Krugmar Settlement Guide

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Rexdom of Krugmar
Rexdom Of Krugmar Flag.png

Located on the coast of the eastern Savannah, San’Strok is a beacon of protection to all of those who follow in Krugs footsteps. Lead with an iron fist by the Rex,Rex Burbur'Lur, and his council, the city stands for all that the Orcs hold dear; Honor, Glory and Reverence to the Spirits. Any orc who wishes to be something within Orcish culture finds themselves here. Within the city lay many opportunities. One may join the Krughai, the elite guard force, seek out a Shaman and go on a spirit walk with them, or train in the klomp pits with their bruddas and ziztaz.

Current Leader: Rex Burbur'Lur

Notable information & Places
  • Snaga~ Snaga or in common Slaves, who prove themselves loyal may one day earn the chance to become an honorary orc and be welcomed as one of Krug.
Peak Times  The Warnation of Krugmar prides itself on having players from all over the globe, spanning various time zones and contients. Typically its prime time hours are between 3 PM - 1 AM EST during the week. During the weekend the “prime” time can be as early as 10 AM until as late as 3 AM EST the following day. Times during the weekend vary heavily on the events planned for that weekend.
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