor Hadrien de Sarkozy was found dead in his office, in what would be a premature sign of the early downfall of the Kingdom.

After Horen determined to leave the land of Anthos for Aeldin, the new Emperor Willian 'The Unready' Horen became the new holder of the title and Emperor of the Holy Oren Empire. He was then forced to divide Kaedrin to the opposing force, and gave West Kaedrin (Former Elf lands) back to the true elves and then the East to the dwarves, thus ending any conflicts between the two forces. The Dwarven Grand King despised the Kaedrin Eastern lands, telling of how they were tainted by the Rose, he was so generous enough to give it to the Adunians, a small tribe of pagan men whom unlawfully accepted the Kingship title of Kaedrin. King Lachlan 'the Heathen' of Elendil now sat upon the Ard Kerrack throne, troubled about how close he was to the Carrions, as their diplomatic relations were on the edge. With only a small levy defending, it wasn't soon that the Carrion's liberated the Kingdom of Kaedrin, taking the east of the realm. After taking the East, Otto I 'the Terrible' of Carrion soon died, the title being passed onto his heir, Otto II of Carrion whom used it as a secondary title in counter-part with his Kingship of Oren. Ard Kerrack started to rot, the walls falling and weeds overgrowing, soon making it a unstable keep which classified as a ruin. Kaedrin purely used for agricultural purposes, Otto the II soon abdicated from the throne, with Henry of Carrion inheriting his titles and land. Years pasted, thus leading into the Fringe after the floods of Anthos, completely destroying Kaedrin's lands.

With the rule of the Fringe small of Kaedrin, it held no lands. It was merely a title, and pushed away merely as that. Henry soon died, passing the title once again to the last holder of the Kingdom of Kaedrin under the Carrion Dynasty, Francis of Carrion. Months pass, years of the return of the Chivay's come. Francis himself after a short rule dies, the title left to take. After making a come back, none other then the presumed dead Peter 'The Great' Chivay returns, reclaiming the title once more as a secondary, this time forming another reunified Humanity, known as the Imperium Teritus. Soon after the death of Peter Chivay, it was passed onto Robert Chivay, then destroyed after the Vibius coup.

Monarchy The Kingdom of Kaedrin was an absolute monarchy society, with the King having up most power in the realm. The King exercises ultimate governing authority as head of state and head of government, thus wielding political power over the sovereign state and its subject peoples, including barons and counts located within Kaed rin. During its time there was not many vassals to the Chivay's due to their paranoid fear of betray, as they wanted full authority and often executed any who opposed against them. The Kingdom also included a Privy council with its most trusted members from the Rose, the privy council oversaw the domestic, military and economic affairs of the kingdom. This consisted of active White Rose officers skilled prior in the capacity in which they would serve. The last and most famous of Kaedrin's privy council is as follows:

Coat of Arms for House Chivay

   Prince Thomas Chivay †, Lord Steward
   Vibius de Sola †, Lord Chancellor
   Baldir Toov †, Lord Marshal
   Bran Volsung, Lord Justiciar
   Alexei Nicodemus †, Lord Chamberlain
   Roland Ashford, Lord Archbishop

Hadrien de Sarkozy was also long-serving as Lord Chancellor of Kaedrin and is credited with many of the kingdom's diplomatic and political achievements. It is no surprise that his success and ambition as a statesman led to his being sainted some time after his death. The Kingdom also had a royal family, which included:

   Peter 'The Great' Chivay †, King
   Thomas Chivay †, Prince
   Robert Chivay, Prince
   Rosalie Chivay, Princess
   Edmund Chivay, Prince

After the Exodus, title of 'King of Kaedrin': (In Order, first to last.)

   William 'The Unready' Horen, also ruling as Emperor of the Holy Oren Empire
   Lachlan 'the Heathen' of Elendil
   Otto I 'the Terrible' of Carrion, also ruling as King of Renatus
   Otto II of Carrion, also ruling as King of Renatus and Oren
   Henry of Carrion, also ruling as King of Oren
   Francis of Carrion, also ruling as King of Oren
   Peter 'the Great' of Chivay, also ruling as Holy Oren Emperor (Second tenure)
   Robert 'the Bold' of Chivay, also ruling as Holy Oren Emperor

Culture Kaedrin's culture was sourced mainly from Aeldin where they originally came from. It was known an average Kaedrini man or woman would be pure white skinned, with fair blue eyes and brunette or blonde hair with the exception of black. Standing rather medium sized they rapidly grew facial hair from the age of fifteen minimum, which continued all until the hair fell from their head at an old age. The Kaedrini people aspired to keep a strong dominance over others whom are not of their own, and often as example by the White Rose erect massive fortresses and checkpoints to keep them from their lands. Their architecture arranged from carving into a mountain (Ard Kerrack), or too building massive fortresses bigger than any other in the realm (Kaer Angren), with a intimidating look to it, such as large spikes bursting out of the moats or cages in the air, with victims that betrayed their own. The Accent of an average Kaedrini man is thick and widely considered something a dwarf would say surprisingly. Often the pronunciation of words is slurred into short versions, with them often cursing a lot.

The Military side of the Kaedrini people were as shown in the White Rose, fierce and doable. The oppressive forces destroyed an entire Princedom in under a year, and ransacked multiply enemies of the Empire. A Kaedrini man is strong like no other, and often would have the urge to maintain perfect muscular appearance and shape, like traditional body art. Most men in the Rose actively exercised in the harshest of conditions, arranging from mud pools to being lashed while carrying boulders. It was all to make a perfect soldier, which is even still practiced today in Aeldin or the Mercenary Company of the Wolf. Such men always charge into battle on the front line, with high morale and fierce tactics. Shown in the Dreadfort battle, the forces of the White Rose tactically flanked the Teutons, crushing them in a decisive victory. Many men prove to be a great nationalist towards their country, and the Kingdom even has an anthem that was played during every military march in Kaedrin's existence.

The economy side of Kaedrin lies upon trade in weaponry and blacksmithing. Kaedrin exported all kinds of military goods to Houses around the Empire, and was famed for their fortune. Many fiefs around the Kingdom also drew some success with taxation, which brings in both agricultural needs and minas. In addition, Kaedrini Merchants and over nationalist merchants (Toveah Goldman for example) established general markets around the Kingdom, some even located in the infamous checkpoint near Ard Kerrack. This also proved affective towards the economy, and once again Merchant Toveah Goldman became the richest man in Anthos because of this effective system of trade. Kaedrin proved to be capable in arming its men and the Empires men in a commercial flow, which spanned from the start of the Kingdom to its initial disbandment. After the disbandment, House de Sola became the heirs to Kaedrin with the titles passing to Augustus d'Amaury as the Archduke of Lorraine and Kaedrin.