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Much can be said of the languages of the manifold Descendant peoples whom dwell among the Isles of Axios, and these languages are likewise multifarious and varied in nature. They are listed here in no particular order, with prevalence, age, and influence notwithstanding.

A multi-species discourse in a busy tavern.


The Common Speech is employed by most inhabitants of Arcas as their first and primary form of communication and is represented in our medium by modern English. Or as some people call it common. It is believed to have been the language employed by the Four Brothers, though some scholars maintain that it has changed over time and represents only a descendant dialect of the same. Among the Human populations of Arcas, the Common Speech has additionally morphed into several further dialects. Each unique in there own sense and geography such as Ruskan,Auvergne, Lothrangian,Qalashi, etc. Please note, That you can only use languages that have been implemented into the world.If caught using an unauthorized language may lead to a warning

New Marian





The Blah

Spoken and understood almost solely by Orcs, the Blah is the language of the Krugmar. It is believed to have come into being after the time of the Four Brothers, when Krug's people were migrating through the deserts which became their home. It is important to note that one of the reasons for the prevalence of this speech is Orcish physiology, which prevents them from becoming completely fluent in the Common Speech (although years of practice or bodily modifications can help somewhat.) Sometimes forcing an orc to normally may cause some discomfort or pain in their jaw from their tusks getting in the way.

Elvish Speech

This language, known as Ancient Elven, was developed by the children of Malin after their establishment in Aegis, and was used widely in the ancient world. It fell out of favour after a cataclysm of warfare caused the deaths of most who knew it, though the tongue remained and was later revived by the efforts of a small group of High Elves. Further efforts have been made to return the language to the fore, and old scrolls are often used to discover new phrases and words.

It should be noted that the Elves possess several other language systems beyond Ancient Elvish, which include the exceptionally rare language of the Mori'quessir, sometimes known as 'Drow'. Another is spoken by adherents of the fallen Princedom of Malinor and is known as Old Almenorean, though this has largely died out.


Dwarvish is a commonly spoken language in the Grand Kingdom of Urguan and is thought to have been handed down by the father of all Dwarves himself. Many speak it, and places are named using it, making it the most prevalent non-Common Speech save perhaps only the Blah. It also employs a runic alphabet, which is engaged in Runesmithing and is said to bear the power of the Gods themselves. Dwed mostly speak in the more Scottish dialect of common if spoken too. It's very few in Arcas that still speak the Dwarfivsh to the extent that they did in Axios.


Al'Tahrn-Durngo, or the Black Language, is a language that is known by all beings that are created by or use dark magic. It's origins are unknown, but it is said that the Greater Spirit, Ikuras, created it.