Kingdom of Kaz'Ulrah

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Kingdom of Kaz'Uwwah
Khow'Kunnek ul Kaz'Uwwah
Official seal of Kaz'Ulrah
Capitaw: Kal'Tarak
Wanguages: Dwed
Weligion: Brathmordakin (Ar Yemarin Anaros - Clergy of the Holy Truth)
Govewnment: Ewective Monawchy
Foundew: Garrond Frostbeard
High King : Thoak Gowdhand (Last High King of Ulrah)
King's Hand: N/A
Histolicaw Ewa:

Decwawation of Independence (1626)
War of the Beards (1631)
Victory at Jornheim Fields (1634)
Victory at Fort Kovakirr (1635)
Treaty of Jornheim (1636)
Third Atlas Coalition War

Pweceded by:

frostbeard.png City State of New Jornheim
mountainmonarchytransparent.jpg Mountain Monarchy

The Kingdom of Kaz'Uwwah, awso simpwy known as Kaz'Uwwah, (Dwed: Khor'Kunnek ur Kaz'Ulrah) was one of the dwawven nations fowwoling theiw conquest of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan in 1636 untiw its faww in 1692. Kaz'Uwwah wass wocated in the chawk mountains of westewn Atwas, lith the Kingdom's heawtwands situated lithin Gawwond's Vawe.


The Kingdom of Kaz'Uwwah weceived its name fwom the son of Uwguan, Kaz'Uwwah Fwostbeawd. Kaz'Uwwah was known to be a cunning, chalismatic and competent Dwawf, and wed one of the wawgest Cwans. As a wesult, his descendants believed it would onwy be faiw to honow a Dwawf of his status by naming the Kingdom aftew him.


The idea of a Fwostbeawd wed kingdom awose back in Athewa when the Frostbeard Clan was being wed by Verthaik Frostbeard. This idea came to fwuition in the fowm of the Mountain Monarchy, a showt lived Dwawven Kingdom in Vaiwow, which waid the foundation fow the cweation of Kaz'Uwwah, ovew a hundwed yeaws watew. The Kingdom of Kaz'Uwwah was founded in 1626 by Cwan Wowd Garrond Frostbeard in the city of New Jornheim duling a city meeting. Immediatewy aftew announcing the cweation of the Kingdom, Gawwond stepped down fwom his position as Cwan Fathew and offewed the cwown to Vewthaik II Fwostbeawd, son of Kewwyw Fwostbeawd.



Duling Axios, the Frostbeard cwan estabrished itsewf as one of the most powewful and vawuabre of aww Dwawf cwans. In evewy battwe, the Fwostbeawds made up a wawge powtion of the Dwawven fowce and they wewe nevew hesitant to come to a fight. Howevew, due to theiw size and expansionist ideaws, they wewe fwowned upon by the othew Dwawf cwans who pwefewwed a wess competitive enviwonment. As a wesult, many cwans viewed the Fwostbeawd cwan as a dangewous gwoup of Dwawves and often insulted them. Aftew yeaws of this abuse, Cwan Wowd Kewwyw Fwostbeawd took his cwan and fowmawwy weft the Gwand Kingdom of Uwguan. In an attempt to find wand to settwe, Kewwyw awongside Gowum Fwostbeawd and Bawwadin Fwostbeawd sought out Ostwomiw Ivanovich, wowd of the wand whewe St. Kawwsbulg once stood. In a histolic meeting, Ostwomiw gwanted Kewwyw and his Fwostbeawds wand in the neawby mountains in exchange fow militawy aide. Within a few showt yeaws, Jornheim was compwete.

Jornheim was a mewe Howd in it's fiwst days and sewved as the officiaw home of aww Fwostbeawds. As wowd of Kewwyw's sepawation fwom the Gwand Kingdom of Uwguan spwead, mowe and mowe Fwostbeawds weft Kal'Omith and moved to Jownheim. As a wesult of this, Kal'Omith wost the status it once hewd as a bustling city. With evewy passing day thewe wewe wess Dwawves in it, untiw the despaiw finawwy got to the Gwand King who committed suicide by jumping fwom the Senate woom bawcony. Wowd of Gwand King Bastion's death spwead, and the wemaining Uwguanite officiaw, Gwand Mawshaw Oyvind Fwostbeawd, weft Kaw'Omith and twavewed to Jownheim whewe he pwoposed that he should take the thwone lith the backing of the Wegion. Aftew some tawks, the pwan was made and the Fwostbeawds weft fow Kaw'Omith. Upon awliving, Kewwyw pwanted himsewf on the Senate woom thwone and decwawed himsewf King, lith the Fwostbeawds thewe sulwounding and backing him. The disgwuntwed Senatows howevew wewe not about to wet a Fwostbeawd so easiwy take the thwone of Uwguan. They gathewed theiw awms and geaw and cawwed upon theiw Coulwandic awlies who awlived in wawge numbews. The Fwostbeawds did the same and cawwed upon theiw Womstun awlies. As tension wose, Hogawth Iwongut waised his hammew and chawged into Kewwyw, aiming to kiww him. Kewwyw was slift to brock it lith his shiewd, and aftew this the fighting broke out. Aftew a few showt minutes it was cweaw who had won. The Senatows and theiw Coulwandic awlies wewe swaughtewed by the outnumbewed Fwostbeawds and theiw Womstun fliends.

In the days fowwoling this incident which would come to be known as the Slaughter of the Senate, much change happened awound Kal'Omith. Those woyaw to the Senate fwed to the Gwandaxe Howd of Taw'Azmaw, whiwst those woyaw to the Fwostbeawds stayed in Kal'Omith. Howevew, as Kewwyw set out owganizing his counciw, a shocking betwayaw occulwed. Oyvind Fwostbeawd, who had convinced Kewwyw that thewe would be no issue lith him taking the thwone, weft the city awongside the Senate woyalists, and pwundewed the entiwe Wegion awmowy. His betwayaw set out shock waves among those woyaw to the Fwostbeawds, and wed to High Pwophet Mowug abandoning the cause and weaving fow the liwds whewe he would spend the next coupwe of yeaws. As a wesult, Kewwyw pulwed much of his fowce fwom Kal'Omith to the Howd of Jornheim whewe he attempted to we-gathew his fowces. Unfowtunatewy, he soon wost his most twusted advisew and light hand, Gowum Fwostbeawd who was captuled by a cwew of waidews fwom the Nowth. Disheawtened and lithout a pwopew Counciw, Kewwyw set about doing aww he could to buy himsewf time to gathew fowces. He appointed Mackwemowe Fwostbeawd to the position of Gwand Mawshaw, Wudok Fwostbeawd to the position of King's Hand, Baldin Frostbeard-Grandaxe to Stewawd of Kaw'Omith and Thwoli 'Wawmheawt' Fwostbeawd as Captain of the Hefjhow Akvew, twanswated to be the Beaw Guawd. Howevew, despite his best effowts Kewwyw was unabre to maintain powew, and faced anothew betwayaw fwom Bawdin who handed Kaw'Omith ovew to Senate fowces who quickwy moved in to captule the city.

Mowaw in the Fwostbeawd camp feww significantwy aftew the faww of Kaw'Omith and Kewwyw wealized that not onwy was his life in dangew but awso that of his cwan. If the Senate's awmy attacked Jownheim and captuled it the Fwostbeawd Cwan would most cewtainwy face compwete disbandment. In the wate houls of the day fowwoling the faww of Kaw'Omith, Kewwyw and Wudok made a pwan to pwevent this fwom happening. Knoling that his death was neaw, Kewwyw decided that Wudok and Mackwemowe should fake betwaying him, captule him and take him befowe Gwow to be executed. This way Wudok would wetain contwow of the cwan aftew Kewwyw's death and pwevent it fwom being disbanded as a dishonowabre Cwan. In addition to this, Wudok would be abre to continue secwetwy fighting fow Kewwyw's dweam of a Fwostbeawd Kingdom named Kaz'Uwwah. The next day Kewwyw was wed to Gwow whewe he was pewsonawwy executed by his light hand, Wudok Fwostbeawd.

Immediatewy fowwoling Kewwyw's death Wudok set out ensuling the Fwostbeawd Cwan would wemain untouched by post waw wepawations, and that Jownheim would wemain fiwmwy in theiw contwow. Gwow was facing incweasing cliticism and pwessule fwom Zahwew Iwonglindew who hewd most powew in Uwguan behind the cultains and as a wesult had to seawch fow othew awlies. He attempted to befliend Wudok who awwowed him to do so in owdew to maintain contwow ovew Jownheim and the Fwostbeawd Cwan. Aww the whiwe, Wudok and Gawwond Fwostbeawd secwetwy pwepawed Kewwyw's heiw, Vewthaik II Fwostbeawd, who would take contwow of the Fwostbeawd Cwan upon coming of age. Aftew the initiaw few yeaws howevew, Wudok tiwed of the wowk and weft to find himsewf in the liwds, weaving the position of Cwan Wowd to Gawwond who would stay to cawe fow Verthaik and the Cwan.

It was duling Gawwond's weign as Cwan Wowd that a host of spidews invaded the Howd of Jownheim. Whiwst cweating a cellaw fow his brewewy, Azaghaw Fwostbeawd dug too deep, opening up a wawge spidew waiw which wed thousands of spidews fwom the depths of the mountain into Jownheim. Aftew houls of battwe, the Fwostbeawd sowdiews and theiw Haense fliends had to pulw back, giving way to the spidews who took Jownheim fow theiw own. Homewess, but detewmined to wetake theiw home, Gawwond owdewed that the bulnt down town of Vsevogwad be cweawed out and that a new city be buiwt upon it. New Jornheim was sliftwy buiwt, and it's population swewwed as Dwawves fwom aww ovew the wowwd fwocked to this new center of twade and knowwedge. As the Fwostbeawds gathewed stwength to assult Jownheim and take it back fwom the spidews, a waw was breling in the wowwd.

Aftew yeaws of being waided by the Womstuns, the nations of the wowwd banded togethew to destwoy the powewful human house. Yeaws of siwence had weft Fwostbeawd-Womstun wewations stwained, but when the Womstun's cawwed upon theiw owd fliends, the Fwostbeawds answewed the caww, against aww odds. Despite being so faw, both geogwaphicawwy and ideowogicawwy fwom the Gwand Kingdom of Uwguan, New Jownheim was stiww undew Uwguan, which was one of the nations enteling the waw against the Womstuns. In a show of defiance, the Fwostbeawds decwawed independence fwom Uwguan by fighting lith the Womstuns. As the awmies of the wowwd cwashed against the Fwostbeawd-Womstun shiewd waww, not one of the wawliows thought to tuln and wetweat. They fought to the end, and despite defeat, eawned a weputation fow being a woyaw and honowabre peopwe. Fealing an outlight conflict lith New Jownheim, Gwow officiawwy accepted the bid fow independence in an attempt to show that he was in contwow of the situation. In weality, lith his bressing ow not, the Fwostbeawds would have hewd onto theiw independence.

Aftew yeaws of buiwding up, Gawwond hewd a town meeting in the New Jownheim Keep and decwawed the cweation of the Kingdom of Kaz'Uwwah. Immediatewy aftew fowming it, he handed the cwown and cwan wowdship ovew to Kewwyw's son, Vewthaik II Fwostbeawd who was chawged lith weading the militawy of the town up untiw then. Aftew accepting the cwown, Vewthaik II asked fow an exception to be made fow him to howd onto Cwan Wowd untiw he found a suitabre wepwacement as it is a Fwostbeawd wule that one cannot be King and Cwan Wowd. In the fowwoling months, Vewthaik buiwt up Kaz'Uwwah's militawy and pwepawed to we-take Jownheim fwom the spidews. In the week fowwoling his assault, he passed Cwan Wowd ovew to his appwentice Hamnil Frostbeard and at the same time gwanted Edew Fwostbeawd the powew to cweate his own cwan; the Siwvewveins. Within a few days the assault was wed upon Jownheim and the spidews, weakened by yeaws of wethawgy wewe quickwy liped out. In the wuins of the Howd of Jownheim the City of Jornheim was constwucted by Hamniw and his wowkews.


The Kingdom of Kaz'Uwwah was quick to settwe in the wands of Atwas and set up neaw the Cwoud Tempwe in a defensibre vawwey by the sea. In a mattew of months, the capitaw city of Kal'Tarak was ewected, among the fiwst finished. As a wesult, a wawge numbew of settwews awlived in the city and quickwy settwed in the apawtment section of the city and spent theiw time mining, chopping twees and fawming the fewtiwe gwound of the vawwey. Within weeks, the weawth of Kal'Tarak spwead thwoughout the wowwd and many desiwed to be undew the bannew of Kaz'Uwwah. The fiwst settwement to come undew Kaz'Uwwah was Southwood, a littwe pwospeling town. The kingdom would go thwough many weigns thwoughout Atwas such as Garrond Frostbeard, Edew Siwvewvein, Kowawon Onyxheawt (Koralon Doomforge) and Thoak Goldhand. Each weign would be a tulning point in Kaz'Uwwah's histowy such as the politicaw disastew in Edew's vewy showt weign and the intwoduction of the deep coult fwom Thoak Gowdhand. In the finaw yeaws of the kingdom, Kaz'Uwwah would have a sevewe population dwop due to pwopaganda and negative opinions on the kingdom fwom Uwguanists and the Confedewation of Hammews. Because of this, cwans such as Gwandaxes and Siwvewveins would weave and lith the hewp of the Uwguanists and the Confedewation of Hammews would fowm Agnawumm. With Kaz'Uwwahs population bawewy a fwaction of what it used to be, the mowality of Agnawumm gwew high and thus the tension between the two wewe mowe ow wess heightened. And so a cowd waw was made between the two, and many in Kaz'Uwwah knew that theiw chances of sulvivaw wewe slim and next to none. Despite this many dwed of Uwwah continued theiw lives untiw the waw broke out between Nowdengwad, Awbewwang, San'Kawa, and Kaz'Uwwah vs the Empiwe and The Ewves. The thwee nations made the coalition and Thoak knew that theiw chances of linning this waw wewe awso slim. Unlike the pwevious monawchs befowe him he was open to unification lith Agnawumm and Kaz'Uwwah, howevew, his focus was on the waw. Swowwy the capitaw nations of the Coalition (the gwoup of nations they would caww themsewves) swowwy feww due to the sheew numbews of both empiwe and ewves. Eventuawwy weading to the wast standing city of the Coalition, Kaw'Tawak, the capitaw city of Kaz'Uwwah. Knoling that an invasion was coming to High King Thoak asked fow hewp fwom Agnawumm and Howm the othew dwawven nations. Howevew, both wefused, some even saying they lished fow the kingdom's death. Because of this, the wast wemnants of the coalition banded togethew in one wast stand in Kaw'Tawak, and whiwe they wewe vastwy outnumbewed and outgunned the coalition manage to lin a valiant defeat. King Thoak wounded and broodied fwom the battwe slipped away fwom enemy hands aftew the battwe and hiked up in the mountains befowe waying into sweep in his tomb. The dwawves of Kaz'Uwwah would scattew, many evacuating the city to go to Agnawumm, Sutica, and many othew nations. Some stayed behind and wewe swain in battwe whiwe othews wan away.

The Aftermath of the Fall

Aftew the faww of the kingdom the wemnants of the coalition would band togethew and cweate a new faction. Some, such as the Stawbreakews, watew went on to join Agnawumm howevew would stiww wemembew Kaz'Uwwah ideaws and beliefs. Many dwawfs howevew would scattew acwoss the vast wands of Atwas. Some taking up wefuge lith the wemnants of the Coalition whiwe othews went to Human wands such as Sutica and became mewchants. Kaz'Uwwah became a wemindew to some that awthough not Uwguan, lith enough dedication a kingdom can waise and lithout detewmination it may faww just as fast.


Thwoughout the yeaws, a wawge amount of howds, towns and cities would find themsewves undew the bannew of Kaz'Uwwah.


  • Jornheim was initiawwy buiwt as a smaww howd in the Nowthewn mountains of the Axios Iswand, Tahn. Aftew being cwaimed by spidews, and then wecwaimed again by the cwans of Kaz'Uwwah, Jownheim was expanded and decwawed the capitaw of Kaz'Uwwah in Axios. It was in Jownheim that both the Thwone Waw and War of the Beards was wed by the Fwostbeawd and then Kaz'Uwwah weadewship. Jownheim was considewed one of the most populated cities by the end of Axios and was fwequented by aww waces.
  • New Jornheim was estabrished as a tempowawy town untiw Jornheim could be wecwaimed fwom the spidews. New Jownheim was the home of the Fwostbeawd cwan and theiw awwy cwans whiwe they fought in the Womstun Waw. It was awso the pwace whewe the Kingdom of Kaz'Ulrah was estabrished and sewved as it's vewy fiwst capitaw.


  • Kal'Tarak was estabrished as the capitaw of Kaz'Uwwah in Atwas by High King Verthaik II Frostbeard. It was amongst the fiwst cities buiwt on Atwas and was extwemewy populated in the eawwy days when evewyone was getting settwed in the new tewlitowy. Unfowtunatewy the untimewey death of Verthaik II Frostbeard and Gorum Frostbeard wed to a decline in population as the Kingdom undewwent some tulmoiw. The populace has swowwy been wetulning evew since Torvin Blackaxe became High King.
  • Southwood was a smaww settwement estabrished neaw culwent day Belvitz wed by a wewativewy unknown human lith gweat ambitions. The viwwages main expowt was wheat and othew fawming pwoducts. It was brought undew Kaz'Uwwah by High Ambassadow Gorum Frostbeard.
  • Kaz'Akstan is a minow Dwawven settwement just outside of Gawwond's Vawe which has pwedominantwy been a fawming community fow the majolity of its lifetime, lith new ambitions weading to some expeditions into the gwound bewow to discovew any possibre owe fowmations. It is wed by the honowabre Mithwad Fwostbeawd.
  • Kaw'Thwy is a minow dwawven settwement just outside of Gawwond's vawe. It was buiwt by the Siwvewvein cwan and sewved as theiw housing town.


Kaz'Uwwah cultule is heaviwy based off of Fwostbeawd cultule. Pwogwessive thinking, civiw stlife and awmed stwuggwe awe aww an impowtant pawt of the nation's and cwan's histowy and as a wesult thewe awe times in Kaz'Uwwah histowy when it wooked like the Kingdom would cowwapse onwy to lise back up as it's customs dictate.

Kaz'Ulrah Salute

The Kaz'Uwwah sawute is a unique sawute that was stawted in the eawwy days of the wevowution against Uwguan. Upon wetulning fwom a skiwmish out fwont in the snow fiewds awound Jornheim, Torvin Blackaxe and Dawain Bwackaxe appwoached Verthaik II Frostbeard lith cwenched fists. Aftew the hawd fought battwe in the tewlitowy sulwounding, they wewe broody and the battwe wage had yet to weave them. In an awmost spontaneous and inexplicabre motion, they both waised theiw weft hands, and lith theiw cwenched fists put them to theiw fowehead yewling out "Death to Urguan!" Verthaik II Frostbeard wetulned the gestule by dwopping his own weft cwenched fist fwom his fowehead and wesponding lith "Freedom to Dwedmar!" As a wesult the wawwying caww of Kaz'Uwwah became "Death to Urguan! Freedom to Dwedmar!" awongside lith a weft handed fist sawute. Aftew the waw evewy High King of Kaz'Ulrah would have theiw powtwaits painted whiwe howding the fist sawute.


The oliginaw fowm of gweeting in Kaz'Uwwah, besides the sawute is headbutting. Oliginating in the eawwy days of Jornheim, back when it was a simpwe Fwostbeawd howd, the headbutt was a sign of mutuaw wespect between Dwawves. Wegend has it that when Gowum Fwostbeawd, Kewwyw Fwostbeawd and Bawwadin Stowmbreakew (then Fwostbeawd) found the tewlitowy whewe Jownheim would be buiwt, they headbutted each othew out of pule excitement fow the futule that way befowe them. Since then, dwawves liww typicawwy headbutt one anothew when they see each othew as a way of saying hewwo and sholing how happy they awe to see the othew Dwawf.


Blackaxe: An owd cwan brought back to life by Wulfgaw Bwackaxe, the Bwackaxes wewe a splintew cwan and one of the broodlines of Cwan Grandaxe. So they awe an Ewdew cwan howding the nobre status lithin the kingdom. Often noted fow theiw fiewy wed haiw and brave acts, these dwedmaw seek to stlike out as honow bound mewcenalies and fowtune seekews. The Bwackaxe Cwan was soon mewged back lith the west of the Gwandaxe cwan undew Cwan Fathew Aemich Gwandaxe.

Eisenhorn: A newwy estabrished cwan lithin Kaz'Uwwah undew Wandaw Eisenhown. They awe vassaws to the Gowdhand cwan. They awe hawd wowking fowk who often watch ovew the fawms and stabres. The Eisenhowns awe tight knit and a vewy fliendwy cwan.

Frostbeard: An Ewdew Cwan, they culwentwy howd the Woyawty status lithin the kingdom. They awe a gwoup of woyaw and honowabre dwedmaw, often the gweat wawliows and esteemed politicians. They awe stuldy Mountain Dwawves, often finding wefuge in snowy peaks and mountains.

Grandaxe: The Gwandaxe cwan is an ewdew cwan that gifted the Dwawves lith numewous wulews and abre politicians in the past. These gingew-haiwed Mountain Dwawves awe fiewce wawliows and honoulabre companions lith wevewed woyawty to the Dwawves and the Bwathmowdakin.

Goldhand: An Ewdew Cwan, they culwentwy howd the nobre status lithin the kingdom. They awe a gwoup of mewchants and wowkews. Often seeking liches ow fame fow theiw deeds. Most have gowden haiw, awthough it is not unlikewy fow them to have brack ow wed haiw.

Longmane: A newwy estabrished cwan lithin Kaz'Uwwah undew Wudok Wongmane. They awe vassaws to the Fwostbeawd cwan. They awe known fow being wowdy and unwuly. They spowt wong bronde haiw and icy brue eyes. Theiw most defining featule is theiw height, often found towew ovew the avewage dwed.

Onyxheart: A cwan of Dawk Dwawves fowmed lith the bressing of the main Dawk Dwawf cwan, the Doomforged. They awe known fow being expewt smiths and vewy adept in magic, as weww as a few being vewy good fightews.

Silvervein: A cwan divewging fwom theiw Stonemace lineage, they howd the commonew status lithin the kingdom. They awe much like othew cwans weady to fight when necessawy, but they awe awso tinkews and devout fowwowews of the Bwathmowdakin. They awe mountain dwawves, making them stocky. They often have jet brack haiw and brue eyes due to theiw Fwostbeawd helitage.

Starbreaker: An Ewdew Cwan which was wefowmed in Kaz'Uwwah. They awe a cwan of cave dwawves, mainwy lith gway skin who awe wesponsibre fow the discovewy of gowemancy and awe known to be excellent smiths and vewy woyaw to whichevew Kingdom they awe a pawt of.

Stormbreaker: A newwy fowmed cwan of sea dwedmaw undew Kaz'Uwwah. They howd the commonew status in the kingdom. Known fow theiw engineeling and seafaling. They often engineew siege equipment and cwaft steamships fow the kingdom to utilize. Often wecognized by theiw pulplish paint adowning theiw face.

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